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03 December 2020


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I’ve been waiting for this for quite a bit, thanks for the Christmas present Colonel. IIRC it was delayed by the feds who were reviewing it? Did they have you cut anything out?



Kilo 4/11

That's good news, Colonel! I'm ordering as soon as I find out how.


good title! hey - here is something you will get a laugh out of..

Australia's Defence Policy Explained 1 1/2 minute video...



I'll buy it


Serge It will be sold in the usual places. I am surprised by what they did not take out. The things they wanted removed mainly had to do with the organizational hobby-horses of various government agencies. For example, one three letter group did not want it to be said that they needed the help of anyone outside their agency. This is a fixed position for them.



"Tattoo" refers to the US bugle call, not inking up your skin. This wiki will play it for you. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tattoo_(bugle_call)


Colonel, will it be available as an ebook? And or Amazon?

Amazon here in the UK are now geared up to print themselves most of the popular, standard format, books ordered, eliminating much of their warehouse stock of books. There is a £20M machine installed a couple of months ago here in MK.

English Outsider

Colonel - I hope the publishers give it the works. Review copies to all and sundry and lots of internet exposure. The few writers I know have to do reading tours or lectures at book fairs but I hope you'll be spared too much of that.

Nothing much else going on at the moment to compete for attention. Trump or Biden going down in flames, maybe a couple of wars here and there, British/EU trade negotiators found dead from boredom - not a lot there to distract us from the serious stuff so it'll fill in the Christmas news gap.

It'll fill in mine. I hope you've managed to fit Glubb Pasha in somehow and from then on to the hosts of movers and shakers you have come up against just about everywhere. And if it doesn't have "An 'Alid Christmas in Amman" and the hunting tales from the Yemen - then I suppose it'll be a question of waiting patiently for the second volume.



Yes, hard cover, soft cover and e-book. Print on demand and available at B&N, Amazon and iUniverse.

Rick Merlotti

Excellent! Been looking for a good book to take my mind off the madness for a few hours. Imma get myself a Xmas present this year.


I will be very interested in buying a copy.

Larry Kart

I've read the manuscript and responded with a sincere but perhaps rather too lengthy blurb. "Tattoo" is quite an achievement.


Larry Kart

I am really very grateful for the review.



May I suggest having your publisher or publicist (if you have one) contact and book you on Jocko Willink's podcast? If you're not familiar, he is a retired SEAL officer with an immense audience who specializes in interviewing combat veterans and discussing their experiences, especially if they have published memoirs for reference points.

Over the past year, he has taken to interviewing veterans of MACV-SOG, resulting in some of the most compelling content I have ever heard in interview. These are long-form (3 hours), so the opportunity to cover much ground is ample. I'm sure the audience would relish the opportunity to hear you speak directly to your experiences in service to the country, in SOG and elsewhere.



I'm looking forward to seeing this. I enjoyed what I read before.


@ pat.... thanks.. i didn't know that... tattoo is quite an upbeat melody...


Will you have a signed edition available too?


Congrats! Are you getting a personal supply allowing you to sell direct & thus retain all of those proceeds?


Yes. Two books. I self published this book. You think I did it for the money? No. I did that because I am on every blacklist that AIPAC has.


@ larry kart.. is your review publicly available? thanks..


I am a buyer..how where?



I have now said several times, at B&N or Amazon before Christmas.



No. It was sent to me and at some point I will make use of it. Do you not understand that the book is not yet published? Ah, I see, you can't wait to start trolling it.


@ pat, i understand the book is not published yet... but that you will be releasing it in the next 20 days or less... i suppose you will be providing a link and reviews of the book too at or before such time! is it going to be priced in canuck dollars? lol...

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