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14 December 2020


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"All the ADJUDICATION logs for the November 2020 election cycle are missing..."
"All server security logs prior to 11:03 pm on November 4, 2020 are missing...."

It's a pattern of criminal conduct. Also see this from March:
"Michigan Secretary of State's husband had to resign from his post with the City of Detroit after destroying evidence in a corruption investigation "

Eric Newhill

Trying to get my head around how, exactly, this worked. I get the part about weighting votes. That's easy.

But the adjudicated votes - Is it that the machine labels a significant portion of votes as "send to be adjudicated" and then some election decides whether were for and that person then decides they are for Biden (even if they really not)? If so that requires some election administrator has to be in on the crime. Should be easy enough to identify that person, charge him/her with a serious felony and get them to roll on the other conspirators. Why have the adducted vote method operational when you've got the weighting operational well. Seems you wouldn't want a potential witness.

I'd like to see independent corroboration of the findings. I'm hearing that the individual who performed the analysis is a little bit on the sketchy side, but of course they would say that. A second opinion would be helpful because this is so damn serious.


"...widespread fraud ... demand[s] that there be an accounting."

This isn't mere pedestrian vote fraud for which our laws are designed: political machines scheming for the spoils of public coffers. If claims that foreign actors were involved can be verified then it is an act of war against the American people.

It doesn't matter if the foreigners were representatives of sovereign states. Neither was Al Qaeda. It matters that they attacked us. Those with American citizenship papers who collaborated with them must be punished in such a way to ensure that it doesn't happen again. I am in favor of stripping citizenship, confiscating property, and expulsion.

Cicero noted 2000 years ago that during times of war, the law is silent. These enemies have been waging war against us while not merely ignoring our laws, but flouting them and rubbing it in our faces. Their threat must be removed.

Wall Street corporate raiders and hedge fund vermin and Hollywood rapists, marxists, and pedophiles do not get to define what it means to be American. Traditionally, we are bound together by Christianity and Constitutionalism. Those who have hostility to either need to go somewhere else.


were they adjudicated in Germany?


re this Jack Posobiec. Had to google the name to get beyond twitteritis. His full name is John Michael Posobiec III.

Here's what English language wikipedia says about him, not exactly friendly but probably factually rather accurate:

John Michael Posobiec III (/pəˈsoʊbɪk/ pə-SOH-bik; born December 14, 1985)[1] is an American alt-right[2][3][4] political activist and conspiracy theorist[5] who is considered an Internet troll.[6][7][8][9] Posobiec is best known for his pro-Donald Trump comments on Twitter, as well as using white-supremacist and anti-semitic symbols and talking points, including the white genocide conspiracy theory.


In brief - I wouldn't even buy rusty metal trash from that guy.

That's about the sort of type (though with less hair) I have once met who (seriously) told me he likes Adolf Hitler's splendid blonde hair and blue eyes. Indeed! Not to mention the splendid blonde full beard. I didn't say that loud because I wanted to keep my nose unbroken.

Ah, where love impacts hard no more grass grows.


What happened to the claim Smartronic/Dominion computers were linked in Germany to "Indivisible" (aka ACORN), as well as other foreign actors?

Does the definition of "widespread election fraud" cover the widespread elements of fraud found in this one single county. Or do the PTB require "widespread election fraud" to be established nationwide in every jurisdiction or else it is not worth their time to investigate. Lots of wiggle room to define the outcomes.

The coordinated media overkill which demanded proof of 'widespread" election fraud was always disturbing. I propose this one county meets the burden of "widespread" election fraud" - when every single vote in the entire county now appears fatally tainted.

Our local county election officer claimed the signature verification software was less than 50% accurate in our 100% mail in election, so that software flaw also created the need also for many segregated and later "adjudicated" ballots.

Never thought to ask: who independently oversaw that process. Does this signature verification process happen outside of the required local election observers who monitor only the vote count? Looks like our local grand jury needs to do an audit of our election procedures to ensure we are not also participating in "widespread election fraud".

Software management of mail-in balloting, on the massive 2020 scale, has been a very slippery slope. And it appears we ended up with something very slimy.

Larry C Johnson

Exactly. Once the ballots are "adjudicated" that means someone else decides who gets the vote.

Larry C Johnson

Your comment re Jack Posobiec is downright ignorant. The Wiki description is, at best, defamatory. Labeling someone "alt-right" and racist and anti-semitic is bullshit. Show me an actual piece of writing or video commentary to support such scurrilous claims. You won't find it. Shame on you.


The Detroit Free Press article that the OAN reporter linked too wasn't written by him. That's the original source of the news. Perhaps you should have read that before slandering the OAN guy via Wikipedia for reminding us that Jocelyn Benson's husband is corrupt.


WIKI also described Sidney Powell with exactly the same terms used to describe Posobiec. Someone was busy gas-lighting WIKI too while we were looking elsewhere. ...alt right, conspiracy theorist, internet troll, pro-Trump ...etc

Cut and paste slurs for anything or anybody supporting Trump. Scary, so no WIKI, I did not send you the requested $3.00 to keep your cesspool site going. Hope someone runs a few Trump supporter names through the WIKI gas-lighting machine and runs a full article on this "people's encyclopedia" reckless defamation abuse.


After reading through the full report on the Antrim County results by the ASOG group I see an immediate need that it be substantiated by an independent group jointly selected by the Legislature of Michigan as the results highlighted in this report are earth shattering to the American People as we have been duped. In addition selected independent groups should be put in place by every State in the USA to determine if there election counts have similar results.
Until the above independent groups report no election should take place if the results will be determined by an electronic means. Only hand counts with proper oversight should be authorized.
For the sake of this country and its people hand counts of all legal votes in the 2020 Presidential election should commence within a reasonable period.
As of this writing our State election officials, government officials, courts and the Supreme Court have hesitated in getting involved to the detriment of our citizens. A manual recount is the only answer to the 2020 election that will calm the citizenry, no matter the result. Honesty is integral to our foundation.

Exiled off mainstreet

Anything the least bit controversial on wikipedia is hopelessly biassed in an establishment direction. As far as the fraud goes, the county is proof positive that there was significant fraud. A number of states casting suspiciously increased votes compared to 2016, such as Minnesota and Colorado which already had a lot of votes cast in 2016 for the state populations, is indicative of the modern form of ballot stuffing, "vote harvesting". I am sure Biden got 99.44% of the senility vote, since his operatives forged the signatures and filled out the ballots of those they knew were incompetents living in rest homes. There has been plenty of evidence for this.
Meanwhile, the election night simultaneous halts in counting followed by Stalin-like votes for Biden in all of the contested states was itself strongly probative. It was a case of the chickens of CIA methods of rumbling the results of foreign elections coming home to roost.
The Antrim County case spotlights another method, "adjudicating" ballots, and the results were changed only because the fraud was so glaring and the fascist Whitmer regime figured they had enough votes elsewhere to sustain the fraud.
Also probative is the fact that courts resorted to procedural scams to avoid even looking at the evidence, citing "lack of standing" because the plaintiffs could not show they were "damaged" by the fraud. The most absurd argument made was "laches" delay, because the legal changes could have been challenged before the election. Of course, then the court would say the issue is moot because nobody was damaged by the legal change.
For anybody saying sure there is evidence of fraud, but the democrats still had enough votes to win anyway, there is the legal concept of "unclean hands". Once any fraud is proven, the fraudster is considered to have "unclean hands", that is, his actions are considered tainted, and the fraudster can't be allowed to profit from his own wrong, that is, gain any advantage of any sort once proof exists that the fraudster engaged in fraud.


Buzzing around the internet: Solar Winds just raided by Texas Rangers in Austin TX - which powers Dominion voting systems. Dominion took the Solar Wind link down from their website. 404 not found.

What's up with that?

Maybe so many Calif high tech groups recently moved to Austin it is now causing a local power outage? Solar Wind principals recently sold large shares of stock.


I've written before that I thought destroying evidence likely connoted consciousness of guilt. We know SO FAR that MI, GA and PA (and perhaps others -- I'm not 100% up to speed) have destroyed evidence -- envelopes, ballots, logs, drives, etc.

I still suspect that Obama was a likely ringleader of what is turning out to seem like a widespread, concerted effort to commit election fraud. Bumbling Biden was kept out of view because the fix was in anyway. Who has to campaign if election machines and workers are pre-set to commit fraud? Obama and his fawning acolytes in the MSM and Big Tech are thick as thieves. Adding to them the greediest among a bi-partisan group of pols, businesses and investors who were chomping at the bit to revert to the practice of profiting from less constrained dealings with China created a well-funded and unscrupulous alliance. Why would an over-extended striver care if China were more free to destroy our working class, steal our ideas, spy on us and brainwash our citizens into acquiescence of communism via schools and mass media? What does it matter to a grasping, venal person if personal freedoms erode because of the growing influence of Chinese authoritarianism?


EU now prohibits "electronic voting" in their federal elections. What did they know and when did they know it? And why didn't we know it too.

Or rather, when did Democrats learn this would make for their perfect steal if they stayed one step ahead and waved shiny object elsewhere for distraction.

The entire conversion from proposal to contracting for Dominion election system in every state now using them needs a "special counsel".

This is far worse than Jim Crow laws in the few Dixiecrat Southern state holdouts that required the special and long standing Voting Rights Act legislation and federal oversight to avoid future election abuses.


Every illegal vote illegally cancels out a legal vote; or illegally amplifies a legal vote. Neither outcome belongs in our election system.


Right on cue, patience. There was a very Bumbling Biden today - being taken out of Shady Acres Senior Rest Home by his wife Dr Jill for his Electoral College victory lap.

While asking everyone to "come together" and hate on Trump:


Someone counted 14 coughs, so good thing Dr Jill was wearing her mask before they decontaminate the WH. Sounds like the Biden sound stage today is what needs decontaminating, after that hacked up that reassuring performance.

Advice to Mr Biden: Don't let Kamala Harris be your food taster.

Bill H

All of this sounds very authoritative and certainly very damning. It is entirely useless unless presented in a court of law, which will never happen. All claims regarding falsification of elections are rejected out of hand by courts as "not having standing" to file. According to courts at all levels, no one can establish having been harmed by election fraud.

marhias alexander

"The machine tabulated results reported on November 3, 2020 show there were 12,423 votes for President–with Joe Biden receiving 7,769 and Donald Trump garnering 4,509. The machine count for 3 November shows that only 56% of the registered voters cast a ballot for President. But a subsequent tabulation three weeks later (21 November) put Trump on top with 9,748 votes to Biden’s 5,960. The total votes for President increased by 3,526 and the turnout approached 73%."
This sounds like voter fraud in favour of Trump.
Where is John Michael Posobiec III mentioned?

English Outsider

Larry - Deap's link also looked pretty damning -


This is a very strange business. It reminds me of the time in 2014 when I was grubbing around the internet solo (didn't know of SST then) and found that what was being reported in the media on the Ukraine bore little relation to what was happening on the ground.

And I found myself living in two worlds. All around me were following the accepted narrative. But the reality was different. If you mentioned that the accepted narrative was false there was simply polite disbelief - "he's lost it and is going in for conspiracy theories" sort of thing.

I still remember mentioning to a German friend that I wasn't happy about how the Ukraine was being reported, particularly with reference to the activities of the Right Sector. More polite disbelief, but the friend went off and looked around on the internet for himself. A few days later he came back and said that to his surprise he'd found out the situation there was as I had said.

So it is here. Two worlds. The accepted narrative is that Trump's a bad loser and is simply muddying the water to leave as much confusion behind him as he can. Of course there were errors, always are, but Biden won fair and square and only conspiracy theorists - sad souls but you always get them - claim otherwise.

And here I sit looking at stuff that really does need to go before a Court and get thrashed out thoroughly. No question. But by the looks of it it's going to remain "fake news" and that's that.

Would I have felt the same had Trump won but also in such dubious circumstances? Yes, I think I would. For the trouble is when things are being swept under the carpet that you never know exactly what's being swept. And that creates doubt on the one thing where doubt is dangerous. Because when it comes down to it the vote is all the average citizen has if he is not to be entirely powerless. Take confidence away in that and confidence in all is removed.


"... stuff that really does need to go before a Court and get thrashed out thoroughly."

If there were nothing there, globohobo would be delighted to get it all before a court so they could demolish it and ridicule its proponents. You mock an opponent when he is either crazy or mistaken, but you censor him when he is right and you fear normie noticing.


why do iI think this is related to this discussion? "SolarWinds was raided in Austin this morning". FBI, Texas Rangers, and US Marshals!

Barbara Ann

So Barr has made way for a new AG who is an expert on foreign interference in elections and a new deputy who served in the Judge Advocate General's Corps as a Military Magistrate Judge and the 82nd Airborne (with Flynn?) - wiki. I've a strong feeling the full exposure of this dirty business is scheduled for our consumption in the near future. Wouldn't it be interesting if that seized German server was the one where the votes to be "adjudicated" went. Sounds to me like "adjudicated vote" is a great candidate for Walrus' GAGA dictionary too.



WSJ this morning is chilling. Not a single mention of the Michigan forensic findings about the corrupted Dominion voting systems. Officially in the WSJ world, this Antrim County probe never happened. Nor is one still ongoing in Arizona.

Just the opposite -on multiple occasions in both "news" and opinion pieces today the WSJ dug in completely that there was no election fraud, Barr confirmed there was no election fraud, and Trump was highly destructive to our Nation in principle for even presenting his post-election legal challenges.

When you watch the WSJ become as luridly biased by default, as the NYT is by active commission, one does become a believer there is some other deeper agenda going on that even exceeds our partisan government agenda and my own personal deep state misgivings. WSJ is the global "business" paper after all. "What's good for General Motors, is good for America."

At this point all I can do is sit back and plead sotto voce - just don't mess with my retirement investments, and have at it. The next few years are now out of my meaningless little hands. And yes, it will still be the "economy", stupid.


Could not have been reported better. Re - Biden's "victory speech" yesterday.

.........."If this is his opening statement to the American public, all it shows is that we are in for some tough times, a president who knows we don't believe a thing he says, and therefore to rely on the word of others for his legitimacy as proof he belongs in the White House.

We're also in for a bath of lies with buzzwords that mean nothing to Democrats such as democracy and will of the people. He'll use it when he tries to shut down fracking, rams through the green new deal, hands cronies money and pardons Hunter Biden.

This doesn't sound like confidence, this sounds like con-man, a guy who knows we know he cheated and wants to gaslight us into thinking something different."

Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2020/12/an_angry_coughing_joe_biden_wants_you_to_know_hes_a_legitimate_president_and_won_his_election_free_and_fair.html#ixzz6gi5Ya0cx
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