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09 December 2020


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Polish Janitor

"Grandular waefare"

Wow! You just nailed it Colonel! How about calling it "Basic Instincts Warfare" too?

This also reminded me of the Robert Kraft's little incident back in 2019 in that Chinese massage parlor. Apparently the charges were recently dropped and I read it probably was a nasty operation on the Patriot' owner that went south and the feds intervened and swept it under the rug. who knows nowadays with all kinds of nasty stuff going on every other day...

I also would like to hear "J"'s comment on this Eric Swalwell case if it's possible.

Polish Janitor

Pardon me for the typo, I meant "Glandular Warfare".


I'm shocked, shocked I tell you. I hate being wrong.

Not about him being a traitor: I always assumed he was gay.

Rick Merlotti

Swallowell was always the most outrageous Russia-gater, along with Schiff. Their constituencies have to be very proud to keep electing these treacherous cretins.


All the trappings of a honey-trap operation. Rep. Swalwell married with 4 kids, playing the hydraulics game with a young Chinese spy who bundled political cash for him. The Chinese spy also inserted personnel into the Representative's staff on Capital Hill.

Swalwell serves on the House Intelligence Committee, wouldn't you have loved to have been a fly on the wall listening to Swalwall and the Chinese spy's 'pillow talk'. The Chinese spy was also bedding other politicos.

IMO Rep. Swalwall needs to resign or be forced to resign from the House Intelligence Committee.

The one good thing out of all of this, is the FBI has prioritized their investigations into Chinese influence operations.

Peter VE

I thought all Democrats had to adhere to Woke "Me Too" standards? In the case of what she might be offering, all I can say is: me too!


Congatulations Robert Mueller and your team of experts, well expert at erasing their government provided cell phones. You too Peter Strzok. Best Chief of the Counterespionage Section ever. And lest we forget, Barack Obama, scandal free.

I wonder what's on Hunter's laptop, and - why didn't this come out years ago?

Barbara Ann

This story is such a satisfying read. I'm sure Trump, who of course has never been the subject of such a malicious slur (for example involving p___ing Russian prostitutes) is all cut up about Swalwell's hurt feelings.

I confess to being somewhat disappointing to learn that the US does not engage in such base and underhand practices, as I was hoping a few glandular warfare episodes may be recounted in "Tattoo". Had this not been so I would also have asked whether, in your esteemed opinion, you considered the power of the p___y superior to the power of the dollar - as tools of the HUMINT professional.


Barbara Ann

With a recruited source you always want to pay them money if you can get them to take it. It establishes an employer-employee relationship. It is inherent in the relationship. You won't get any salacious stories from me. US intelligence tries to avoid sexual relationships in the work, but sometimes cannot be avoided as a factor in control of the source. Especially with male-female relationships.


Interesting, puts the kind of weird fact of the recent Chinese just publiced Ivan Kozhedubs (Top WW2 flying ace of the Red Army) in the Korean war into perspective. He was, as a full Colonel at that point, leading the Soviet Air detachment, which was of course "officially Korean".

While there were many jokes about the exploits of comrade captain Lee-Sy-Tzin (Lysitzin is a normal Russian name), I for one was unaware that Kozhedub (who is not quite a household name in Russia, but reasonably close) was leading them.
The Russian perception of the Korean war has some memes.
One is the North Korean linguist who tries to convince the world that "Suka" "Blyat" "Ebat" and "Nahui" are all Korean words partly specific to the North Korean dialect, and that intercepting transmissions exlusively consisting of these words in no way indicate any Russian involvement! This is all Capitalist Imperialist Propaganda Suka Blyat! In the course of this highly frustrating task, he ends up using these words constantly for his personal use, and eventually succeeds due to this.
A last meme is that of a Chinese radio operator, who, realizing that his position was fucked up beyond recognicition anyway due to intense artillery bombardment, and that the best he could do was to attract attention so that more of his comrades got away, startet to swear in Russian into the Radio. The UN forces intercepted the transmission, figured they could finally nab some live Russians for propaganda purposes and ceased the bombardment in order to capture Russians in an infantry assault. The chinese was really puzzled because he expected the bombardment on his position to intensify instead.

From the Russian pov. the messaging behind the "plausible deniablity" was "Look, you already fight bare knuckled, I still have my boxing gloves (even barely plausible deniability generates considerable constraints on military operations) on. We are equally matched in this setting. You dont want to know what will happen if I go bare knuckled too.". I think the same applies to Russian "plausible deniablity" in post Maidan Ukraine.

Fredrick Wright

"investigators became so alarmed by Fang’s behavior and activities that they alerted Swalwell in 2015 to their concerns"

That's all they've got? That he was targeted? The unspoken implication of course is that the congressman's behavior and activities also became alarming. But if Axios or Fox news had anything like that then they would tell us about it in excruciating detail. At this point the sum total of hard information is that he was targeted. It is not even clear that he personally was the honey trap target or perhaps she was working members of his staff.

I assume that anybody who hasn't at least been probed has just been considered to be not worth the trouble.

Barbara Ann

Many thanks Colonel, I did wonder whether you may have deployed irony in your post and was only kidding re my expectations of salacious episodes in your memoir. Perhaps the US IC's reluctance to embrace glandular warfare is a legacy of Puritan squeamishness on matters of sex.


Swalllwell got a "defensive briefing" about potential foreign agent political corruption, and Trump did not? Obama and the FBI were sure the Russians were corrupting the Trump campaign. Why was that?


Polish Janitor,

The operator behind the Kraft sting op was ordered to pay him $30K.


Thanks for that link Fred. I had lost track of that case due to more pressing matters, like the pandemic and the election.

What the heck was Homeland Security doing getting involved in a routine matter (granted Kraft is a high profile individual) that should not have risen past the attention of the bunco squad or vice department of a local or County police force? Who in their right mind would ever consider this a serious threat to the homeland

A great example of "mission creep."


Something the Chinese are notorious for is their "fountain of youth". Essentially, if a target was involved in intimacy with one of their agents, and they want to play hardball for whatever reason, said agent is suddenly 13-15 years old despite actually being a captain rank equivalent in her late 20s, which opens the target up to blackmail by pedophilia allegations. This is chiefly done to weak/one time targets (like, corporate data admin), typically for one time things like handing over passwords/usernames to faciliate industrial espionage.

Russia honeytraps for both sexes, and also for homosexual relationships (the saying was that you turn a French with Women, a British with Men and an American with money, I think that globablization strongly reduced the differences here). I am unaware of them using "Chinese fountain of youth" equivalents, although if they find out someone of interest to them is a pedo they will exploit the hell out of it/him.

There was a East German Guy whose Stasi file includes "has beaten up a Stasi officer during a clandestine recruitment attempt". The story behind that was the Stasi assumed he was gay, send a gay "honeypot" to entrap him, and the "seduction" attempt was rejected in a very kinetic non verbal way. The guy had no idea this was an entrapment/recruitment attempt, and just reacted quite naturally to some stranger with incompatible sexual preferences touching him in intimate places. May have been an intra-Stasi prank against the recruiter.

Interesting for me that the US prefers Employer-Employee relations, Russia is generally looking for "Patron-Client", particularly in a Russian/CIS-space setting (where they have far more opportunities to offer meaningfull patronage, both in terms of opportunities and in terms of making problems go away). The reasoning is that money is too "countable" and that relationships based on money are often too "fragile", especially if your main competitors have a lot more cash to throw around then you do. In East German times, the GRU/KGB could for example offer the favor of making the Stasi get the expletive deleted away from you (I would guess that such instances would have been rigged up beforehand in some cases).

Due to beurocracy etc. involved, I dont think US agents in the field get to throw around that much cash that freely, but well, some Russians tend to blame their intelligence setbacks or US exploits on monetary US advantadges, typically to distract from their very real shortcomings in nonmonetary areas. Also, waving around the budgets of your richer main competitors is a frequent ploy to secure larger budgets for yourself.

Polish Janitor

Yes, many thanks Fred.


I'm not sure they're that Puritan in the US.

The FBI had sent "an investigator" to entrap a Trump campaign member. This FBI "investigator" I think pretty much fits the description of a honey pot. Anyone remember this?


Ms. Turk went to London to help oversee the politically sensitive operation, working alongside a longtime informant, the Cambridge professor Stefan A. Halper. The move was a sign that the bureau wanted in place a trained investigator for a layer of oversight, as well as someone who could gather information for or serve as a credible witness in any potential prosecution that emerged from the case.


While in London in 2016, Ms. Turk exchanged emails with Mr. Papadopoulos, saying meeting him had been the “highlight of my trip,” according to messages provided by Mr. Papadopoulos.

“I am excited about what the future holds for us :),” she wrote.

Weeks before Mr. Papadopoulos met with Ms. Turk and Mr. Halper, the F.B.I. had opened its investigation into the Russia effort — based largely on information that Mr. Papadopoulos had relayed to an Australian diplomat about a Russian offer to help the Trump campaign by releasing thousands of hacked Democratic emails.

The F.B.I. received the information from the Australian government on July 26, 2016, the special counsel’s report said, and the bureau code-named its investigation Crossfire Hurricane.

"I am so excited about what the future holds for us." It sounds like the only thing she was investigating was how to get catch that poor George with his pants down.

Her name, Ms. Turk, is said to be a pseudonym. What are the odds she's the same woman who claimed rape against Julian Assange?



If your mission is to discredit supporters and disrupt Trump and hurt his reelection efforts then they were 'just following orders'.


Hello Colonel
Not tangential to the topic(maybe a little actually)I noticed today that your page appears near the very bottom of the Google results page when searching "turcopolier", instead of the customary 2nd result. I noticed this because this is how I have accessed the site for years. It was quite jarring to me.


I think I saw that she came to the US on a student visa in 2011. How was she able in terms of our immigration laws to be a bundler? What are the requirements? If you can be a bundler with a temporary visa, obviously that is something that should be changed by law. I would say you should be a citizen. But I suspect many politicians with a lot of immigrants in their district would want to go for green cards.

In any case we shouldn't allow people on student visas to be bundlers. Another possibility here though is that she somehow managed to get a green card. I would hope not but who knows?

I am wondering why if China is becoming more and more our enemy why our immigration standards for their citizens has not changed to reflect that?


"Swallows well" brings "obnoxious" to new depths.


"I am wondering why if China is becoming more and more our enemy why our immigration standards for their citizens has not changed to reflect that?"
2 reasons:
The swamp has been thoroughly compromised by China.
And the "intelligence" agencies and the FBI are dimwits who can't find their own asses in a well lit room.


The Israelis are supposed to have done it with Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedys, explains her unusual death.

The Russia thing was probably a useful misdirection for pretty much everyone else, including the Chinese.

Barbara Ann


I am surprised at your surprise at Google's increasingly blatant suppression of dissident voices - welcome to the future. SST is top result for "turcopolier" using DuckDuckGo. I'd strongly recommend switching search engines.


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