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19 December 2020


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Basilisk and Col Lang

Thank you for this. It brings a tear
of remembrance of times and
family past. After all isn't that
what we have and cherish most
especially at this time of year.
Thank you again.


Basilik, the best, if you are still around or even have time to bother about people responding on this thread. Your story makes me realize the gap between young and old me, and the troubles with early fast judgments. I am still working on it.

As a student of literature I would ask, is this "literature fallen into life" or life's reminisces shaped according to the demands of literature in this case: A Christmas story.

It's so (hmm, Shakespearean ...) it feels it is the first.

Take care, be well, Basilik.


So many thanks, Basilisk; the best to you, Pat; and to all who are gathered around the dancing flame of this story.


Basilisk, beautiful writing. Best to you, and Merry Christmas.


Wow, what a story...

OT: Assad visits a Catholic Church



One of the all time great Christmas stories. Even though I'm Jewish, I treasured every word. Wonderful writing and the lessons it imparts should be required reading for my Jewish relatives in Israel.



seems I have the same feeling as last year. I hope you, family and friends are well.

Great story.


jdledell, even though I am German. ;)

I was pretty stunned at the time I stumbled across the article below. Threw me back into personal times, when I considered the whole Christmas display purely economical. Never mind that I obviously had grown up with Christmas trees. Nevertheless I felt--at least at the time somewhat obliged to act on Richard Silverstein's suggestions on local ground:


"Here are some suggestions on what they could’ve/should’ve done. If the Port felt it didn’t have enough time to organize a holiday display, they should’ve announced to the public that while there would be no display THIS year, but that they planned to have such a display next year after consulting with the city’s major religious groups. But my main point is that there SHOULD be displays by major religious groups represented within Seattle’s local population. Why not show respect for Id al Fadr, Kwanza, and Hanukah–in addition to Christmas? What are they afraid of? Too much religious expression?"

But then, reflecting on it more deeply I encountered problems ...

Why do you feel obliged to write: "Even though I am Jewish"?

I somewhat liked: A Christmas Message in Dark Times, by Richard Falk



Thank you, Basilisk. Your parents were gracious people.



What a moving story of kindness. Joe was blessed to be with your family on his last evening.
I was looking forward to Christmas but just got word that a friend died last night that I haven't seen in a few years.

Never neglect to reach out because you may not get the chance again.


Diana C

Thank you...it's a wonderful story. I'll read it again and again every time it's posted.

I had the privilege of having amazing grandmothers. They were both little girls when they came to this country, poor immigrants who spoke German. The mother in this story reminds me of them. I miss them both very much.

Again, thank you again for posting this story.


Five stars! Extra points for the little brother dialogue.


Dave Schuler - NOT T-Bird, I'm thinking Red Rooster Georgia Peach Wine. 20%. Not available anymore, that winery has gone high class.


Charming story.

Hard to remember there was a time when "bums" actually offered something in return, for a handout. Another deep fundamental change in the American character. Gimmedat instead of let's make a deal.



That sure is a sad story. However, one must remember the bad as well as the good at Christmas. The former sticks in your brain longer, and has a more lasting effect because of the lessons of life that one gleans from it.



Jim Peak (Basilisk) died in May. https://www.loudountimes.com/obituaries/james-p-peak/article_7909a942-9c6d-11ea-b8ff-572424b397fd.html


Thank you for reposting the story, I had not read it before.

I have little doubt that God is taking good care of Jim's soul.



Sorry to hear of Jim Peak's passing. He was a remarkable man. My condolences to his family.


“Joe at Christmas” has been an annual read here in my home as it comprises the good in people, lessons learned in youth, the need to help the strays in life and the true value of all.
It saddens to hear of the authors battle loss but then it’s warming to know we will see this and his other stories here again.
An accomplished man his Nom de Guerre must be quite appropriate.

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