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19 December 2020


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William R. Cumming

Many are the fallen! But helping out always a good thing as long as life exists.

Happy Holidays to all Sic Semper Tyrannis readers, families and friends. It is the best of times and the worst of times.
Who knows what 2012 will bring.

Douglass Schumacher

Thanks for the remembrance, Basilisk. You had kind parents.

The Moar You Know

Mom and dad are good people. Sure wish we all had so much humanity these days.

Bill H.

Nice. I once had a person, one whom I admired and trusted greatly, tell me that he didn't know about religion, but the he knew "where his true north" was. That's what moral compass is all about. Your Mom and Dad knew where their true north was.

Charles I

Sweet. Here's one of my favourite stories of Grace my mom, a depression era child of a broken home and later nurse told me as we awaited her slow death from her eulogy:

During the depression, after Gramps had gone to work, from time to time hobos would come to the back door. They would be welcomed inside the kitchen, sat down and fed a proper dinner, with strict orders "Not a word to Grandpa". True Christian Charity. Sometimes, the man would be sent upstairs for a bath while his clothes were laundered in the basement, then sent on his way, fed, clean – with a doggy bag of human dignity and respect.


Indeed this is true north.


Thanks for the kind words. The story is not all there, so check back and see the rest when we get it sorted out.



My apologies. It's all there now. pl

Charles I



Robert Frost, in his poem, "The Death of the Hired Man", wrote:

"Home is the place where, when you have to go there,
They have to take you in."

Maureen Lang

Whether piecemeal or in its entirety, my hat's off to you, Basilisk. This is an exceptional read.

Please post more stories in the future by this fine writer, Pat.


Thanks, Maureen,
I'll consider that nice comment my early Christmas present.



Basilisk and I had lunch yesterday. The flaming carbuncle of his eye stared about the room weighing and judging the lobbyists and arms salesmen. He let them live. I join Maureen in her praise of this piece and all of my old spook friend's work. Splendid! pl


I submit that the rumors of my involvement in various cases of expedient demise are greatly overstated. It wasn't me, Judge. Maybe you're lookin' for PL--I've seen him shoot.

The Twisted Genius

Wonderful story. I ran through a roller coaster ride of emotions... a ride made even more violent by the inadvertent two parter. It's nice to read about the best of humanity at this time of the year. I even enjoyed being reminded of horse hair plaster over oak lathing.

As far as whether it was Basilisk or PL contemplating the whacking of the lobbyists and arms salesmen, I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of either gentleman's lethal contemplations. I've been following their comments on firearms on SST.

nick b

That's a beautiful and poignant story told masterfully. Thank you very much.


I remember reading this story here before. Nine is a good time to start figuring out how the world works.

Merry Christmas


A bit of O Henry in there. But it tells rather well for your folks.

steve g

Great story Basilisk. Captures the true
meaning of the season as opposed to the
current commercialization of it. Best wishes
to all here at SST.

ex-PFC Chuck

Thank you, Basilisk. As other commenters have noted your parents knew where true north was.

The beaver

@ Basilik

Ever since you posted this wonderful and edifying story about the humanity of your Mom and Pop, I still read it whenever it reappears.

Thank you and Happy Holidays

Lord Curzon

A poignant delight to read, Basilisk. I wish you, Colonel Lang, and all of us who attend here a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Thanks Basilisk for the story. Brings up the same emotions every time I read it.
A peaceful Christmas to all!
Greetings from the city of the Basilisk.

Charles I

Thanks for re-posting this, like The Beaver, I read it all again and it conjures up quite a bit of many things, including dear old Mom.

Dave Schuler

Is it possible that Joe's drink was Thunderbird? It came in the flat-sided bottles you describe and had a stylized golden bird on the label.

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