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14 December 2020


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Good timing; results of Dominion forensic audit claims Michigan vote should not be certified - 68% error rate counting votes.


Makes me think Trump won California too.


BREAKING BOMBSHELL: MI Judge Grants Attorney Matt DePerno Permission To RELEASE Results Of Forensic Examination On 16 Dominion Voting Machines In Antrim Co. [VIDEO]



It looks like the PA and GA republican electors have cast their votes for Trump. Ecohoes Hawaii 1960, though Trump isn't going to fade away like Nixon did in the face of rampant democratic fraud. (This time backed by foreign help). Rumour has it AZ and NV are right behind them. I wonder what the President of the Senate is going to do when it comes time to tally the vote?

Steve Kaczecka

A new conspiracy everyday. If you want the courts to decide elections move to Syria.


Steve Kaczecka

Give me an example of courts deciding elections in Syria. Taunts are not allowed here.

Exiled off mainstreet

It would be an interesting if the Senate, which votes for Vice President, goes for Pence rather than Kam Il Toe based on the evidence of fraud, while the house backs dementia Joe, then when his dementia becomes too obvious to cover up, Pence ends up the president.
There is also the question of what happens when fraud is proven in some court in February, and a completed case goes up to the supreme court which they can't dance around with procedural BS. Fraud is considered criminal and according to that concept should void even an electoral college victory obtained through fraud.

Easy drawing tutorials

Republicans in the PA and GA seem to have voted for Trump. Echo Hos 1960. However, Trump will not be fired then as Nixon did during the widespread democratic fraud. (This time supported by foreign aid). It is said to have AZ and NV behind it. What does the Speaker of the Senate do when voting?


I look on from here in middle of England with amazement. The twists and turns of those caught with obvious hands in the cookie jar is a sight to see.

One hopes, sadly without much conviction, that this is all a plan by the Trump team to get as many as possible to expose themselves and to educate the public before they bring the hammer down.

Is it significant that Barr leaves on the 23rd, the same as all his employees with their just awarded EO extra day of holiday for Federal employees on the 24th?

It seems that all the legal remedies are in place but do they have the courage to do it?


Wisconsin ruled that the elections commission erred in its determination that voters could determine themselves to be involuntarily commited due to Covid19 and not provide id. That puts tens of thousands of votes into the inelligable catagory and calls into question the states illegal certification of the results counted with them.




Now now Col. Lang, Steve Kaczecka might be on to something, regarding corruption in Syria.

Isn't Jim "He who talkum plenty" Jeffrey walking talking proof of how persons paid to serve the American people in carrying out prescriptions of the US president, simultaneously aggressed against Syrian sovereignty and deceived POTUS?




In Wisconsin you need no documentation stating "infirmed". That is the law passed by the gop state legislature.The gop leadership needs to rectify that aspect of the law.



Syrian government elections?



You've got the documentation backwards but I'd like to see a few thousand folks who went about their business all year long yet declaired themsevles involuntarily "commited" solely in regards to voting in person. That's if those people actually exist.


It appears that the left is either desparate or getting an early jump on banning communications they don't like. They're putting out warning notices on sites they don't like, today it's Voxday (again) and apparently they are also blocking or editing text messages via android aps to prevent sending links to sites like https://thedonald.win


He's threatenging a suit. I suspect he'll have company. Alegedly Wikileaks dumped a bunch of files today and that set off the alarm bells, just without notifying the site owner, apparently. Multiple browsers use the Google Safe Browsing Blocklist, so once added you're blocked. It is remenisent of all the blackouts of the Hunter Biden laptop and shadow bans on Twitter and elsewhere.



What did I get backwards?

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