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26 December 2020


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Trump kids turned out to be pretty darn good kids. Decent, dutiful, tried their best to do their part as members of the First Family, plus DJTJr played a good wing man. Many a successful and controversial father would be lucky to have such good kids. Just like their dad - what you see is what you get.

The Bidens have cornered the market on slime bucket kids, even though we do appreciate Joe's early tragic family history, there is no reason for him to keep lying about for theatric effect, decades later.


2003 documentary called "Born Rich" peeks behind the scenes of those born on third base, including Ivanka Trump, who comes across as pretty modest and self-composed .... in 2003 ...long before she was thrown into her current public spot light role: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sD3pG74Wv8



I was too quick to delete your comment. C'mon, man! Tell us how the Trump family is anything like the Bidens! Tell us. You want to talk down to us Deplorables? Tell us!

Patrick Armstrong

C'mon guys! That's way harsh! After all, she had to kick back 30% of the credit card to the Big Guy.


"Arresting officer Jeffrey Seamans noted Biden, who was driving without a license,"

This element seems to have been ignored in the sentencing.


JohninMK, Yeah, you have to wonder why no license, did she never have one or was a license lost for some odd reason. I'd bet she lost it for some reason not to be mentioned.



To being unlicensed ought to be added “driving without insurance” (unless that’s not a separate traffic offence in the USA). There may be an insurer willing to provide cover for an unlicensed, intoxicated driver but I rather doubt it.

Erich Newhill

What is she buying at a pharmacy that costs $110,000 in a year?!!?

She is either very sick and requires some special drug on a regular basis to maintain health (HIV/AIDS? Hep C?....or she is involved in some kind of narcotics ring - and $100K will purchase a lot of opioids. A lot.



Bigelow Pharmacy is a high end drug store in New York. They compound individual orders so they can make up expensive items from various alternative medicine providers. They sell expensive skincare. Miss Biden could have also done the old money raising trick of using her credit card for her friends, who paid her back later. I suspect it is that which lead to her oversized charges. I saw that another of her legal problems in New York involved roommates so she is being supported but not in style. I have seen no job associated with her name.

I think she is probably amazingly healthy. I would not be surprised if she is arrested again.


Some women buy high ticket items which they trade later for cash or sell on ebay to support their drug habits, while hubby only sees the dress store bills on the credit card receipts. A common trick in my area.

Yes, Bigelow Pharmacy has some very high end skin care products. That could easily run the bills up.

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