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14 December 2020


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Media - a - plenty as the first of Pfizer vaccines rolled out of warehouse in Governor Whitmer country -- Kalamazoo, MI


Just a coincidence.


Smartmatic now demands conservative media retractions: https://summit.news/2020/12/15/vote-machine-company-threatens-legal-action-against-conservative-media/

Smartmatic also took the temperature of the media suppression of the Antrim County Dominion forensic outcomes. They know they now rule the media agenda and cannot quarter even a single word of protest against them.

Demand letters are one thing -anyone can write cranky ones. But now we have to truly worry the "courts" are also in on the fix if they ever take it there. Thank goodness Trump at least got some new faces on the court system. As if .........

The chilling effect against our "free speech" is now on the brink. Can Trump pull off an alternative free speech media resource once he is free from the constraints of elected office, or will the deep state continue to pursue him like the hounds from hell.

One still must ask -- why did we get to this point. What was at stake we are still not seeing?


Who was it that purchased those hopelessly flawed Dominion machines? Turns out it was Ruth Johnson, a Republican.

Republicans also bought the machines in Georgia.

Who’s really to blame here?


With Smartmatic's legal threats against free speech and civil process, it is time to bone up on on the Anti- SLAPP defense - Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation: https://cldc.org/slapp-suits/

Anti-SLAPP -When lawsuits of no merit are used to stifle public debate. I suspect Sidney Powell is well-versed in this defense, as she eagerly welcomed to see these voting system operations in court, if they dared pursue defamation grounds.


I find it sadly humorous that hackable e-voting systems are suddenly a problem. Where were you when it started happening 15+ years ago?


Dominion makes the following statement: ....""Dominion is an American company, now headquartered in Denver. Dominion is not and has never been a front for communists," he writes. "It has no ties to Hugo Chavez, the late dictator of Venezuela. It has never been involved in Venezuelan elections. None of Dominion’s systems use the Smartmatic software that has come under attack, as any state certification lab could verify."........

Have at it, but it sounds like a lot of very carefully parsed denials. Denver is also the home base of the K-Street, DNC lobbying firm Brownstein, Faber, Hyatt and Shreck - good bedfellows to have right now.

..."now headquartered" - where were you "headquartered when you sold all those election systems?
---"communism" fell in the 1990's - so not being a front for communists means exactly what?

.....original operation was under another name when working for Chavez
.....what as the connection between all of these variously named election systems - including the one that folded recently - they all morphed into the same entity according to Sydney Powell - hide the pea
....why did Dominion just scrub the name of the company recently raided by US Marshalls, FBI and the Texas Rangers in Austin Texas from their own website
---do you employ the services of Brownstein, Faber, Hyatt and Shreck?

Dominion denials get an A+ for creative writing. Hope Sidney gets to take them to court where this can all be sorted out under oath. Go ahead, sue her for defamation Dominion, or keep your pie hole shut.


Dominion uses SolarWinds - screen shot available on NQuarter


Back a year and a half ago Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell squashed two bills intended to ensure voting security.

McConnell killed a bipartisan-sponsored voting security act that would have hammered Dominion, after receiving several thousand dollars from the foreign company's lobbyists.


The Twisted Genius

Deap and George Chamberlain,

You’re both reading far too much into Dominion’s use of SolarWinds Orion network management software. Yes, SolarWinds was the victim of a sophisticated supply chain hack of its Orion upgrade platform. This potentially exposed over 600,000 SolarWinds customers worldwide to compromise. Included in those penetrated by this hack is the Department of Commerce, the Pentagon, the State Department, all five military services, NSA, DHS, DOJ and White House Communications. The list of victims includes many more. Initial analysis of C2 traffic points to the SVR’s APT29 hackers. These are the hackers who aggressively hacked into the Pentagon, State Department and White House networks back in 2014 and 2015. They were also the first group to hack into the DNC network in 2015.

This hack was far more sophisticated than the 2014 and 2015 hack that relied on simple phishing attacks. The Orion platform was breached back in Spring 2020. This lead to the near undetectable breach of so many SolarWinds customers when they upgraded their IT management software. There were so many breaches that the SVR hackers ended up turning off their malware in systems they deemed unimportant. Their mistake was attempting to exploit the breach of FireEye’s network. FireEye caught the hack as the APT29 hackers exfiltrated some of FireEye’s tools. In other words, the SVR got greedy. FireEye quickly went public with the breach of their network and discovered the extent of this hack. The damage assessment and mitigation efforts will take a long time and the damage to US networks will undoubtedly be severe. Fortunately, in my opinion, this was an espionage operation and not a network attack.

Dominion’s part in this major hack was as one of hundreds or thousands of victims. I’m sure DHS/CISA and others are keen to discover if the SVR breached and, more importantly, exploited a breach of the Dominion corporate network. Maybe the Russians did mess with our election, but I seriously doubt it. The chance that Dominion election machines are connected in any way to the Dominion corporate network is small.





This is what we are dealing with:

Member of the Colorado Democratic Party Executive and Central Committees, Kristopher Jacks states, “2020 is a political revolution. I am going to do everything morally acceptable to win,” Mr. Jacks said in footage taken at a bar. “I will lie, I will cheat, I will steal, because that’s morally acceptable in this political environment.”

“I mean again, I believe there is absolutely justified violence in all sorts of circumstances,” Mr. Jacks said in the hidden-camera footage. “I do think there needs to be a militant group, and I love Antifa for that reason.”


Larry C Johnson

As usual, you are wrong. This was not a Russian hack. A foreign power tried to mask itself as Russian (think dim sum). Chinese are frantic and making mistakes. Public is being allowed to believe the Russian nonsense. The hammer will drop and it won't be pretty for the Chinese commies.

blue peacock

"The hammer will drop and it won't be pretty for the Chinese commies."


Will waiting for the hammer to drop be like Waiting for Godot?


Why did McConnell congratulate Biden before it was all sorted out with the election frauds?


TTG & Larry
What about Iran? They have been looking for ways to hit back Stuxnet,Soleimani,Fakhrizadeh at al and now have s significant cyber capability.


Once attention turns from the machines to the actual paper ballots, the full scope of the alleged fraud will become clear.

The FBI presumably has excellent forensic capabilities. Arizona presents the lowest hanging fruit.

Manual recounts and a machine recounts, when compared in the five states, present a straightforward quantification of what the tabulating machines's alterations came to.

I guess the two Georgia manual recounts need to be set aside for the moment, but, still....


Dr. Puck,

When you make thousands of invalid paper ballots and mi them with all the valid ones then your recount simply recounts the fraudulent ones along with ones that might be valid. That's why the corrupt actors did not segregate them to begin with. It can not be unmixed now so the constitutional remedy is return the matter to the legislature to select electors or turn it over to the House of Representatives and vote by state.

Noel Grannell

President Donald Trump is now learning, in the words of his Rolling Stones campaign anthem, that he can't always get what he wants. Sen. Mitch McConnell, on the other hand, usually does.

The Republican Senate majority leader chose Tuesday, the day after the Electoral College affirmed President-elect Joe Biden's victory, as the moment to pull the floor out from under the defeated President. He belatedly congratulated his old Senate colleague 38 days after his election victory that Trump still denies.
Putting his authority on the line, McConnell also asked his Senate colleagues not to stage any stunts when Congress meets for a joint session to ratify the election on January 6, effectively crushing the President's hopes of an 11th hour reprieve, CNN reported.


Deap: I've noticed the subtle change in WSJ reporting. It's funny because when I was a lefty I thought their news reporting was great and read the paper in spite of the fact that I thought their editorial positions were bat guano crazy. After my conversion to the right I found the editorials on the mark and the news OK. Now the news reporting has moved to the place you described and the editorial section is a 50/50 proposition, depending on the day.


Once attention turns from the machines to the actual paper ballots, the full scope of the alleged fraud will become clear.

The FBI presumably has excellent forensic capabilities. Arizona presents the lowest hanging fruit.

Manual recounts and a machine recounts, when compared in the five states, present a straightforward quantification of what the tabulating machines's alterations came to.

I don't think it would be wise to put much faith in the FBI until the obvious traitors, such as Comey, have been convicted.

However, I suspect that some elements of the military intelligence community have the authority to look into this and that they have excellent investigative capabilities.

If any clear smoking gun indicating foreign tampering with American elections can be found, then POTUS could declassify that smoking gun. Whereupon ordinary citizens would be marching in the streets, demanding that Biden and his team be tried for treason and other high crimes. If declassification proceeds quickly, Pompeo would not need to break a sweat as he delivers a smooth transition from the first Trump administration to the second Trump administration.


Lieth, did you miss the follow-up article after you claim McConnell "blocked" election security legislation on 7/25/19. McConnell even added more funding and passed this on 9/20/19.

Following article explains McConnell's reasoning for fhis forward progress as well as President Trump's dedication to enhanced election security - there was no "blocking" by anyone on this very troubling issue as you prematurely claimed:


After the 2020 debacle, there will never be the leaky sieve of election fraud in this country ever again - too many people got "woke". Citizen oversight will be relentless in all following elections.



OAN is reporting that Ratcliffe wants the Dec. 18 report to state there is evidence of CCP interference in the election yet some analysts are objecting. Which begs the question: Where is Gina Haspel?


The Twisted Genius


Yes, I would think Iran is fully capable and well motivated to pull off this kind of hack. However planning for an operation would have begun in 2019 at the latest since execution began in March 2020 if not earlier. Iran would be looking to pull off some kind of destructive attack, cyber or otherwise, rather than pure espionage like this SolarWinds hack. China could also pull this off. They pulled off the OPM hack which was the most devastating piece of espionage perpetrated against us in my opinion. And that was pure espionage. It wasn't until this year that China was officially recognized as the culprit for that hack. Before that it was just strongly suspected.

Larry, I fail to understand your reluctance to acknowledge Russia's capability and willingness to commit cyber espionage against the US. I've been among them when they did just that. They are not a bunch of happy-go-lucky elves riding glitter farting unicorns across the steppes. They hack the shit out of us just as we hack the shit out of them.

Patrick Armstrong

This, if it's a true and complete description, doesn't inspire much confidence: China, Russia, Iran is BS, report in Jan is too late.
The foreign interference comes from the voting machines and their connections many of which are outside USA.

So it looks as if we can forget that route.

Patrick Armstrong

Drat! Forgot to add the reference


"Death by a Thousand Cuts" - graphics help illustrate the now debunked "no evidence" election fraud claim: https://www.wnd.com/2020/12/4878293/

Salami cutting I believe was the earlier term for small, but massive electronic fraud - take a dollar from a million bank accounts online is a lot easier than robbing 10 banks in broad daylight.

Good to get the record public in hard copy, before it gets erased forever.

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