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22 December 2020


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That's an interesting video. Another link here:


Why didn't the FBI just call their good friends at CROWDSTRIKE to bust into Hunter's lap top, instead of begging MacIsaacs to do it for them?

Too bad the DOJ already put Roger Stone behind bars, because who knows what some low level FBI staffer could have gotten the National Enquirer to pay for those Hunter porn pics.

Under oath, how many within the FBI's inner circle will admit they got to watch those videos.


Thanks for staying with this story, Larry. I watched the video when it was first posted, and have donated to the cause. There was a time when I had at least some semblance of trust in our institutions. If this stolen election is allowed to stand, it seems that whatever bit of trust remains in very many of us will have evaporated. That situation does not lead to anywhere good. It's a sad state of affairs when an upstanding citizen such as John Paul ends up on the wrong side of 'the law' for simply doing what's right.

Keith Harbaugh

Mac Isaac has filed a lawsuit against Twitter for defaming him:

"John Paul Mac Isaac’s lawsuit alleges Twitter defamed him by labeling him a hacker
in an attempt to justify its censorship of The New York Post’s bombshell story exposing the younger Biden selling access to his father."
By Margot Cleveland

I am cross-posting this comment to both Larry Johnson and Robert Willmann's posts as it would seem of interest to each of them, and their readers.

Also of interest may be this other Margot Cleveland column:
"Governing legal precedent makes it unlikely anyone seeking to challenge a deplatforming decision will ever succeed in court."

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