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03 December 2020


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Barbara Ann,

The die was cast and the Rubicon crossed long ago.

Barbara Ann


You are right, of course, but until now I always doubted whether Trump had it in him to do, or die. After Wednesday's speech and now this, I no longer doubt he is "all in".

Wednesday was a clear warning to the Judiciary, right up to SCOTUS, to sort this mess out - or else. The "or else" is increasingly looking like it could be a series of military tribunals run by Ms Powell to try the traitors.

If these allegations are half accurate and Trump manages to stay the course to root it out, his glorious visage will deserve a place on Mt. Rushmore.


Barbara Ann,

I think we are between the rough times of 1876/7 or the breakup of Yougouslavia. There are 100,000,000 people here (not all of the citizens) with more allegiance to the methods of 'back home', whereever that might be, than to the American system and its precedents in English common law.

English Outsider

Well Fred, it's four years now since you were writing on the Colonel's site about the unholy alliance of Progressives and Cronies that dominates our politics. Western politics, not only American.

They're out celebrating now -


- but whatever happens in that bent election over your way I suspect those celebrations are premature.

Barbara Ann


Someone* has done an analysis of the Fulton Co. GA vote count reported by Edison (the data provider to NYT etc) in the immediate aftermath of the video showing alleged ballot stuffing IFO Biden in that county. The analysis is entitled "An Examination of the "Midnight Suitcases" in Fulton County, Georgia".

The author says:

"However, at 1:36 AM, there is indeed a peculiar batch of votes reported from Fulton County.. .. It consists of 2222 votes for Biden and 181 for Trump. This batch is substantially more favorable for Biden than all the other batches from Fulton."
"The 1:36 AM batch is almost exclusively from precincts which, despite being biased towards Biden, are moderate relative to the other precincts. The votes reported at this time are sharply biased towards Biden. The small size of the batch is also unusual for Fulton County."
*The author is clearly the same person who put together the analysis of alleged algorithmic fraud in Philly, which was the subject of the video by "Edward Solomon" in Larry Johnson's recent post. The code repository in that case has been deleted, but was archived here: https://web.archive.org/web/20201116165034/https://github.com/stunnashades/edison.">https://github.com/stunnashades/edison.">https://web.archive.org/web/20201116165034/https://github.com/stunnashades/edison.

I reached out to "Edward Solomon" and (if they are a different person) the author of these analyses, but sadly have had no response to my questions about how the data was sourced.

If this is genuine is seems pretty damning evidence of fraud in Fulton whose timing ties in with the notorious video.


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