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17 December 2020


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thanks, as always, for the update,

On the "Russia recovered or not"

The Not from the Atlantic is foreign policy related, and seems to have neglected in their analysis the Sputnik vaccine (and how the US is a model of how not to run country or even an election) and its powerful geopolitical outreach - the US Pfizer/Moderna ones (if they work at stopping the pandemic) are beyond the financial reach of most of the planet.

This link for the FT article on Russia recovered gets around the paywall:


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"Mr Putin, however, chose not to impose a nationwide lockdown in favour of delegating patchwork measures to local authorities who largely left Russia’s industry alone while shutting the consumer sector almost entirely."

I guess if you actually make things instead of entertaining and feeding each other other (classic rentier economy), shutting down hospitality doesn't trash your economy!


While the West is having big problems with their Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines, film maker Roger Stone says he took the Russian Sputnik Vaccine with no problems.

On a related matter, a U.S. local news unit photographed a health worker being vaccinated with a empty syringe.

Christian J. Chuba
NUGGETS FROM THE STUPIDITY MINE. "How Vladimir Putin's anti-vaxxers are trying to use Covid to kill us as surely as his agents did in Salisbury"

This one is particularly funny since it is the U.S. MSM discouraging the use of Russia's vaccine. When I read Zero Hedge, I was treated to a series of headlines that ran as follows (giving a synopsis). 'Putin orders distribution of vaccine starting next week even though it hasn't finished phase 3 testing.
Russians skeptical of safety, Russia unable to produce estimated doses'

Massage, Russia is a mixture of evil and incompetence (I heard this joke in the 1980's, this is a recycled Cold War meme)


Due to my work I have intimate firsthand knowledge/experience with big pharma and clinical trials in general, I wouldn't touch the Moderna or Pfizer MRNA vaxes with a 10 foot pole. If you need to get vaccinated, do whatever you can to get the regular AZN/Sputnik/Sinovax vaccines.

Patrick Armstrong

@ Serge
But you know full well that it will soon be required to have a Gates-Approved-Vaccine (TM)if you want to do anything or go anywhere.
Which may have been the whole idea.



Bill Gates, making the world safe for serfs. I wonder where his first statue will be?

Russian national debt reduction is a remarkable achievement. Regarding Ukraine's water delivery to Crimea, are they using that elsewhere or just cutting their own revenue out of spite (or being paid off by others)?


Patrick Armstrong's embedded article on Russia in the Arctic https://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2020/12/13/arctic-ocean-is-russian-lake/
is an early Christmas present.

Thanks Patrick & SST.

Regarding the Moderna & Pfizer vaxs: Don't follow your Bliss.
Katherine E Bliss, Senior Fellow at CSIS's Global Health Policy Center,
recently opened a panel discussion on Building Confidence in Covid 19 Vaccine and Misinformation

Most of the discussion involved strategies to persuade this, that or the other group not to resist vaccination. Missing was any mention of why vaccine was needed.

Bliss has appeared in perhaps a dozen such conferences.

Top funders of CSIS's Global Health Policy Center include

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Sarah Scaife Foundation
Smith Richardson Foundation
Stavros Niarchos Foundation [SNF]

SNF's participation in Covid Relief includes funding Rockefeller-linked vaccine research activities:

"The first area of focus is medical research. Knowing that combating the virus effectively at the global scale will require both new vaccines and new treatments, SNF will provide support for research efforts focused on effective testing, treatment, and prevention. To this end, SNF has provided an immediate grant of $3 million to The Rockefeller University to support the world-class institution’s round-the-clock research related to COVID-19. Rockefeller’s Nobel Prize-winning researchers are well positioned to speed development and deployment of vaccines and treatments that could have global impact."


Hi Patrick,

What do you make of those accusations that Russia has hacked into US federal agencies?

It feels a bit like the boy who cried wolf at this point. Once again anonymous US intel agents are claiming Russia is behind this and they do so without any hard proof.

Even if Russia is responsible, I'm left asking how is it they could do this "again"? Why has the US government allowed itself to remain so vulnerable after what supposedly happened four years ago?

On a broader level, these failures I feel demand major reforms. Something has to change on a fundamental scale because it's impossible to accept claims made by US intelligence agencies on their face given their track record and the risk of failures like this have long been apparent yet not enough is being done to protect against them.

Patrick Armstrong

I've been at this business too long to believe anything int sources or the MSM say about Russia. Always believe the opposite.

Patrick Armstrong

@ Fred
So great is Kiev's love for Crimea that it has cut everything it can.
Presumably without water, access or electricity the Crimeans will rise up and beg to be taken back into Banderastan.


Comments are telling at Daily Mail's story claiming Putin anti-vax campaign: almost all scoffing. They are not buying it even a little, and a few take the opportunity to cast doubt, again, on the Skripal story.

What is the intent in calling out "Wolf" (or "bear")repeatedly? If there were a deliberate campaign to undermine intel and media credibility with the public, how would it differ from this?


Anyone else picking up the vibes that NewsMax is a China disinformation operation? What they don't report is part of this growing perception - and how they are reporting some items is another.

NewsMax is no longer adding up as a valid alternate media site. They are now even including the tag line .."without evidence" to anything Trump says. WTF?


On July 5th, Putin signed a decree making Russia's Northern Fleet a Military District effective this coming January 21st. The newly 'official' Military District, will be comprised to include the territory's of the Komi Republic, the Arkhangelsk and Murmansk Regions, and the Nenets Autonomous Region. Admiral Moiseyev is currently the Northern Fleet’s CC.

Russia's Northern Fleet is part of its nuclear deterrence.



It's sad that so many of our young academics today can't answer simple questions like....

How many times has Russia saved America's bacon?


Posted by: J | 25 December 2020 at 09:56 AM

so many of our young academics today

the way you frame it makes me wonder. Slightly reminding me of my limited glimpses of DH's mental journey: Academics today vs earlier centuries? ...

... how distinct is intelligence more generally from the larger academic enterprise. How is or was journalism related to both? No doubt each with their own specific limits and advantages. ...

... Easier to study the past then the present? Is it? How, why?

Ok, mindgames, let us assume the US and Russia were closely allied in our present, what would, could, should the rest of the world look out for?

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