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09 December 2020


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Can the Supreme Court, order the four states in question to hold another vote?


We’ve all watched this train wreck of an election derail in slow motion. I think it is apparent to all who are not blinded by Trump hatred or simple willful ignorance that a fraud/coup/color revolution is unfolding before our eyes. The hearings by Giuliani and his team in the various states, with the sworn testimony (affidavits) and expert forensic analysis, were compelling. Murderers have been convicted with less evidence. Of course, the Texas suit does not address these issues, but it seems the ‘process issues’ may be the quickest route to redress - If the SC has the cajones to do what’s right. Today, I wrote the AG of KY, my current state of official residence, imploring Mr. Cameron to add KY to the Texas suit. Will the SC ignore half of the 'Union'?


For those of you waiting for the scotus to weigh in, I have one question. Do you think the scotus is above the corruption that most of the civilian govt is involved in that has allowed them to get away with this?

Get real! scotus is as corrupted as the michigan house. Money goes everywhere and bends everyone. In a few days there will be a sham judgment verifying the legality of the election from the scotus. They are also in the take.

Then the blathering idiot who can't string together two proper sentences, had difficulty attracting double digit number of people to his rallies (I wonder if you can call it a rally if it has only 10 people) will take oath as potus. A shame!

The rigging is done well and good. The path left for trump is:
1) set up his own tv channel and news media. fox has been shown for what it is - a poisoned dagger used for back stabbing the conservatives. TrumpTV will have no issues getting 10s of millions of viewers.
2) move from twitter to a more neutral platform. or start duplicating his tweets simultaneously on multiple platform, one of which he has to own/control - again not difficult given the support he has
3) start calling for systems in place so that the dems can do this in 2024. tighten the election process. You guys can borrow ideas from all over the world - UK, India, Australia all have elections without such fraud. Surely, you can make changes to this system. It will be opposed by the dems who will want to rig the next one as well.
4) put all his energies in getting the support in governing level in the states. Trump needs to get his own people in power at the state level and in congress. In 2 years, there will be a big battle - if the repubs minus rino ie trump's people can take back control of the congress, it will position them well.

This is a big fight for Trump - he has to prepare and fight for it. He has already lost the fight for the legitimacy of the election in the face of widespread corruption. The swamp has fought back and everyone can see the extent of its domination and in a few days you will see the swampy scotus in action!

The real fight left is to position for the taking of the congress in two years and the 2024 election. That can only be done by creating your own institutions - TrumpTV vs MSM, people in congress loyal to you, etc, etc...

If Trump or his successors don't succeed the republic is done! I still have hope

Kilo 4/11

@ Mark K. Logan: "Here's that decision. I'm not seeing that line about midnight deadline in it."


Posted by: Mark K Logan | 10 December 2020 at 06:39 PM

Here it is: "In speaking of "the election" of a Senator or Representative, the federal statutes plainly refer to the combined actions of voters and officials meant to make the final selection of an officeholder; and by establishing "the day" on which these actions must take place, the statutes simply regulate the time of the election, a matter on which the Constitution explicitly gives Congress the final say. pp. 71-72."

The statute establishes "the day", singular. A day ends at midnight.

Kilo 4/11

@ English Outsider

a judge following the law is "dogmatic"? Enforcing equal protection under the laws is "foolish consistency"?

We've been in a "constitutional crisis" my whole life, beginning with the forced integration of the schools, gathering steam with the destruction of our freedom of assembly, reaching peak evil with Roe v Wade overturning the states' prohibition of abortion, and now reaching peak arrogance with the destruction of our franchise in plain sight. The clock has run out on postponing the resolution of the crisis.

..."if the Biden election were not confirmed there'd be a hell of a fuss and a lot of vandalism and disorder. So declaring a bent election bent might not be something the Supreme Court would want to do."

You are proposing that Americans be ruled by vandals and murderers, which is unsurprising advice from a resident of a country that countenances the likes of a Rotherham.

America has not degenerated to the British level yet.

Kilo 4/11

@ Deap: "SCOTUS does not "invalidate the results" of a state's election. The states themselves invalidated the results when they chose to go rogue, rather than follow their own laws and the US Constitution."

Well said. That's the heart of the matter.



So the Preamble to the Constitution is the real law of the land, just like the poem on that statue in New York Harbor.

"You might want to reach out to those neighborhoods most affected by the last waves of civil unrest and see how much appetite they have for more"

The fine people in Minneapolis, represented by their elected government, just defunded the police by a few million. News apparently not available in coffee shops in Santa Barbara. Also apparently unknown to you is that EO has been commenting here for years, unlike you. "Take your argument out a few levels" which is what you are doing with your recent commentary. Apparently you're not having the desired effect by routinely posting 3 comments in a row and beating the drum against monolithic government employee voting and SEIU membership influence on politicians.


You are advising surrender and hope to win the next elections that won't be rigged better next time by the people you are willing to let get away with it now. The real fight is now. Making new TV channels and social media will have no effect when Kamala issues an new executive order on "hate speach" defined by the left. It should be obvious that there will be no alternate social media unless it is government approved.

Kilo 4/11,

"We've been in a "constitutional crisis" my whole life,"

True that. I think mandatory vaccines are going to sink Roe vs. Wade since privacy to discuss medical treatment with your doctor and 'my body my choice' aren't needed by the left any longer.


The Michigan response to the Texas filing at the SC:

Barbara Ann


Wholeheartedly agree with your response to ancientarcher, the real fight is now and it isn't over. If they let Trump have a TV channel after this it'll be for one reason only; to keep the natives from getting too restless. It'll be tightly controlled and shut down if it looks like becoming a threat. 2024 will be a return to the choice of either brand of the Uniparty.



ancientarcher's righteous rant is posited on notion that Trump is NOT corrupt.

While completely opposed to Biden / Harris ascent to White House, I also suggest that we little people start looking at other candidates, not Trump, for Congressional seats as well as presidency.

South Dakota governor Kristi Noem has demonstrated strength and common sense against severe headwinds.

A. Pols

This will all be papered over to avoid any admission that the electoral process lacks gravitas. They will install Biden on Jan 20.
It would never do for the exceptional nation to appear no better than all these inferior countries that have electoral fraud and rigged elections. It's part of our national identity that we don't do these things and even if the debate continues after Jan 20, every effort will be made by the various forms of media to portray the opposition as disgruntled sore losers.
I don't like this process and make to attempt to excuse or justify it; I'm just calling it as I see it.

Chuck Light

With apologies for linking to a left-leaning online publication, because this information may not have made it into other publications, it now appears that the United States of America has been enlarged to include two new states, known as "New California" and "New Nevada."

These two new members of our union of States have apparently filed a brief with the Supreme Court seeking to be heard on the dispute between Texas and the four Defendants in this lawsuit. For real.


Chuck Light

From the Supreme Court docket in Texas v. Pennsylvania, et al.:

The State of Texas’s motion for leave to file a bill of complaint is denied for lack of standing under Article III of the Constitution. Texas has not demonstrated a judicially cognizable interest in the manner in which another State conducts its elections. All other pending motions are dismissed as moot. Statement of Justice Alito, with whom Justice Thomas joins: In my view, we do not have discretion to deny the filing of a bill of complaint in a case that falls within our original jurisdiction. See Arizona v. California, 589 U. S. ___ (Feb. 24, 2020) (Thomas, J., dissenting). I would therefore grant the motion to file the bill of complaint but would not grant other relief, and I express no view on any other issue.

English Outsider

Colonel - Yes indeed, the reference was published some time ago. My apologies for not stating that clearly. I dug the reference up again because it seemed to me that one could not place too much hope in the US Supreme Court getting to the bottom of the matter.

Hope I'm wrong. Not because the Democrats are pro-EU. I believe that has little real significance in the current UK/EU standoff. But because I believed that a second term, with Trump this time firmly in the saddle, held out real hope that the Trump 2016 platform could really get under way.

The satisfaction in Europe over Trump's defeat is general -


"“With Trump gone, populist politicians will not only enjoy less domestic legitimacy; governments will face a higher international price for nationalist stances,” wrote Philippe Legrain, a former economic adviser to the president of the European Commission."

"Nationalist", "Populist", "non-observance of the "rule of law" all being code for the revolt against uncontrolled crony government and for the rejection of Progressive values.

Fools. What cannot give must break. The ancien regime in Europe is celebrating what it sees as a victory. All it is doing is holding the safety valve down tighter.

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