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04 December 2020


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The Twisted Genius


I posted this for you last night.


Thomas R,

You are right. Biden won in the biggest popular vote landslide in American history. The people want, nay demand, citizenship for DACA executive order grantees, statehood for D.C. and Puerto Rico, and a gigantic increase in work visas for tech employees. You can see the truth in this with the courageous leadership of Republican Senator Mike Lee, who was jointed by Senators Marco Rubio, Cotton, Hawley and all the rest in passing S. 386, the “Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act.”


Once Kamala is in power these fine elites will give us what we truly deserve.


I'm sure antifa/BLM will keep you safe. The police sure won't.

The Twisted Genius


You seem to be able to see my comments, but they appear as empty comments on the blog. Typepad must be doing something hinky with my account. I will try making a new TTG account to try to fix it.


Tried and true recipe for third world nation status: raid the treasury and hire the relatives.

Georgia vote counters identified from surveillance tapes - long blond locks supervisor daughter and mouthy Biden-loving mother - also the two engaged in some sort of thumb drive pass-off?:


Reminder: Honoring American traditions: presumption of innocence, and no charges without probable cause. You decide.

Seeing the who, what, where, when and how of our vote counting process, I now have zero confidence we run honest elections.


More on the Georgia mother-daughter vote counting duo, Ruby and Ms Blond Dreadlocks: Daughter commended in 2019 for processing 10,000 voter registrations .... all by herself.



Fred -

Per its FEC report yesterday, Trump's efforts to overturn the results of the election have cost his campaign about $8.8 million so far, including about $2.3 million on lawyers.

But they've helped him raise $207 million.


I hope you didn't get suckered in to donating. All that money is going to go into his pocket, or into his failing businesses.


I posted this for you last night.
Posted by: turcopolier | 05 December 2020 at 10:59 AM

Appreciated Sir, tell him we miss him around here. Or at least some of us do.



"All that money is going to go into his pocket, or into his failing businesses." you don't know that. that is just mean nastiness. TDS forever?

The Twisted Genius
The Twisted Genius

There must be something in the comment I tried to post that's giving Typepad indigestion. Maybe the links or the URLs in the text might already be flagged as malware sources. Here's the heart of the comment. Maybe this will work.

I agree with your and Barbara Ann’s jaundiced impressions of those IT experts' (exhibits 12 and 13) affidavits about voter fraud. That first clown claims to be an "electronic intelligence analyst under 305th Military Intelligence with experience gathering SAM missile system electronic intelligence." Sounds like a case of stolen valor. The 305th MI is a training unit providing initial MOS training to new MI recruits. In other words, he's a bullshit artist. His China connection is a URL "dominionvotingsystems(dot)com" registered through GoDaddy and sitting on a 169 server in China. If anything that is a Chinese attempt to hack the real dominionvoting.com network which does belong to Dominion Voting Systems. He makes the same error with Iran and edisonresearch(dot)xn. The xn is an ascii interpretation of a unicode string. This is an ascii vulnerability often exploited by hackers and spoofers. The second IT expert makes a big deal about akamai and supposedly nefarious locations of akamai servers. He clearly doesn't know that akamai servers are ubiquitous and have been for decades. They serve up content for thousands of clients on everyone's web browser.

Eric Newhill

I can confirm that your comments are blank.

However, the one made at 11:18 today can be read



TTG's comments are all visible to me.

Eric Newhill

TTG's comment at 13:38 can be read - but the one at 13:32 cannot. It is simply blank with the posted by filled in.


A couple of things struck me about the alleged passing of a thumb drive in the recent video.

1. We are accustomed to being shown surveillance video recordings of actual crimes perpetrated as well as shocking accidents on highways, for example. We may become predisposed to interpret normal actions as furtive or shifty due to our experience of being exposed to footage of real crime caught on camera. The movies even have a stock plot-development device in which an ingenu is shown footage of an event and looks vacantly at the plucky protagonist/whistleblower and utters the feed question:

“What am I seeing here” or some variant thereof. And the plucky whistleblower explains, and the story can resume.

2. In the “thumb drive” passed by mother to daughter there may be some confirmation bias in seeing the article passed as evidence of a contribution to electoral fraud.

As an ex-smoker, my first and continuing thought is that quite possibly Mother passed her lighter to daughter to go for a smoke break. The movement was furtive, but perhaps there’s an unauthorised break involved rather than the faithful execution of the orders of Soros?


He clearly doesn't know that akamai servers are ubiquitous and have been for decades. They serve up content for thousands of clients on everyone's web browser.
Posted by: The Twisted Genius | 05 December 2020 at 01:38 PM

Thanks, TTG. That describes perfectly my first impression when it was first posted here by English Outsider.

Curious, nevertheless, why used as expert?

Sidney Kraken's use of terms point in the same direction. I forget, but wouldn't I want to understand what I am talking about? As lawyer? Thus what is this about?

The Twisted Genius
The Twisted Genius


Let's try that again without the links. You can follow them from Ked's original link. Those links must be what's hosing up my comments. The rest of my original comment sums up what I think the Kraken legal strategy amount to. I swear to God, Colonel Lang, if this doesn't work, I'm dropping it.

Both IT experts seem to be trying to baffle us with bullshit. This seems to be a theme with so many of these affidavits. Whether the Elite Strike Force and the Kraken are fooled by this stuff or wittingly employing this dodgy stuff is an open question. Given their reluctance to attest to this stuff in court so far, I think it's a legal tactic of attempting to baffle the courts and legislative committees with bullshit.

The State Farm Arena vote counting was addressed by Matt Washburn, a Georgia State Election Board member, Gabriel Sterling, Georgia's voting system implementation manager and Frances Watson, chief investigator for the Georgia Secretary of State's Office, all three Republicans. None of these three saw fraud or illegality. Ked already provided that first link.

Still, vote counting and absentee ballot irregularities is far better angle of attack for the Elite Strike Force than the electronic vote shaving angle, especially in Georgia where a 100% hand recount of paper ballots matched the machine count. The idea of “Chavez did it” is a far lamer and loonier excuse for an election loss than the “Putin did it” cry of four years ago.

Barbara Ann

TTG, glad you got your voice back.

The Akamai stuff and other strained efforts at joining dots to foreign individuals and entities in this affidavit (and others) suggest to me a level of coaching in order to 'prove' not just fraud, but specifically foreign interference in the election. This may or may not have something to do with Trump's 2018 EO.

However, I have to take the Scytl algorithmic fraud allegations in exhibit 13 (sections 85 to 94 on pages 46 & 47) more seriously. Not the least reason for doing so is because the affiant (seemingly a long-term contractor at a three letter agency) would be easily identifiable - at least by his former employer.

I do not have the technical knowledge to do a reality check on the alleged trapdoor vulnerability, but I do understand the concept of zero knowledge cryptographic proofs and the gist of the allegation at least smells genuine. I'd welcome more expert opinions on this.

The affiant also alleges to have witnessed (the CIA?) fixing the 2014 Ukrainian* presidential election using the technology and vulnerability described. It is suggested that Scytl was implemented in Ukraine under the guise of a $50M Crisis support package announced in April 2014. I have checked and Scytl do list the Ukrainian Electoral Commission as a customer. He/she then drops the bombshell allegation that the same method was used to fix the 2020 election in the US. So yes, this may all be fantasy, but whoever swore to it is either very brave, very stupid or possibly both.

* Ukraine is not named, but it is obvious from the context

Do I believe that the CIA would implement trapdoor vulnerabilities in the election result reporting solutions of a company with a global footprint? Hell yes. Handing out cookies is quaint, but doesn't guarantee results. Do I believe that someone was mad enough to do the same at domestically - who knows? Possibly this affiant.




You must have missed the $billion Biden and his backers spent, plus the $400,000,000 or so Zuckerberg funneled through NGOs to harvest the votes in urban DNC strongholds.


"...All that money is going to go into his pocket..."
No, but you might want to look into Ilhan Omar's campaign speding if relatives getting paid to help to their wife, mom, husband, buddy, get elected bothers you. Tulsi also.


It feels I should share a comment I made elsewhere, while looking into other experts Sidney Powell used.

I grateful to William M. Briggs to not censor my not really deeply reflected more spontaneous comment. We did once have a statistician around here. ???

But first things first. The Expert:
Stats I Helped With In Sidney Powell’s Michigan Kraken

My rather superficial comment. Very spontaneous action, I really do love number and statistics:


Making straw BS out of what you'd like to think that I think is unbecoming. Gross generalizations (as you display in your response) are nowhere close to my views on gov & science. I won't speculate on why that style of speculation is so appealing.

Gun confiscation? Not aware of that happening, nor do I foresee it in America's future. I'm more concerned about widespread organized political violence breaking out in our nation over things that haven't happened.

Fred, Please don't concern yourself about my security. I'm pretty well embedded in my community, which happens to behave like a well-adjusted civic operation.


Colonel - I apologize if I offended you. I was too quick to cast stones. I would like to know where that money is going though.


Fred - I've always liked Tulsi. I especially liked Tulsi for co-sponsoring with Walter Jones (R-N.C.) the "No More Presidential Wars Act". She got a raw deal from Hillary and the Hillary clique for slandering her. She should get an apology.

How much of that Honolulu-10 article was a hit job by followers of Kai Kahele?

IMO she should get a job in the Biden Admin - maybe something to do with Reserve Affairs at DoD or OSA.



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