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20 December 2020


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Looking forward to a reprise of "Happy Days Are Here Again" and it is our current leader's duty to take us back to the happier times before Nancy Pelosi deliberately declared war on us after tearing up Trump's SOTU address.

Take us back to those times, Trump. Life after this election year covid craziness. Remind us of who we were, and who we want to be again.

You have enough time before Jan 20 to re-set the mood to those optimistic days. Biden promised he would fix 'covid". Let him, but you set the tone for where you took America and make him honor your legacy.


The painting of the pyramid of skulls was by Vasily Vereshschagin. He was a former Imperial Russian naval infantry officer turned painter and war correspondent. He put down his paintbrushes in Samarkand to help repulse attacks by an army of Muzaffar al-Din bin Nasr-Allah. He was awarded a Cross of St George for his bravery there. Yet that painting of the cairn of skulls and some other woraks were considered anti-war and led to his work being banned at one time in Russia, Germany, and Austria. Two of his paintings hang in the Brooklyn Museum: 'The Road of the War Prisoners' and 'A Resting Place for Prisoners'.



IMHO Vershschagin's work deserves more acclaim than Picasso's 'Guernica' or Goya's 'Third of May' .


This sound very tragic indeed, thus whay we must avoid war at all costs, civil, cold or whatever kind...

Today has been the Great Conjunction...Let´s hope something goood awaits us...


Merry Christmas to all!

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