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28 December 2020


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j. casey

Barr = Deep State referee. His sole function is to keep the game going, not to uphold the Constitution. Same with SCOTUS.


Thank you, Larry. As clear of a presentation as possible. We all need to print this out as a dark reminder of what we let happen to this country, as Kamala Harris cackles in our faces and Joe Biden floats around haplessly in a time warp unconnected to the real world today.

It never should have happened, but it did. The price of freedom is constant vigilance - motto good enough to the Air Force SAC wing remains good enough today too.

It is incumbent upon us all now to sign up as election observers and know the law to protect our voting process, because the county hired guns will no longer be doing this for us - it is our duty now to provide constant vigilance.

Time to start citizen election law study groups and field armies of poll volunteers by 2022.


Thoughtful piece from American Thinker explores possible motivations for those choosing to ignore this obvious election fraud staring them in the face:


Most chilling of course is the threat of "mob" violence- which in fact are the organized, astroturf dragoons who perpetrated the election fraud in the first place - the hard, organized left of the Democrat Party- who have the most to gain. Follow the money.

Even Rep Omar salivates at the prospect of $2000 benjamins now that she has tasted her brand of American "capitalism" - picking up and enjoying free money. The taste of millions of dollars of campaign cash flowing into the hands for her husband for "legitimate campaign services" was too tempting to turn down.

The next fear is the potential and total control of the insider media will cancel/censor all future developments and exposures of this topic.

Harry Hobbes

Consider the Board of Director Nominees:


Harry Hobbes


My bad...

It appears Barr is associated with a different "Dominion;" not the voting machine firm.

My apology to you and your readers...

blue peacock


It is easy to blame Barr. Just like Sessions before. Obama nominated his wingman as AG. Who do you think Biden's gonna nominate? Why dd Trump nominate a whole lot of Swampsters to his cabinet? Whose desk should the buck stop at?

On a larger note, and what you've been writing about - the breakdown of the rule of law and the usurpation of power by insiders - I believe Glenn Greenwald is spot on here. Authoritarianism has been creeping in the US for many decades now, backed by the oligarchy and the elite political, media & "think-tank" class. And of course the urban managerial class too.


Whether the U.S. was a democracy in any meaningful sense prior to Trump had been the subject of substantial scholarly debate. A much-discussed 2014 study concluded that economic power has become so concentrated in the hands of such a small number of U.S. corporate giants and mega-billionaires, and that this concentration in economic power has ushered in virtually unchallengeable political power in their hands and virtually none in anyone else’s, that the U.S. more resembles oligarchy than anything else

This is a theme that I have posted on at SST.



Just focus on Georgia, which has a Republican Governor and Secretary of State. If the Georgia authorities have not brought an action in the Georgia courts to undo the fraud allegedly perpetrated by Ruby and Wandrea, why should we expect Bill Barr and the Supreme Court to intervene?

Bill Barr has a healthy respect for constitutional federalism and has, most likely, concluded that when the Georgia authorities have conducted a recount and have certified the election results, he lacks the constitutional authority to go to Atlanta, impound the ballots and conduct a federal recount in order to overturn the State's certification decision.


bill is a good bloke barr none.if maxwell makes bail in Feb 2021 then bill will be remembered as the name who would be king maker


The suggestion of electronically checking the folds of the electronic ballots to make sure the ballots were actually mailed is brilliant in it's simplicity. Sadly, it seems like actually investigating the obvious fraud will open too many cans of worms and the courts seem to be determined not to get involved.


Wed - AM (PST): Live Georgia hearing right now on election procedure abuses- as compelling as the Watergate Panel. The public record is being made.


Update on Georgia election hearing: Georgia election subcommittee has requested an audit of all the State Farm Center data to confirm its vote count.

Committee appeared to admit "something" went wrong.

And the state of Georgia should be embarrassed by all the reported "lapses" at every stage of the vote gathering, counting, observing and reporting process. That pretty much covers the entire Georgia 2020 election - yet it still stands as "certified".

Maybe Ruby on that Tuesday will finally be asked to account for what appeared to be ballot stuffing, captured o surveillance cameras, after the observers were sent home.

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