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02 December 2020


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What I find interesting about China Joe and his purported broken ankle/foot. If you look at the photos of China Joe, you'll notice he is putting his full weight down on that foot. A person with a broken ankle/foot would not be walking with their full weight on it. Ergo, the 64 dollar question -- is the ankle/foot boot hiding something? Like an ankle-braclet perhaps? Hmm.....my inquiring mind wants to know.

Re: Ms Haspel, reminds me of the game Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego.



Really? Where o where are those alleged threats emanating? Checking usual suspects list: the alt-right, far right, boogaloo boys "Qanon believers". Thank goodness we get the real threat information here first. Sadly there doesn't appear to be any public mention of those, any more than there is mention of Ms. Gina the Honest CIA director.


That's the point of the boot, take up the weight. If he couldn't walk on it he'd be in a wheelchair. However, if he falls in the shower instead of falls while yanking dogs tail (if you believe that tale) he'll break a hip, or his neck.


@ Fred:

Fred, re an Israeli connection to Covid:

If China is compellingly implicated, Israel holds a spot on the cui bono list: For over 15 years Israeli leaders (including so-called dual-Israelis such as Dennis Ross) have been preparing for the demise of US economic and political dominance, to be replaced by China.

Recall that Mike Pompeo traveled to Israel to persuade Netanyahu not to make a deal on a desalination plant with China. Nevertheless, China and Israel have numerous financial and infrastructure ties, and Israel is fully on board with China's OBOR project including with the bank created to underwrite its development.

The devastation of the US economy can be perceived as a non-negative to Israel's interests, nor to China's: the latter, perhaps both, will be more than willing and able to swoop in and buy up hard American small business assets at pennies/yuan/shekels/bitcoin on the dollar.

Note: Neither Iran and its rial nor the Venezuelan bolivar are on either the swooping vulture or the cui bono list! Zounds.

nb. A few days ago in an appearance on C Span Washington Journal, Rep. Tom McClintock of California drew a clear distinction between the coronavirus and the devastation of the US economy. He said, "Covid did not cause lockdowns, government did." https://www.c-span.org/video/?506897-4/washington-journal-rep-tom-mcclintock-r-ca-discusses-decriminalizing-marijuana

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