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16 December 2020


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Bill H

This election was "the most secure in history" was it? One fairly certain sign of lying is the use of hyperbole.


Sounds like Krebs just phoned it in, and became a cancer on this particular presidency.

Stephen McIntyre

The story is different and worse than Bobulinski told it. Hunter and Uncle Jim Biden backdoored Bobulinski and did a deal between Bidens and CEFC excluding Bobulinski, called Hudson West III. CEFC put up $5 million, then another $1 million. Hunter and Uncle Jim then started taking $165,000 per month, splitting it 50:50. While there was still ~$3.5 million in till, Ye was arrested and CEFC in a sort of receivership. HW-III was far outpost of CEFC empire. Hunter then embezzled all the cash in Hudson West-III for supposed "services" while doing nothing - splitting take with Uncle Jim - while also paying small percentage to a couple of stranded Chinese employees of CEFC and then wound up company. I've personally seen the documents.


On top of the obvious and long ongoing corruption in "La Familia" we have to ask just who in the Obama administration got informed of this, though I'm sure St. Barack knew nothing that he didn't want to know. There's also operation Fang Fang, which seems to have not only entrapped Swallwell but also must have entangled Pelosi and former House Speaker Paul Ryan along with the chair and ranking minority member of the HPSCI, (see Title 50 U.S.C. § 3091(a)(1)) that would be Mike Rodgers (who left office, worked for Trump, got fired, then joined the Alliance for Securing Democracy - the never Trump group).

Just how corrupt is the Gang of Eight and Congress? Was Trump kidding when he said he caught them all?
More here:

As a side note. Peters not only lied to the press (conveniently he's wasn't under oath then and can't be sued for slander either) but he lost to John James, well, except for all the fraudulent votes cast in Michigan. Apparently Black Detroit just loves them some white politicians. I suspect China loves the Senator too.


The MERS-CoV receptor gene is among COVID-19 risk factors inherited from Neandertals
"Here, we show that 2-8% of people in Eurasia carry a variant promoter region of the DPP4 gene inherited from Neandertals. This gene encodes an enzyme that serves as a receptor for the coronavirus MERS-CoV and is currently not believed to be a receptor for SARS-CoV-2. However, the Neandertal DPP4 variant doubles the risk to become critically ill in COVID-19."

This would explain why blacks have been spared from the effects of COVID across the world, except in the US where they are heavily mixed with whites and other races(and unhealthy, statistically)

blue peacock

Col. Lang,

The Fall of the Republic is not just the abrogation of the rule of law and the immunization of the oligarchy & the political elite from any illegal conduct. It is also the institutional takeover by the Party of Davos and the wide departure from age old economic and financial precepts with new age sophistry from the Ph.Ds which is going to further devastate and impoverish the bottom 90%.

Charlie Munger says it well.


"Think about what Apple is worth compared to John D. Rockefeller’s empire."

That’s Berkshire Hathaway BRK.A, +0.40% Vice Chairman Charlie Munger talking this week about the “frenzy” in the stock market as exemplified by Apple AAPL, -0.05%, which he deems as “the most dramatic thing that’s almost ever happened in the entire world history of finance.”


“We’re in very uncharted waters,” he said. “Nobody has gotten by with the kind of money printing now for a very extended period without some kind of trouble. We’re very near the edge of playing with fire.”

When the Swiss National Bank, once renowned for its rectitude, prints up SFR and converts that to USD to buy Apple & Google and other Big Tech stocks to the tune of over $120 billion we are well beyond the looking glass. No one knows when mass psychology changes. But when it does and the confidence game is up, it will be a step function.

exiled off mainstreet

Krebs means cancer in German. Krebs' statement goes against the evidence. He is either a fool, naive, or, more likely, a knave under the control of the permanent state. The barefaced cheek of even making such a statement is breathtaking with what is already known, the dodgy software which declared most votes "challenged" the black vans pulling up almost simultaneously in the key states, the suitcases of crooked votes in Georgia, and the harvesting creating the massive increase in fake turnout. It is the big lie a la Goebbels, and the courts backing this play with specious arguments to avoid looking at the evidence and avoiding it getting in to the public record, is part of the scam.


@ blue peacock... thank you for this... i haven't been following it closely, but charlie munger has been the partner of buffett for a very long time.. he knows what he is talking about...

i have been talking about the financial ponzi scheme but most people get pissed off when i mention it, or their eyes glaze over and they think i am a loon... the fact is shifting chairs on the titanic isn't fooling everyone... the financial structure on the planet is like playing with wmd at this point and the fact is - they are... it is only a matter of time before it all blows up.. it ain't gonna be pretty either... it will make the focus on what election did or didn't get stolen or what particular sleazeball politician did or didn't do pale in the extreme to what this story you touch on is centered on..

Keith Harbaugh

Something to bear in mind:
The left, in order to justify the censorship they desire,
is claiming a cause-and-effect relation between what they call "conspiracy theories" (and "disinformation"), and violence:

Personally, I don't desire to see conservative discussions restricted.
But I do think we should be cautious about what might be interpreted as condoning violence.

BTW, I've seen frequent statements from the left saying
speech they find offensive should be met with "a punch in the face."
Where are the condemnations from the elite of those left-wing threats?


Maybe Mr. Krebs, the fired DHS election security guy, is the type of sleazy, underhanded attorney who's being too-cute about the several connotations of the word secure (not unlike the infamous saying "it depends on what the meaning of is is"). This was the first entry that popped up when I did an internet search of the definition. Notice the very first word is "fixed":


fixed or fastened so as not to give way, become loose, or be lost.
"check to ensure that all nuts and bolts are secure"

So hell yes the election was secure -- FIXED for Bumbling Quid Pro Joe Biden.

Paul Rigby

Biden, already with one or both feet in the grave, is the perfect sacrificial lamb for his deep state masters. How useful to the latter would be his assassination at the hands of deplorable patsies.

Kilo 4/11

"Pilgrims, the distinction betwixt "secure" and "honest" seems to have escaped him"...


Insisting on the "secure" part shows he's not aware of or doesn't care about the implications there, either. The election was "secure", all right - secure from any countermeasures to their crimes.


Paul Rigby,

Your preemptive blaming for an event that will not happen is unnecessary. If the left succeeds in the steal then Joe will be invalided out within weeks. Kamala is the danger, followed by the inevitable power grab after a false flag from the left, which desires the radical remaking of America. A failed false flag will work even better for them than a failed coup did for Erdogan.

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