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17 December 2020


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This is good news,Larry. David vs. Goliath indeed!


i wish him luck... why won't a lawyer represent this case?? are lawyers herd animals too?? thanks for the story larry.. james

Seamus Padraig

Dr. Ayyadurai has also been a welcome voice of sanity on scamdemic, so I say: God bless him!


do we know when he gets to present his case to the judge at this time?


Happy Holidays to you and yours LJ.

What’s up with grief the DNI is getting over the election influence operations by China?



Thank you for this lone glimmer of real hope - a sole forum for possible adjudication vs the mind-numbing litany "there is no proof of voter fraud".

Eric Newhill

IMO, the court agreed to hear Dr. Ayyadurai's case because they know it is not a strong one. When it gets trashed by the defendants, it will become a celebrated meme about how all of the allegations of voter fraud are bogus.

Cal B.

@Seamus Padraig

Back in August or September I happened to be driving by one of Dr. Shiva’s Senate campaign stump speeches on the side of the road (Route 1 in Walpole, MA, near the Walmart and Big Y grocery). I turned around and checked it out. About 20 people were gathered, most of them working-class types. Shiva is a populist who speaks eloquently on populist issues (i.e., obviously believes in what he’s says). What impressed me most about him was how nicely he treated some of the uneducated people with silly questions. He was so charitable and took each and every one of them with 100% attention.


One more glimmer of hope now that Ms Powell has the Antrim County MI forensic hard data in hand - SCOTUS docking first baby step: https://www.thedailyfodder.com/2020/12/breaking-supreme-court-kraken-has-hit.html

Nice finesse perhaps -SCOTUS does not want to review "theories" and circumstantial coincidence as "proof". But perhaps will now take a look at proof, that on its face can withstand court scrutiny, to at least be introduced into a court of law.

We need to clean up elections far more right now, than we need to elect one person over another.

Chuck Light

While it is technically true that Judge Wolf denied the Motion to Dismiss without prejudice, and permitted Mr. Ayyadurai to file an Amended Complaint, a reading of the Order by Judge Wolf clearly indicates that he could just as easily have granted the Motion to Dismiss without prejudice and given Mr. Ayyadurai leave to file an Amended Complaint. The fact that Mr. Ayyadurai is proceeding pro se clearly affected the Judge's decision.

I looked to see if I could find the Order online (I have PACER so I could read it directly from the D.Mass electronic filing system), but it does not appear to have been loaded to the internet yet. But it is clear from the Order that Judge Wolf was being overly kind to Mr. Ayyadurai, and that it is highly likely, if not certain, that a Motion to Dismiss the Amended Complaint will suffer a much worse fate -- dismissal of the Amended Complaint with prejudice.


Posted by: TeakWoodKite | 17 December 2020 at 09:18 AM

Ratcliffe may want to interview earlier stovepipers, they might be able to tell him how to do it right. But fascinating that Trump already in 2016 knew exactly who would be the top enemy and election meddler in 2020. China and Iran?


Hilz, Bill, Dominion, Hilz grifting brother and earthquake relief funds all come together to ensure a "successful" election in Haiti: https://redstate.com/nick-arama/2020/12/17/296392-n296392

All depends on how they define a "successful election" ..wink ..wink. .wink.


Reuters looked into this in early October. It was not made clear that the election being stolen was the Republican primary, not the general election in which he was a write-in candidate.

"Social media users are sharing a post from Massachusetts Senate contender Dr Shiva Ayyadurai, which says Massachusetts destroyed over 1 million ballots in the U.S. Senate primary race that he lost and therefore committed election fraud. This claim is false: a spokesperson for the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts told Reuters that no ballots have been destroyed.

Debra O’Malley, a spokesperson for the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts William Galvin, told Reuters via email that election officials in Massachusetts have not destroyed any ballots: “Ballots are sealed and stored in each local election official’s vault until that retention period has expired. Ballots cannot be unsealed except in the cast of a recount or court order, and election officials are prohibited by law from allowing any person to examine those ballots.”

Ayyadurai’s post also refers to “ballot images” having disappeared. Ballot images are digital copies of ballots captured by modern scanners used in elections in the process of tabulation.

O’Malley told Reuters that images were not taken of ballots in Massachusetts “because our state laws do not allow the examination of ballots after they have been sealed on Election Night, we have instructed our tabulator vendors to disable the functionality which allows some tabulators to capture and store ballot images. As such, there are no ballot images to provide.”

I am surprised to see so many here supporting charges of election fraud in a Republican primary.



I think I was mistaken in my earlier post. He has sued to not certify the votes in both the primary and general elections even though he got about 40% of the votes in the primary but only 0.6% of the votes in the general election. I don't know what he sued about here; I was afraid to download the PDF.

He sues and accuses people a lot. I feel like I have already devoted too much time to him. He's quite a character, though; he was married to comedian Fran Drescher from 2014-16. He also claims to have invented email in high school.



So your complaint is:
1) How dare we take time to discuss this. Reuters said is was settled in October.
2) Okay, Reuters said it was over in October but he complained about that election too.
3) Okay, Reuters said it was over in October but I was afraid to download the pdf and see what was actually said.
4) How dare he be married to a comedian.

Senator Al Franken couldn't be reached for comment. Not on election fraud (see his election's surprising landslide win) but on telling jokes. Like Al Gore invented the internet.

5) How dare he take people to court. There ought to be a law!
From your Reuters link:

"The section of the law to which Ayyadurai is likely to have been referring in his social media posts is 52 U.S.C Section 20701, which requires that ballots for federal elections be retained for a minimum of 22 months"

"Charles Stewart, Kenan Sahin Distinguished Professor of Political Science at MIT who specializes in elections (here), said that under Massachusetts law, ballot images are not saved. He said there is no legal obligation for the state to save ballot images and therefore there is no fraud in this case: “The law in question requires the preservation of ballots, and the state has done that.  If there is a dispute about the election, it is the physical paper ballots that will be examined.”"

What reuters doesn't do is ask dear Dr. (not of eduction) Sahin is how he concluded no fraud when there has yet to be a count of physical ballots, but only the machine images which are now, presumably, erased. Phaphs he thinks that is 'Settled (Politcal) Science'.

Let me know if I misinterpreted your interpretation. (the "here" in the quotation from Reuters is a link to Dr. Sahin's bio at MIT)

John P

I am sure there was something odd going on here in MA.

What can we do to support a hand recount of ballots in Massachusetts.

How can we stand with DR. SHIVA?

Frank Puglia

Any person who doubts that electronic equipment can be manipulated should not be allowed to partake in this discussion. There are always multiple ways to access and or manipulate any electronic device. If you are certain there was no evidence of irregularities at this point you have an issue dealing with pre conceived notions and are unable to use your own mind to compute.

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