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03 December 2020


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Raffensberger has, with this head fake, slightly modulated his rush to certification, which he has been insisting is a done deal heretofore.

This is a good sign, but only a minor advance, in my estimation. It's a "limited hangout", scarcely deflecting this partisan hack from advancing the overall vote theft.

But it is hilarious that three spurious ballot solicitations for his dead son came to his house. A glimpse of what life would have been like had Stacy "bring out your dead" Abrams been elected governor. Raffensberger, shitlib that he might be, got mugged by the ugly reality; so he jumped out in front of this and pretended he was leading some sort of Parade For Vote Integrity. Don't be taken in.





I read Lin Wood, who famously represented the heroic Olympics security guard falsely accused of the 1996 Atlanta bombing, is asking Republicans not to vote in the Georgia Senate run-off. Sounds like he's trying to play hard ball with Republicans and force them to confront voter fraud allegations.


fakebot, here's another theory about Lin Wood's motives...

Records: Lin Wood Has for Decades Voted for, Donated to Democrats Including Barack Obama and David Perdue’s 2014 Opponent https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2020/12/02/records-lin-wood-decades-voted-donated-democrats-including-barack-obama-david-perdues-2014-opponent/


Is there a point where reality is so hard to process and accept, that we choose to believe lies instead?

Fair and honest elections are a fundamental bedrock - do we want to believe they still happened, more than accepting the growing body of facts that they did not.

How do we take the next steps, if we accept this was an election riddled with so much fraud, that we are forced to accept a TKO that never should have happened?

I have been a poll worker multiple times - I always left this volunteer task seeing and knowing it would be so easy to corrupt the system if we did not have "fair and honest volunteers" guarding this process.

There are so many ways to break the chain of custody and honest vote counting. Well before this particular election. Increasingly I saw those paid employees officially over-seeing the elections were partisan and disinterested hacks. They would protect only their version of the status quo; not the deep fundamentals of the election process itself.

I also saw in time there would never again be a core of civic-minded community volunteers to provide this important oversight duty and everything about our historic voting process would eventually need to be "phoned in".

People like my father who later set up the garage as the neighborhood polling place. People like my mother that would always take us children with her when she voted, even when it meant standing in long lines, because this was an important duty and we as children learned by her example. You dropped everything to make sure you voted on election day.

President Trump is right - if we cannot have honest and accountable elections, we cannot have a country. Who will we then become? I feel swamped and helpless right now. I see Sidney Powell and Rudy Guiliani trying to nail jello against the wall. I trust the facts they present; I recoil at the inability of their facts to to get traction.

robt willmann

Hoagy Carmichael wrote the music for the soulful tune 'Georgia on Mind' in the 1930's. The song was made popular by singers Ray Charles in the 1960's and Willie Nelson in the late 1970's. Here is a slightly jazzed-up version that does not get in the way of the song, performed by Willie Nelson and a small group with trumpet player Wynton Marsalis--


Antoinetta III

Fakebot, wouldn't this just give the election, and two all-important Senate seats to the Enemy?

Antoinetta III

The Twisted Genius

Here's some fraud going on it Georgia that's being investigated. This is actual voter fraud carried all the way through registration, not just registration applications. Now if the Governor filled one of those applications or all three and sent them in, he's be guilty of voter fraud.



Evidence, what evidence.


I'm sure there are more video cameras around. Why aren't they requried in all vote counting locations as part of voting security?


"This claim about election fraud is disputed" - the perfect media label to put on surveillance camera videos of vote counting activity that continued after Georgia closed down on Election Day Eve and sent the GOP observers home.

Smoking gun proof of fraud would be my own choice of words: https://noqreport.com/2020/12/03/bombshell-video-evidence-of-clear-voter-fraud-presented-in-georgia-for-the-first-time/

But we know how everything today can be "edited" today, right? Looks like this could be a 2020 case of the infamous "Rosemary Woods 17 minute Dictabelt tape gap". But maybe these were just the late night custodial crew, cleaning up the leftover poll workers candy wrappers.


Where did these groups get their information? If it was from the county boards of election or the State of Georgia's list of Georgia's registered voters, then clearly it is not their fault if they send out mailings to people who have moved out of state or people who have died.

Counties don't tell people to notify the board of election when people die or move. I myself have never contacted the board of election when I have moved away. I assume these political groups get their information from the county or state. I always get mailings from the Democrats, never from Republicans.


The Gateway Pundit disagrees with Breitbart on Lin Wood...

WTH? Breitbart Wages War Against Attorney Lin Wood — Who Is Defending President Trump Against Evil Marxist Horde — Lin Wood Responds https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/12/wth-breitbart-wages-war-attorney-lin-wood-defending-president-trump-election-integrity-lin-wood-responds/

Wonder who is behind this divide and conquer strategy? Or is it just more info churning?

Tim Pool discusses... Democrats Are Pretending To Be Republicans To CHEAT In The GA Runoff, This Is Political WAR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByMv6Y4klGg&t=28s (29 min)


Lin Wood claims he was always non-partisan until Trump came along, he's 100% a Trump partisan and donated 350K to Trump's PAC. Breitbart is disinformation.



That's good news. If they convict him I hope they disbar him in Florida, nobody needs a crooked lawyer. Speaking of illegal regisgtrations, you left out the GA Senate hopeful Reverand Warnock and of course, she who will not concede, Stacey Abrams.




They caught two fraudulent voters in Pennsylvania also. Both Republican, one tried to vote for both himself and his dead mother, the other voted for himself and came back to the polls a half hour later wearing sunglasses and wanted under his son's name. The Penn LtGov John Fetterman tried to get the milllion dollar reward posted by Dan Patrick of Texas for tipping about fraudulent voting. But Patrick stiffed him. Will probably do the same if anyone in Nicole Carr tries to claim the reward for Bill Price's fraud.



Politico reports today: The effort came as Trump continues to level baseless claims that he won the election and alleges without evidence that massive voting fraud was responsible for his defeat to President-elect Joe Biden.

No, we don't care what Politico says, but it is interesting how they are now saying it - subtle shift- not using the deceptive ruse of "widespread" voting fraud to now "massive" voting fraud.

The talking head Left is changing the goal posts yet again, when in fact there is growing proof of strategic, limited and material voting fraud. What say you, Politico?

Since the Left all talks like wind-up toys, using the same words and the same phrase ad nauseum, this is an interesting shift. "widespread" to "massive". Two features that were never on the table. Lying by omission.


BTW: in fact it is Biden who levels the baseless claim "he won the election". No one won yet. Not Biden and not Trump. Neither of them have won anything. But MSM only criticizes Trump for his claim?

Their words always hit me on the head at first and take my breath away, then I pick them apart and realize how sinister their game plan is, and passes for "news". This is so patently calculated.

Why are they doing this? What is the pay off for them to abandon being a neutral observers. This is more media gas-lighting. More control of the narrative. What is in it for them when it offends half the population at the same time?


@ robt willmann .. thanks... i read a bio on hoagy.. he is from indiana.. he led an interesting life and although he was out of the loop of the new york based composers and etc - he clearly had something special going on composition-ally that the new york cats didn't have... stardust is another one of his songs, which i think is truly awesome... Stardust Melody: The Life and Music of Hoagy Carmichael is the title of the book i read...


TTG and Fred,

This Florida lawyer Bill Price seems to have thought he was playing a game with no consequences:

"According to a news release, Sec. of State Brad Raffensperger says Bill Price was caught on tape stating his intent to register in Georgia and encouraging two million other people to move into Georgia before the January runoff to vote."

He got his brother involved too. If he does get convicted of felonies I would think he'd have to get disbarred, too. He's on tape telling 2 million people how to commit felonies over an election with a law license to lose. He will have plenty of free time in the future to ask himself if it was worth it.


Sorry, here's the link for the above quote:


exiled off mainstreet

I don't know if it means anything but there are reports that the governor of Georgia is changing his tune and wants to have the signatures checked after the video showing the democrat operative opening the suitcases emerged. Were this to occur, presumably Trump would win the state and Perdue would probably now have a majority. If fraud is proven in one place, it gets harder to cover it up everywhere else. We'll see if this holds up tomorrow or is just another head fake.

Barbara Ann

Sidney's latest bombshell:

76. Observing the data of the contested states (and others) the algorithm deployed is identical to that which was deployed in 2012 providing Barack Hussein Obama a block allocation to win the 2012 Presidential Elections.
In my professional opinion, this affidavit presents unambiguous evidence:
137. That there was Foreign interference, complicit behavior by the previous administrations from 1999 up until today to hinder the voice of the people and US persons knowingly and willingly colluding with foreign powers to steer our 2020 elections that can be named in a classified setting.
And much much more on how the algorithmic fraud was perpetrated. Brennan & Clapper are also named in the affidavit. John Ratcliffe's assessment of foreign interference in the election should be an interesting read. Anyone still think Trump will concede?




The woman who was apparently supervising the ballot counters in Georgia when the filming of hidden suitcases of ballots were then counted illegally has been identified by name. I would like to see her arrested immediately and be charged for an appropriate capital crime with the death penalty on the table.

English Outsider

Fred - a recent comment of yours was a dash of cold water in the face -

"So you want to actually see the computer software which tabulated the votes, inspect the servers overseas that counted them, inspect the jump drives used to update voting machines and also see the actual mail in ballot envelopes with signatures to verify against the voter rolls as well as inspect the required postmarks? Great! Can't wait for any of the appealate judges to say the same thing."

Because even were all that done there's no guarantee the material hasn't been tampered with. And I've seen no election officials or supervisors or anyone else involved coming forward to explain or justify the various anomalies that have been identified. I noticed a few days ago that some Dominion people declined to do that and "lawyered up".

Early days, but so far this lot seems destined for the memory hole. And a lot of people avoiding enquiry in the hope that's where it's going.

I've been trying to get my head around previous debate over a controversial decision in a Presidential election -


Bluntly, and to a lay reader, it looks as if the Supreme Court chucks law out of the window and focusses on finding a decision that will cause the least fuss -

Among an undogmatic judge's values may be the desire to depart from foolish consistency in a hard case, and he may "adopt an approach that is practical and instrumental"42 if it is necessary to render a useful decision that prevents an acute Constitutional crisis.

More explicit here -

The underlying theme of this article has been that five risk averse Justices exposed themselves to severe criticism and unfair ridicule in order to avoid likely perils to our system of government.

And given that looming "Safe Harbour" date they put the thing to bed without further ado. As is said at the head of the article -

The circumstances of [the 2000 presidential] election call to mind a quote from football coaching legend Vince Lombardi: 'We didn't lose the game, we just ran out of time.'

So the Court didn't delve into all the mechanics and conduct of the election then, or insist that that be done. Just took a pragmatic and essentially political decision on the basis of what would least risk endangering Law and Order. If a similar approach is adopted here then enquiry into or rectification of a dud election doesn't look like something that can fairly be expected from the Supreme Court.



"even were all that done there's no guarantee the material hasn't been tampered with. "

That's the whole point of an audit, and of observers to the votes of affected political parties. That's why the democrats stopped the count, threw out the observers (or prevented their entry to begin with), and restarted counting with no one looking.

The professor's opinions referring to 2000's Bush v. Gore are not entirely relevant as this court is composed of a different set of judges and Bush v Gore has precedents itself that are relevant to lower courts and the oft quoted doctrine of stare decisis.

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