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01 December 2020


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John Merryman

The irony is that good old multicultural liberalism has mutated into this viral, identitarian, monocultural fanaticism, that is antithetical to any broad minded understanding of society, essential to those of us who used to consider ourselves liberal.
It has certainly been interesting to watch and to know those who seek to cancel history will be condemned to repeat it.
What goes round, comes round.


Re SCOTUS & Barr,

1) To accept a case of this magnitude and make a meaningful decision, SCOTUS will not want to issue an opinion on ethereal legal arguments. They will want to see lower court records that lay out and document the facts alleged by the various parties. That is what SCOTUS requires, evaluating legal arguments in the context of lower court decisions about alleged facts. Hence, the flurry of court filings which, even if rulings are against the plaintiffs,are establishing lower court records for appellate consideration.

2) If I read Barr's statement correctly, it seems that he's saying that he's against using the criminal process to resolve every dispute, but he's not ruling it out entirely here if there's meaningful evidence of criminal fraud. This could be very smart and wholly appropriate for the AG. If federal constitutional issues come before SCOTUS, it will be virtually certain for the Court to pro-actively ask (as it is allowed to do) for a brief from the US government. That brief & oral argument would be presented by the US Solicitor General, who works for Barr. By staying out of the fray now, the US government's position, regardless of what it is, will give it more credibility before the Court. To date, Barr's actions seem to be those of a very politically savvy guy who ultimately wants to see the rule of law prevail.


@Mary Hanley Hallock
" ... respect the will of the American people."

There lies the root of the problem. The Historic American People are a people like the British or the Swiss, a collection of nations with overlapping shared culture, religion, and mores. Most of the individuals who live inside the borders of our country merely share an imploding economy and nothing more. There is no collective will.

What we real Americans want and what the post-Americans want are two separate and utterly incompatible visions of social, political, and economic organization. There can only be one. Thus, there will be war.

Diversity was never a strength to anyone other than the globalist oligarch importing the divide for divide and rule.

Diana L Croissant

One thing that we need to do is realize that our country as it was founded is a FEDERAL Government, I am confident that many people in large more densely populated states in our union almost naturally gravitate toward the idea of using the popular vote as the sole way for determining the outcome of elections.

However, those of us in less populated states, states with more rural towns with their own particular problems to solve should completely support the Federal system of the Electoral College. Where I live, I would be an idiot to support an election of the President based only on popular vote. I certainly don't have the same problems as the citizens of large overcrowded cities, and they do not understand what sort of problems we deal with.

The Founders did a smart thing by instituting the Electoral College system.

Our government teachers should be explaining this more carefully to their students. If the Electoral College system were abandoned, there would be no reason for me to take the time to vote on many national issues. My vote in my small town surrounded by farms and open spaces would seem to me just a treat of some sort to make us feel better about the fact that New Yorkers and denizens of DC and of the large overcrowded cities in the East and West coast know better than we do about what we want our elected officials to concern themselves about when they make decisions.



The FBI not finding voting fraud is like the drunk not finding his missing car keys under the street lamp at night. They didn't find Brenda Snipe's vote fraud in Broward Country for FIFTEEN YEARS (neither did the FL Republican Party).

Why not? They didn't look. Why didn't they look? Because crimefighting is not their primary mission. The FBI have returned to being what they started out as: political police. They did manage to send 15 agents to investigate the NASCAR loop of rope being used as a garage door opener. Why did they do that? Because it serves the agitprop political interests of their masters.

We can only hope that Homeland Security has some able people personnel willing to defend the republic because we can be sure nothing good will come out of our utterly corrupt Department of 'Justice'. Personnel is policy. Even if Barr were as pure as driven snow, and I don't make that assumption, systemic corruption hamstrings missions overwhelmingly not supported by senior and middle management.



I'm not a "leftist" (as least, I don't think of myself that way). I might have used harsh language when I am frustrated, but no offense intended to anybody. May I comment again?


Have you seen this rumor that Gina Haspel is dead already? http://voxday.blogspot.com/2020/11/rumors-and-more-rumors.html


Chilling testimony and video presented documenting GOP poll watcher harassment by county election staff and cheening when they were able to kick the poll workers out.

No one can claim this was a "fair and honest election". It was not, and the deep state swamp made sure it was not. It was rot: https://nationalfile.com/witness-white-male-gop-observers-were-targeted-in-detroit-poll-workers-screamed-get-these-mfs-out/


longarch provides the following as "truth", even though CROWDSTRIKE itself refused to reach this ersatz Mueller Report conclusion:

"In fact, Fox News retracted the story after eight days and special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation declared the claims about (Seth) Rich were false, concluding — along with the U.S. intelligence community and the FBI — that it was Russian military intelligence agents who had hacked the DNC and passed the party’s emails to WikiLeaks through an online persona called Guccifer 2.0.

Democrat handmaidens are jumping into historical revisionism way too early and are setting up traps for themselves. And never use the label "right-wingers" referring to those who posts here. There is now solid alternative news to fake news. And it intends to keep your feet to the fire, longreach.


I seem to have written:

The following link has thirteen major claims to that effect.

I don't think I presented anything as "truth" to be accepted without skepticism. I presented claims that I considered worthy of attention. Claims are not proofs.

And never use the label "right-wingers" referring to those who posts here.

I used "right-winger" to refer to people who might cause a grass-roots crisis; I did not imply that their cause would lack justice. Also, I did not imply that the people who post here might cause a grass-roots crisis. Regardless, I did not use "right-winger" as a slur. I do not know of any authoritative source that lists "right-winger" as a term of abuse, and therefore I conclude that Deap is seeing an insult where none was written. If "right-winger" is indeed a term of abuse, I can correct my terminology.

There is now solid alternative news to fake news. And it intends to keep your feet to the fire

Nothing would make me happier than to see that alternative news sources had rendered my comments unnecessary. Thus far, I can point to several promising sources, such as:



and so on. I am not sure whether Deap regards those sources as agreeable.


tpcelt, thanks, over what time interval do you see the lower courts producing rulings and the appeal cases being taken to the SCOTUS, and how critical will be the USG's support or (eventual ?) opposition ?


Martin Oline,

That news re the SC is a double edged sword. As pointed out on the CTH, now up and running again, it almost certainly stops Trump from declassifying data about the events of 2015/6/7. Whilst allowing the whole thing to be neatly buried if Biden wins.

On balance its not good news.

I suspect that when Barr leaves the job his 'pensions' and other payments from various sources for a job well done are going to be very large.

Fourth and Long


Covid found world-wide since September 2019:


My personal research long ago indicated that this might have been true but I hesitated to mention it - but now it's out there.


I guess everyone's in on it.

When the mob goes after some bureaucrat's wife & a temp worker, ya gotch yer kracken pie. I hope everyone is satisfied w/ how good it tastes when collateral damage gets deadly. Trumpistas have been well-indoctrinated not to aim their ire more accurately - for instance, towards the GOP candidates for GA's senators.

Sad days for the the Experiment, when the fight over who gets to run it ruins it.



It's the same man:



The president should go back to doing things like depicted in the videos above.


The president has a lot of power. He can create a commission through executive order for the purpose of investigating election fraud if he really wants. He needs to get his legal teams to put cases before the court and provide evidence before a judge. He doesn't necessarily need the FBI or AG Barr to prove election fraud. He's not completely hapless, but I do think he is poorly served.


Of course I know the electoral college is not going anywhere but neither is absentee or mail in voting.
As far as being rude, I am actually very polite and well mannered and even cultured I might add. I also know when I am no longer wanted and will say good by to you all.


Nancy K -

Don't go. Many here will miss your comments. I kind of agree with both Colonel Lang AND you regarding the electoral college. It should not be done away with. On the other hand there is much improvement that can be made. Perhaps many states should follow the lead of Nebraska and Maine and apportion their electors by their congressional districts. And perhaps some states should also adopt a ranked choice voting system that the great state of Maine already does.


Christmas Star coming Dec 21st in a way not seen in nearly 800 years!


The two largest planets in the solar system, Jupiter and Saturn, have fascinated astronomers for hundreds of years. But the two gas giants will do something next month not seen since the Middle Ages -- they will look like a double planet.

The rare occurrence will happen after sunset on Dec. 21, 2020, the start of the winter solstice.

“Alignments between these two planets are rather rare, occurring once every 20 years or so, but this conjunction is exceptionally rare because of how close the planets will appear to one another,” said Rice University astronomer Patrick Hartigan in a statement. “You’d have to go all the way back to just before dawn on March 4, 1226, to see a closer alignment between these objects visible in the night sky.”


I see the Digital Iron Curtain has taken off as a descriptor. GCHQ is now in the game:

Can't wait to see who Biden's Minester of Hate will be to help stamp out all that 'hate speech'.

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