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04 December 2020


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LET'S NOT FORGET the bogus claim of a water main break which was the excuse used to supposedly stop counting ballots and send everyone home. Now that we know there was no water main break and votes continued to be counted by a mere few, without observers present (could be a felony, not sure of GA law), THIS ALONE warrants skepticism at the very least if not criminal investigation.


Agree w/ O.B.: nice work, JohninMK.

The natives are getting restless.

This morning, callers to C Span Washington Journal harried the Moderator (Bill Scanlan) until he was forced to display a very brief clip of the Affair of the Four Suitcases. Scanlan qualified the presentation, "I cannot provide any context . . ."

Callers further chastened Scanlan for repeatedly referring to Biden as "President Elect." Eventually, Scanlan grew testy. That does not happen often w/ C Span Mods: they get defensive about the "purity" of the C Span brand, but very very rare for them to show pique.


I suspect there's a photo of Steve Scully's head on a pike in the C Span Break room.

Moderators are 150% compliant with the Biden narrative and also with Covid as a reality.
I've been cataloguing the "experts" Washington Journal has consulted since the start of the Covid situation: so far, only ONE person, a practicing physician, has spoken in ways contrary to the established narrative.

My study is incomplete, but so far reveals interesting nuances. Last week an MD who is not a practicing physician but an entrepreneur said that in mid-January their research switched from cancer to RNA vaccines "when large amounts of government money became available."

Another notable nuance: Fauci appeared as a guest on Washington Journal, taking calls. A man who identified as a pediatrician criticized Fauci bitterly, saying Fauci was harming children in numerous ways.
Fauci was dismissive and responded, "I don't know what you are talking about."

sorry -- afraid I got off topic


Colonel Lang, Eric,

If you follow ked's link to the appropriate article, there is a Zoom conference between some people trying to clarify those ballot-container-affair internally.

To the extent I recall, judge Batten jr. will have a hearing with both parties tomorrow. This might be interesting ...

I am not as impressed as Barbara Ann seems to be by the forensic expert: the former military intelligence, white hat. But his basic reference may not be to ACORN or Soros, he links to him too, but to a suspected Chinese, Iranian Advanced Persistent Threat or an APT attributed to the respective state actors. (CISA report, Oct 30). There are many suspected APR attributed to that origin. Dragon, Panda, Kitten instead of the Russian "Bears" we are more familiar with by now. But I may be wrong here. ...

His perspective seems to be simply to look for weaknesses possible points of access to the machines. I would still like to hear TTG's opinion on that paper.

Here is a link to someone that claims to know the military unit, the witness refers to in his background. I cannot judge the author's expertise:

English Outsider already posted that link a while ago.

Republicans today filed a "response to jurisdictional questions" and a petition for permission to appeal". It contains a reference to the video, thus ked's link makes sense, or more precisely the Zoom video meeting. Apparently they are trying to clarify matters internally.

The republican petition provides a bit of a window into the larger struggles with electronic voting machines in Georgia, apparently they once used the infamous
Diebold machines too at one point in time. ...



Nice try, ked.

The pit boss (SEIU employee?) was supposed to say we cannot continue counting because we no longer have observers to the counting process, which are legally required.

Lock it up, folks. Secure everything and for goodness sakes, NO more counting! The integrity of our election system is at stake, let alone your own government union jobs.


Okay Kraken, open up "Indivisible" (aka Obama, ACORN, SEIU) - search your own local branch, because this is a highly disciplined Democrat agenda megaphone.

Link to the local Santa Barbara branch of "Indivisible" who went into action immediately in 2016 faking "protests" with union printed signs and colored tee-shirts - but dwindled down over time to mainly the same pack of Unitarians, retired school teachers and League of Women Voters members (same thing):

But they kept the candle lit in the window, and the flames growing in the hearts of their astro-turf followers - they laid the gauntlet down on Inauguration Day 2017 with their Indivisible Manifesto and claimed they were going use the same "grassroots" tactics as the Tea Party:


Hope we learn more from Sidney about this alleged connection to the German computer vote counting procedures and any link to "Indivisible".


@ pat.. as i understand it, the bush-gore election all came down to florida.... gore had more votes, but it was decided by his brother and the republican brass in the state of florida.. do i have that wrong?? obviously the complaints of the other side may not have been acknowledged or recognized, but i think they were very real.. so here we are about 20 years later and the rolls appear reversed...

reading up on it here gives more details...



Yes. You are wrong. The Florida election was determined by SCOTUS who ordered a halt to vote counting.

Barbara Ann


I am not so impressed with 305 MI guy. At least some of exhibit 12 in this affidavit is BS and some of the attempts to prove foreign connections look tenuous at best.

The other part; exhibit 13 which describes the Scytl software vulnerability looks more robust, but still appears to rely on circumstantial evidence of spikes in the vote count - no smoking gun. The affiant also makes the following admission; "61. Hence, you can’t prove anyone manipulated anything". They'd better have the hard evidence somewhere. 5,000 or 50,000 affidavits without may just not cut it.

I agree TTG's view on this one would be useful.



SEIU doesn't run the GA election and they don't represent salaried employees of the GA secretary of state or Fulton County's registration and election board; they are reponsbile for the count. Good try though.

John Merryman

It doesn't matter what color jersey they are wearing, just so long as they know who is pulling the strings.
Think Reagan and Carter and how they were fairly open about working with the Iranians to hold onto the hostages, until after the election.
Unfortunately the military industrial complex has come to resemble an autoimmune disorder.
Too much of a good thing, is not a good thing.

The Twisted Genius
Chuck Light

Fred and James reminded me of a little known (or at least little articulated) fact about the Bush/Gore election of 2000, which as we all know led to Bush winning the Electoral College and thus the presidency.

Fred pointed out in response to James that he "was a democrat who held Nader in contempt and had no sympathy for lefty neighbors of mine who voted for him." What goes unsaid in most conversations about the 2000 election is that Nader actually swung the election to Bush.

The final Electoral College count was Bush 271, Gore 267, after the Supreme Court stopped the count in Florida and Florida's Electors went to Bush. Had Nader not gummed up the works in a small New England state, however, Gore would have won the Electoral College without the Electors from Florida, and Florida would have been irrelevant.

The final vote tallies in New Hampshire were Bush 273,559; Gore 266,348; and Nader, representing the Green Party, 22,198. New Hampshire has four votes in the Electoral College. Had Gore won New Hampshire, he would have had 271 votes in the Electoral College without Florida, and he would have won the presidency. Nader, with his 22,198 votes, took enough votes from Gore to allow Bush to win New Hampshire, and with Florida, the White House.

Nader, with full knowledge that he could not win any state, and could only screw up the results for Gore, did exactly that. Give those four Electoral College votes from New Hampshire to Gore, and Florida would have been an asterisk in a close win for the Democrats.


@ john... i think you have that right! it seems the people lose in either situation and those in power continue to hold onto power... so much for the attractive illusion of democracy and freedom circa 2020...

exiled off mainstreet

The evidence is clear and convincing. If the legal system or legislatures fails to take this into account, a Rubicon will have been crossed and any remaining legitimacy of the yankee republic will vanish as a regime based on fraud and illegality supplants votes cast legally.


Chuck Light,

That has generally been the result of third party candidates running in presidential elections for the past century of so. However, Bush v. Gore was decided in the Supreme Court and the issue of equal protection that was decided there is going to be relevant in PA and GA and perhaps other states as well. The arguement now is that there were two classes of voters statewide which were not treated equally. Mail in voters vs. in person voters. (Both time extentions and voter identification (or lack thereof)). The S.C. really can't duck the issue and play sophist games with arguements about timing of filing suit or standing without completely losing what credibility they have left.

Christian Chuba

"Biden ballots were run through counting machines ten times."

Not in Georgia, that would have shown up in the re-count because they compare the electronic total to the saved paper ballots. To get the same number in the recount they would have to remember to scan the same number of Biden ballots the same number of extra times.

Bryan Cohen discusses the latest suitcase story in GA

blue peacock

"Seems to me the real question is what action Trump may take in such an eventuality."

Barbara Ann,

Trump's track record in such matters particularly the Russia Collusion hoax should provide a clue. He was LONG tweets & SHORT decisive action.

Thomas R.

You have it the wrong way around.

The Trump plan was to cry foul and spread made up accusations of vote fraud and get the GOP rigged judiciary to throw out or rule in Trump's favor to steal the election, knowing the Republican base would eat up any bogus accusations, which they have.

Only the vote return wasn't as close as it was during the Gore election to make that more feasible and the Trump effort now is a "poorly executed" affair.


It has all become a Catch-22. But that book had already been written. You don't have sufficient proof to bring a case for fraud forward but you deny you access to any evidence because we alone control it.

The principle is correct; the process failed. One person one vote. But it did more than fail; it got intentionally overwhelmed so it could not work in theory or practice and that was the work of only one party - the one who is inside the system snatching victory from the jaws of defeat, because they alone write the rules, apply the rules and are the sole judge and jury gate keepers. This is wrong.

Sidney Powell had to wait years to right the wrongs of Feds vs Enron, after lives were shattered by government malfeasance. But she hung in there and righted the wrongs, even if she could not revive the bodies strewn in their path.


Barbara Ann, hello TTG, is that really you or only your avatar?

I have seen no evidence that Dominion uses Scytl software, let alone a Scytl server in Frankfurt. To cite David Krejci:

Repetitive usage of “whereas” sounds official and quite weighty but does nothing to resolve an incoherent narrative that is rife with errors (OSINT doesn’t fit either), and reeks of bullshit, but have at it,

Yes, feels odd this case. But It actually feels that OSINT may tell us all we need to know. Pseudo-technically connecting dots available via open source 'intelligence' already? That's how the Scytl node came in? White hat, as he describes himself, wouldn't be used by a pro in the field with or without a military background, a pro would use penetration tester or pen tester ... There are quite a few real pros with military background in forensic and security, that's true. Real good ones. But this one simply does not sound like one.

He may be connected to Russel Ramsland and/or his Allied Security Operations Group. Remember his affidavit?

As filed by Powell in Georgia:
An analysis of the Dominion software system by a former US Military Intelligence expert concludes that the system and software have been accessible and were certainly compromised by rogue actors, such as Iran and China. By using servers and employees connected with rogue actors and hostile foreign influences combined with numerous easily discoverable leaked credentials, Dominion neglectfully allowed foreign adversaries to access data and intentionally provided access to their infrastructure in order to monitor and manipulate elections, including the most recent one in 2020.


None of his experts is a pro in this specific field?
ASOG is a group of globally engaged professionals who come from various disciplines to include Department of Defense, Secret Service, Department of Homeland Security, and the Central Intelligence Agency. Our employees and contractors care about this world and strive to make the international community a better place for all.


Sidney Powell filed another case in Arizona two days ago, representing Republican state electors. Summarizing matters maybe updating Ramsland via new Arizona expertise, our white hat surfaces again too.

In Arizona they have two witnesses, one Dominion employee that claims data was taken out in the evening, if I recall correctly, taken somewhere where it may well have been manipulated. Which strictly turns the external rogue actors into one or many internal manipulators. Vague Déjà vu.

And a poll worker. Have to read it again. Do they mix up Trump and Biden in the last irregularity that witness reports? Who apparently witnessed a lot of fraud.


Meanwhile General Flynn shocked Jonathan Turley with a retweet:


Retired Gen. Michael Flynn embraced an extreme call this week for President Donald Trump to declare martial law to hold a new presidential election. In a tweet, Flynn appeared to endorse a call from We the People Convention to declare martial law. He added “Freedom never kneels except for God.” As someone who long criticized Flynn’s prosecution as abusive, his association is deeply disappointing. While it does not alter the view of the prosecution, it will alter the view of Flynn to support such a call.

Crazy times.

Yeah, Right

I've read on other web sites that the video shows the same stack of ballots being fed, then refed, then fed again into the counting machine.

If that is the case then I can't see how anyone can possibly claim that there is nothing illegitimate about the activity that was recorded in that video.

Can the keen eyed amongst you (not me, obviously) confirm that this is what the video shows?


The standard for what is a good enough excuse to launch a civil war certainly has lowered over the years.

Eric, I noted a few things in reading the full article;
- previous review by state investigators found no problem,
- the video "evidence" is the first example of what might conceivably be considered fact-based (rather than assertions about theoretical narratives) ever since ballot-counting has been completed.

There will be more attention to this. There will be other desperate moves. I'm all for it. They will end up like these:

What I'm not supporting is civil insurrection over a Big Lie. Rationally, there's not enough there, there for that.


I hope they put the whole night's video on-line so everyone can figure it out themselves.


Eric Newhill

You have not posted "the whole night's video on-line". Why do we need election monitors? Why did they stop the count? Why was there then a call to re-start the count with no monitor?

You trust the government and I do not. To you "science" is whatever government says it is. To me that is not even close to the definition. You believe that conservatives/republicans are corrupt, deplorable racists and capable of much evil, but democrats are innocent and just want to make the world a better place for everyone. I think that is an idiotic view point that is disingenuous or incredibly naive.

There's much substantial evidence that cannot be disputed - which is why you avoid it - like non-residents voting and dead people voting and people voting more than once.

You're kidding yourself in a huge way if you think that there won't be massive social unrest - even a civil war - with the election fraud and covid lockdowns forever that are destroying businesses and lives, while the people implementing them party away in violation of their own oppressive rules. Gun confiscation will be the final straw. Your attempts at disinformation and hand waving away what we can see with our own two eyes and feel in our hearts are not cutting it.


Perhaps Trump should unleash his own Kraken, the Insurrection Act.

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