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26 December 2020


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Sadly it's a losing battle.
Using a constitutional argument is a non-starter due to the corruption/bias of the courts - more swamp creatures.
The only thing that could "save" our republic from its current downward spiral is mass armed insurrection which ain't gonna happen and if it were to occur might not "save" anything besides it's leaders looting as mass rebellions tend not to turn out as well as the proponents imagine.


Nancy won't seat those duly elected representatives? That'll take more courage than she's got. It would be rather awkward in regards to Congressman Budd as he's already a member of the current Congress. On a related note I'm sure the city that just celebrated Dr. Fauci Day will find a way to hinder any supporters of Trump from peacefully assembling on the Capital grounds or elsewhere. They'll use what happened in Nashville as an excuse.


Trump and his supporters "hail Mary" attempt to change the will of the a record number of American voters (81 million, 51+%) by challenging the legitimacy of some of the "selected" state procedures for choosing electors will come to naught. Just Trump and his supporters looking like a sore losers. Trump's approval rating just before the election was 42% and he received 47% of the vote. He should be happy with that. The American electorate have spoken.

Diana L Croissant

I'm happy the loyal opposition is still alive.



"looking like a sore losers." And what were the Democrats in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019?


Feastday: December 29
Saint Thomas A Becket
Was part of the swamp but did the right thing at the cost of his life when he was saddled with the resposibility.
We certainly need more of that now.


Contra their propaganda, the vanguard for the Bolshevik Party has always been a sore loser until they finally get over.
Then they get even.
It's what sore losers do.
We've been here before even if some of the serfs can't figure it out.

The Twisted Genius

It's absolutely true that what Budd and others will do on 6 January in a joint session of Congress is legal and constitutional. It's equally true that he and others did in signing the amicus brief was legal and constitutional. It would have been just as legal and constitutional to petition the courts, including the SC, for Trump to be declared Czarina of all the Russias... and just as futile. However, Nancy and others are absolutely wrong in calling Budd and others guilty of treason and/or sedition for their actions. On 6 January, Budd and his compadres will have two hours of deliberations to convince both the House and the Senate that Trump should have won reelection. They have do a lot better than Giuliani, Powell and the rest of the elite legal strike team have done in the last seven weeks. It should be a riveting couple hours of C-SPAN either way. Maybe they'll do a split screen of the deliberations in the House and the Senate.


srw, how does the claim there were a "record number of voters" demonstrating the "will of the people" prove there were no invalid ballots counted among those "record numbers.

Quantity is not quality. Not sure why you continue with this shallow line of opposition. You of all people should be fully on board supporting every and all investigation of election fraud instead of pre-emptively dismissiing the reams of sworn testimony and even video proof election fraud and elecion malfeasance took place.

It is sinister when one continues to claim election fraud did not take place this election. It did. We don't get gas-lighted here. You need more substance to back up your statements because "numbers" of voters is meaningless.

Why does an investigation into the legitimacy of those "numbers" bother you? It doesn't bother our side and further investigation from our side is no guarantee of positive Trump results.

So what is your worry? Can't think of a better way to finally shut us up than encouraging ever sworn claims of election fraud is fully investigated. Yet you doth protest. Everything to gain for all sides to clear this matter up.



Joe Biden, the most popular white man in history. It must really irritate Hilary and Barack. Especially the "record number" of fake and illegal votes he garnered. If only Barack had spied better, and Hilary cheated better, in 2016 none of this would have come to light.



"to convince both the House and the Senate that Trump should have won reelection." I listened to Budd carefully and my impression is that they will argue that the US Constitution was violated in a number of states, not that Trump should have been re-elected.

The Twisted Genius


The goal is the same, to ensure Trump has four more years in the White House. The constitutional argument is far better than the idea of a vast conspiracy of crooked voting machines controlled by the ghost of Hugo Chavez. The Kraken got nowhere with that. However, we'll find out on the 6th if Budd is truly interested in constitutional correctness or keeping Trump in office. The Montana AG said his state did the exact same thing as Michigan yet Texas did not list Montana as a constitutional scofflaw in their SC petition. I doubt Budd will challenge Montana or any state that voted for Trump.


Before the election, the California Supreme Court tossed out ad hoc changes in our state election laws issued by our Governor on his own .... "because of covid".

The Calif Supreme Court ruled there is no "covid exception" to the US Constitution, which expressly grants only the state legislators the power to set the rules for elections; not the governor and certainly not the covid cooties.

Those very same constitutional arguments can be made in all the states that pulled these last minute ad hoc election law switches. And that has nothing to do with either Trump or Biden. It has 100% everything to do with the express ground rules laid out in the US Constitution. The state legislature, operating under the rules of due process, exclusively sets the rules. Period.

Good teaching moment regarding difference between an "activist" who would say - that's oaky, they meant well, and covid just kind of messed up everything this year. Plus the vote came out the way it should have come out so no harm, no foul.

An originalist judge would read the express language in the US Constitution and declare it expressly states only the state legislature may set election procedures

Plus nothing prevented the legislature meeting and instituting any changes they wanted, covid or no covid. Therefore any extracurricular voting process changes are null and void and any votes thus illegally obtained must be discarded.

In fact SCOTUS Justice Alito directed the segregation of any PA votes received due to changed voting procedure for later adjudication, but PA intentionally defied Alito ruling and mixed all the votes received up together.

By PA's intentional actions, they tainted the entire state voting pool. Therefore it would not be unreasonable for SCOTUS to toss out the entire state's election and require a do-over or a concession they will not be participants in the 2020 election by their own actions.

PA created the problem - they alone must deal with the consequences. They were on notice from the US Supreme Court.

They chose their own destiny when they disregarded that SCOTUS mandate to segregate votes in accordance with their state legislatures rules; and those that were accepted by last minute non-legislative election law changes ...."due to covid".


“ they will argue that the US Constitution was violated in a number of states.”
Yes indeed, the argument has moved away from President Trump to one of Constitutional legitimacy and order. Whichever way Congress/Senate vote will influence the future direction of Politics and Government in the US. Those of us living outside the US will also ultimately be affected by the outcome.



You are obsessed with Trump. TDS? The argument has moved away from him.

Bill H

Condemned out of their own mouths. The only reason to fight against investigation of fraud is because you know that investigation will prove that fraud did in fact occur. If one is certain that fraud did not occur, one welcomes an in investigation which would prove an absence of fraud.


For Nancy to not seat them, she has to be speaker. There is a vote on January 3rd. It is far from clear she will get 218 votes.



"The Kraken got nowhere with that. "

Remind us all which court reviewed the material presented before it? How about the various media outlets and social media, which ones have reported on the material and which have banned and suppressed all such commentary and placed warnings on all such postings? That's the most trust inducing response I've ever seen. What is the left afraid of?

The Twisted Genius


Those Pennsylvania ballots were segregated. They were segregated and not counted until all other ballots, including provisional ballots, were counted. Their number was so small that they did not change the outcome of the election in Pennsylvania. A similar situation occurred in Wisconsin and Harris County, Texas.

Florida had one of the smoothest and most efficient elections of 2020. Most of this was done by legislative process since the 2000 embarrassment. All ballots were paper. Nine out of 11 million ballots were early voting or mail in. Counting of mail in ballots began weeks before election day. The beginning of the count was extended by executive order rather than by legislative means. Does that mean Florida’s 29 electoral college votes are also unconstitutional? Hell no! Florida, rather than being the constant butt of “Florida man” jokes, should be a model for all other states.

Sure Florida Republicans still tried to limit voter roles and drop boxes and Florida Democrats tried to expand both, but the election went very well. That's were the real fight is going to occur nationwide after 20 January. Will state legislatures expand or restrict voter roles, early voting and absentee voting? In my opinion, the Democrats put too much faith in expanded voter participation and Republicans are far too fearful of that expanded voter participation.


TTG, if the unelected deep state runs the elections, counts the votes and makes up election law on the fly in this election, and intentionally defies the US Supreme Court what will they do in the future once they get inside and pass reams of self-protective legislation that locks in their "legal" power base forever.

Case in point: the state of California since the year 2000. But at least our state Supreme Court stepped in and overturned some of the ad hoc unlawful 2020 voting regulations ....before ..... the election, when the consequences were not as extreme.

Letting Pennsylvania defy the US Supreme Court and become a pivotal voting outcome state in this presidential election is corruption of the highest order. Their vote cannot stand.


Link to Sidney Powell's 270 page election fraud document - save it before it is scrubbed from the net: https://wpcdn.zenger.news/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/24190822/2020-12-23-Sidney-Powell-Team-Binder-ZENGER-NEWS.pdf

Required reading before Jan 6, 2021. And at Kamala Harris's Kwanza candlelight dinner table ceremonies.


Who is the "American electorate" that has spoken?
Illegal alien voters, graveyard voters, election officials who pushed the same Biden ballots through the machines over and over , nursing home patients whose ballots were "harvested", computer programmers who "fixed" code to determine a Biden outcome, the ever popular early and often voter?
The bigger question is:
If this election could be so blatantly stolen, how many more have been stolen, only less flagrantly?

The Twisted Genius


There were ten thousand sequestered votes. Biden won by 80 thousand votes. If all those sequestered votes were for Biden and they weren't counted, Biden would still win by 70 thousand. That's why Alito's sequestration decision was made moot.



What's past is past with stolen elections.

What matters to me, and I suspect millions of more voters, is that the flagrancy of The Fix, following on the heels of years of open sedition and the illegalities that powered that, is that the Republic as a functioning, credible reality has been discredited. To me, "not my President" as applied to Chou Bai Den, the CCP's plenipotentiary, is a given going forward.

Separation from those who pushed this crap upon us for their nefarious and/or butthurt reasons when We the People spoke in 2016, sick to death of the Borg and the Globalist scum who would deprive us of any voice in our governance seems to me to be the way forward. Their legitimacy as rulers is shot to hell. You know, "after a long chain of abuses", like the man said in 1776.


TTG - Trust but verify.

WaPo and Poltiico claim fewer than 10,000 votes were received after getting the SCOTUS order for PA to segregate out those ballots - which is not officially verified by any other source in a net search.

Any claims to the contrary about that final amount of late arriving ballots, or how many may have already been dumped into the ballot pool, are deemed by the media to be 'without evidence." Yet the only evidence supporting the immateriality of these illegal votes comes from WaPo and Politico? No thanks. You need to provide more evidence than WaPo or Politico for the final word.

Nor is there any information about the ratio of Trump vs Biden votes in that late batch of "late" votes. So at this point it is your word against mine, TTG.

We need an independent election commission, that is not run by SEIU operatives and those who have a direct and immediate interest in election outcomes, like the public sector employees who count the votes and oversee the elections and prevent election observers from doing their duties.

Back to a single election day, in person voting and absentee voting for cause only. Dragging any election out the way they have been going since 2018 - same thing, election night winners became losers two week later after all the "informal" voting exceptions were sorted out and verified by deep state government employees.

This is not a healthy situation and it is only recent. So no, this does not "expand voter participation". It expands distrust in the system and far too many ways to game the system. Follow the EU lead - prohibit any form of electronic voting and vote counting unless the entire operation is transparent and open to full public view, checks and balances. Dominion clearly was not.

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