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04 December 2020


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They either need to be bit in the ass legally and toot sweet or those of us urging people to vote the bastards out will be ignored by somebody outraged enough to decide to help these theives bite the bullet.


Let's get more info on the claim the Frankfurt Dominion computers were also hooked up to Iran, Belgrade, China ......and ACORN! (the 2008 Obama-SEIU front).

Don't yet claim this was the work of Ivy League effetes, when it falls more obviously on the thuggish SEIU cabal that already proved its success giving us two terms of Obama-Biden.

Why not use the same game plan this time go for three? SEIU already owns the ballot counters and election offices. And have the most obvious motive - personal and direct wealth transfer of your tax dollars into their own back pockets.

Let's hear more about the Frankfurt caper. Sidney, get cracking on the Kraken. Cracking more ACORN nuts will be so nutritious for the national diet..


did you complain this much when bush jr stole the election? curious...


A link to an article with the videos themselves because anyone you forward this post to that only watches CNN will have never seen it:


The arena is owned by the Atlanta Fulton County Recreation Authority whose parent seems to be Atlanta City Council. However whilst they own it the site is operated by the Atlanta Hawks NBA team. This would likely make the security control center for the site in the Hawks' hands. No doubt if it had been staffed with council staff this video would have been wiped as many others probably were around the country.

Maybe the videoed team, which I thought, like you wrote Colonel, were well trained, knew their tasks and were operating very well, saw the cameras and assumed that, as they were in an ACC property, another team had them under control. Little did they know.



Tell me how Bush "stole" the election.


I really hope this is dealt with quickly. Let's get these thieves in a jail cell now.


The legal tolerance of this corruption has been happening so long that its cultural acceptance has been embraced by a significant portion of the population. There is no sharing a Western Civilization with these people. Either we find a way to separate or they will remake not only our country but all of the West into something else. They will never stop attacking us, because as long embers of Western Civilization smolder somewhere they will never feel safe inside their conquest.


Is life imitating art - The Exterminating Angel by Spanish director Brunel (1960's)-- a dinner party where none of the guests can leave due to an invisible force.

They want to leave, make moves to leave but continue to put off the decision to leave, until they are all reduced to a feral state days later. Then they just leave.

It seemed bizarre at the time - now in the middle of this covid and endless election thing, not so much. We suffer more from national paralysis now - who will be or who can be the first to leave?



Nice details, JohninMK. Does bravery still exists in some US federal judges?

Let us hope so, for the world's sake. If those people get away with this, what will they do next?



Yes but I was a democrat who held Nader in contempt and had no sympathy for lefty neighbors of mine who voted for him.


2. They seem oblivious of the permanent security cameras in the room,

Sir, I seriously doubt this. If had been one of them, it would be quite easy to convince me it was for my own security. Just in case I was accused by some poll-watchers of deviously underhanded schemes?


Only a few hundred votes separated Bush and Gore out of 6 million votes casted in Florida for the 2000 election. The courts played a minimal role in deciding which votes counted because either candidate would only have won by a few hundred at most. Even if Gore won by 500 votes that is not the all important determining factor. The electors appointed by the state legislature decide the election. Bush won in accordance with the law in a state that had a Republican legislature and where his brother was the sitting governor. A Republican legislature picked a Republican president in a state vote that was a virtual dead heat no matter how you counted the votes. That's not stealing the election. Stuffing the ballot box is stealing.


I looked a bit into election fraud cases, a recurring theme that is used are mail-in votes. Could this be a job on matters the watchers have already observed? Meaning the ballots in those containers are ballots already taken out of the envelopes, which then are stored separately to guarantee anonymity?


They began to shut down for the evening, then the boss said; no, keep going.

"They were still in the process of cleaning so they hadn't sealed those ballot boxes up, so they were able to just start right back up, normal processing that occurred there."



"What’s Up, Ruby?… BREAKING: Crooked Operative Filmed Pulling Out Suitcases of Ballots in Georgia IS IDENTIFIED"

Where are the federal law enforcement agencies, why is this woman and her companions not arrested?

Barbara Ann

Deap, courtesy of Kraken:

"12. A search of indivisible.org network showed a subdomain which evidences the existence of scorecard software in use as part of the Indivisible (formerly ACORN) political group for Obama" (page 9)


blue peacock

The real question is if any state legislature or the courts will take action on these allegations? The clock is ticking with December 14th as the date for certifying electors.



Are you that stupid?

blue peacock


if these were legitimate ballots why were they hidden under the table and pulled out after everyone was cleared out? Wouldn't they have been segregated with other uncounted ballot boxes? Are all ballots accumulated & transported in identical roller bags?

Eric Newhill

Maybe there is a time stamp in the machine for when a vote is counted and maybe we could see who all of those post-shooing votes were cast for.

Maybe an election is important enough that someone should bother to investigate what the hell was going on after just those few workers were left and resumed counting.


We need a new election. One side is going to be upset, but the alternative is pretty dismal

Diana L Croissant

Someone on this blog once remarked about our 4th Congressional District representative, Ken Buck. One of the top stories in our local paper today was about the hearing he just had with our County's Clerk and Recorder.

It was called to give then the opportunity to explain the vote-counting procedure here, where I live. Various people from both parties and from the public in general attended. I had already--before the election--contacted the Clerk and Recorder to ask her to explain her procedure. It was similar to the procedure used by the Clerk and Recorder in the county where I lived awhile back and where I helped count ballots for several years there.

They held the meeting to explain the procedure since they had received so many questions during the election about how exactly the ballots were counted. I am sure those questions came because of all the national news about mishandling of ballots and rigged elections.

I have liked Ken Buck since the first time he ran for office. I was not living in my home county at the time, but I always followed the elections om this county. He's a Farmer/rancher type--like so many of my relatives (and I have many relative) and many of the farmers on the neighboring farms of the one in which I grew up.

Sadly, we do have a university in this, our county seat. We have, therefore, some of the same sociolists spouting their babble to the college students here and to every group they can find who will give them an audience--especially the people who belong to the Democratic Party here.

The Clerk and Recorder had invited poll watchers from both political parties to be there during the actual counting. She had explained the procedure they had used to test the accuracy of the counting machines and showed it to them and showed them by actually putting sample test ballots through. Of course, some parts of the ballot had to be counted by hand and she explained and showed the procedures for counting those parts of the ballot.

She explained the procedures used for collecting completed ballots, many of which had been sent to her office through the mail. Many, however, had to be harvested from the various lock boxes which had been stationed in many city and town government offices and banks in the various small towns in our county and in the county seat (Greeley).

I was impressed with both Ken Buck and with our Clerk and Recorder and with the town's paper for printing a clear explanation of the procedure that was used to make sure our votes were counted honestly and of the meeting itself.

I am not sure if I will like anything that happens in regard to politics if the Democrats finally do gain control of our county.
We lost Cory Gardner as our senator. He's a rancher and had always been a reluctant politician. Instead we now have the loopy ex Governor Hickenlooper in his place, a Democrat.

Our state used to be mostly and reliably Republican. However, we used to say, we were "Californicated" after the Dot Com fiasco when so many of those California Democrats learned that we had cheaper land and housing costs here. So now Republicans have to fight hard to win elections here.

When I first moved back to this town, I tried early to reach the Republican Party headquarters by searching online. Three of the first links listed were actually put up by the Democrats. It meant that when you called the number provided thinking you were getting the Republican Party headquarters, you actually got the Democratic Party headquarters.

Republicans must now work much harder to our outfox the Democrats who think that being political means using war-like tactics. It's all so UNCIVIL.

scott s.

I have long been interested in the history of election mechanics, but have never found anything in libraries, online, etc. The best I've found is in histories or political science reviews of specific races, but that is episodic and not a survey of the whole history. Even something that seems it should be simple, like finding out the days of presidential popular vote before Congress in 1845 set the first Tues in Nov as a uniform day nation-wide. Likewise for US Representative before Congress did the same in 1871. (For US rep it appears southern states tended to vote in odd number years and northern in even but I have no idea why.)

Barbara Ann

blue peacock

Seems to me the real question is what action Trump may take in such an eventuality. His speech on Wednesday made it pretty clear he considers this an existential issue for the Republic. If this is your thinking do you let judicial inertia stand in your way? Does Trump have a reputation for being rules-bound?

Also, I came across an interesting article on Constitutional whatiffery which is looking increasingly prescient. It covers the eventuality of the vote being contested beyond the safe harbor date - section entitled "The Electoral Count":


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