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29 November 2020


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exiled off mainstreet

I notice that mask mandates have not reduced the number of cases. It is documented that they impair breathing, and the Danish study which had a control and a masked group showed only very slight advantage, and these were surgical masks and those in the study following instructions on how to use them and cleanliness.

Since many people are only wearing them because they are forced to,and only in instances where they go into places forcing them to wear them, people are touching them and moving them around and not following the protocols on changing them, since that is an additional hassle and expense.

My guess is that if any study would base the outcome on how they are used by real people,then it will indicate that the masks are perhaps even a contributory factor to the spread of the illness. At any rate, up to the present time, no prior regime has ever sought to restrict the right to breathe unless it was executing part of the population. This right is so basic it isn't mentioned in the constitution because even under feudalism, the lords and squires knew that the peasants needed to breathe to work.

The opponents of masks should emphasize the right to breathe as a central issue. My guess is that when this blows over, damages caused by the masks, particularly if you have to wear them hour after hour to stay employed, will lead to a surfeit of litigation and, hopefully, some consequences for those who forced this abomination on the public.


FWLIW: I copied the Johns Hopkins University article while it was still available, and posted it on my Facebook page; adding the caveat to read it quickly, because some officious Facebook "friend" was likely to takeout down as soon as they saw it. Well they did: I received a Facebook notice it was censure for containing false information, and is no longer available in my Facebook page. (I'm fairly certain who did it: an about-to-retire FDA lawyer, with no scientific trading of her own, well known in the DC area because of a family tragedy, who once showed me how to remove items she found objectionable. A real Karen, who censures anything she disagrees with.)

I've found, however, if a CDC publication with the same information is cited at the beginning of an article; e.g., "The CDC reports ..." it survives; likely because of the official imprimatur.


What's troubled me most about the country and this site in the last year is the knee jerk lurch to polarization and false dilemmas. ...
Posted by: wtofd | 29 November 2020 at 03:16 PM

Yes, from my perspective it started earlier slowly gaining speed to the extent trenches were dug deep enough ...

Americans vs Cultural Warriors
Black vs white - no more gray
We vs them
Deplorables vs TDS propagandists


Johns Hopkins refuses to publish cold hard data and scientific analysis because they worry what fake news will do with it? Yes, I think I heard that right.

All-cause mortality during the "covid pandemic" period was begging to be published, and reasonably had to wait until there was sufficient data accumulated over time.

Now this critical data analysis is censored? We are in for world of hurt. More likely because this would undermine Biden's claim he alone finally "cured" covid.


Bill H,

Unlike smallpox and I think polio,COVID reinfections within months of recovery are a confirmed fact. Happens often enough that some US counties started keeping tracking of secondary reinfection rates since August. If you look at the areas of Italy or NY which were ravaged with astronomically high infection rates in February/March, their "second/third wave" infection rates aren't that much lower than the areas spared a first. This and the total lack of vaccine compliance makes me very pessimistic for the euphoric easy fix attitude that the big pharma non-news released over the past two weeks has engendered. I believe as I did in March that COVID will remain an endemic human disease, and the sooner we recognize this the sooner we can stop the more dangerous effects of it-the lockdowns and elimination of civil liberties.

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