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29 December 2020


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Excuse me while I throw up over the others the rest of the list. Plus shall we assume Mooshell Obama and Hillary Clinton still top the list of most admired women, with Dr Jill closing in fast?

Considering the names on the also-ran list, Trump has no serious competition after all, but America is in for a world of hurt. They should rename this -who do you hear about most in the ginned up media?

Barbara Ann

Biden gets only 6% - what on earth were Gallup doing wrong? This looks like a tremendous sales opportunity for Dominion voting systems, I'm sure their special vote adjudication process can fix the problem.

I look forward to seeing Trump's figure next year and BHO's for that matter. Let's see what the next few days bring.


No one admitted they actually liked Biden; they just did not like Trump.

Except for those who do like Trump, and those now suffering from buyer's remorse waking and finding they are now in bed with Biden.


The thing I find most amusing is that 3 million Americans allegedly think the Deli Lama is most important, imagine what he could do if he teamed up with Pepsi.


You live in Alexandria.
Can you hear the exploding heads around you?



Locally, in Richmond and across the river.



Our politicians, and Hollywood, have already used the Dalai Lama to great affect. He is no longer relevant to them as Comrade Xi makes them more money. On the 850th Aniversary of the martydom of Thomas Becket it should be clear to all that religion, and religous freedom, mean nothing communists, even the lefty ones in the US.


Bet most of those who picked Biden have Obama as a second choice.


Joe, ... Our politicians, ... religion, and religous freedom, mean nothing [to] communists, even the lefty* ones in the US
Posted by: Fred | 30 December 2020 at 09:22 AM

* "their lefty acolydes",j followers over here?

Fred, personally I found Joe's response the most interesting.

Although, I am wondering if alluding to a martyr in time and space could be interpreted as virtue-signalling too? I am wrong, it cannot be?Why?



"I am wondering if alluding to a martyr in time and space could be interpreted as virtue-signalling too? I am wrong, it cannot be?Why?"

Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, Freddie Grey, Breonna "Say her name!!!!!" Taylor, St. George Floyd. T-shirts available online and at the college books store. Just like Che.

Joe, being in Spain, probably never saw "7 years in Tibet".

blue peacock

Would a politician have been the "most admired" person in the US a century or two ago?


blue peacock

Trump is not in any sense a professional "politician." Yes, Abraham Lincoln after his death was the most admired man in the United States out side the conquered territory of the South and he had been a professional politician and lobbyist for the Illinois Central all his adult life.

Barbara Ann


7 Years.. was one of those rare movies that actually enhanced the essence of an important book IMO. Heinrich Harrer's first hand witness account of a country's conquest by a powerful enemy - and the beginning of its people's inexorable journey toward cultural extinction - was enhanced by Mr Pitt's performance and the portrayal of the improbable friendship which developed between his character and the young Dalai Lama. Rather than the whole Chiyna thing, I expect HHDL made it into the top 10 because many Americans see a parallel with the current threat of cultural extermination hanging over them.


A politician is someone who specializes in the political arts. On it face, this is both neutral and noble.

Public servant works better for me, but there needs to be a better term for the person one is disparaging because our system of government depends on 'politicians. Good and noble politicians.

Perhaps is how and why we choose or politicians today that is at fault? When media, money and public servants come together in a toxic stew is when alchemy delivers a murky product. And it ain't gold.

We serve ourselves better if we clean up the job description so it does bring out the best in us; not the worst. And I would rather see the GOP stand for this than any re-set button pushed by the Democrats. Good people should aspire to be politicians; not end up with this title by default after everything else in their life fails.


Got to love the old Princeton motto, before they got woke killed their previously dignified rectitude:...... In the nation's service.

blue peacock

Col. Lang,

I'm thinking Obama too as the most admired for a dozen years. In any case I'm clearly not in the 40% that chose the top 3 candidates. That's something I notice more & more as such polls are released, that I'm really in the minority.


Barbara Ann,

Yes indeed, though I was thinking also of Richard Gere who has been involved with Tibet for decades. Hollywood dropped him like a rock not long after Obama took office. China's a major source of their revenue now, so praisingthem and condemning our culture are just profit decisions for them.

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