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11 November 2020


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JM Gavin

COL Lang,
I'm not one for virtue-signaling. I'm also not a big fan of identity politics, practiced by either side of the political spectrum.

It is fundamentally un-American to classify people based solely on their religion, marital status, or sexual preference. I strongly disagree with the politics and approach to jurisprudence of Clinton's and Obama's USSC nominees. I care not a whit about their religion, marital status, or sexual preference. Categorizing judicial nominees according to identity politics doesn't serve any useful purpose in the debate.

Do you disagree with my thoughts on the preceding?



JM Gavin

I do not. Thank you sir! Do not shame people, sir!


Hi Larry , UK reader here..I enjoy your stuff.

I thik US at a x-roads this week...save POTUS/The constitution or fold to a media/big tech driven coup and hope everyone will fall in line and be held there via media propaganda

I have little faith in Mr.Barr. His lack of action on Russiagate just enabled all this and gave DC backstabbers the confidence they needed to execute this coup.

if this coup succeeds Mr.Barr is responsible for losing American democracy.
POTUS is also. I am a huge admirer of his (I do fall for the media BS) but he made a massive mistake in not firing Christopher Wray when it became apparent he was holding back evidence to prove the innocence of mIchael Flynn.

Anyway , good luck and God Bless America because if American democracy falls we ALL fall.


I have lost faith in Mr.Barr after he failed to prosecute the Mueller team for the Flynn persecutuon (specifically van Graack and Ahmed).

If this fraudulent election holds then HE personally will have enabled and be responsible for handing over the USA to the Dem/Soros cartel. either thru design , cowardice or incomptence


Prosecutors ask Barr to rescind memo on U.S. vote counting irregularities - Washington Post


The are the same Federal Prosecutors that protected Epstein. FBI wanted to arrest Epstein at Virgin Islands beauty pageant months before plea deal cut
An FBI supervisor was “extremely upset” about being denied the opportunity to arrest Epstein in 2007, a Justice Department report says.



REPORT: John Durham Dropping His Investigations into Spygate, “Worried About Blowback From Joe Biden”



Sidney Powell has stated there were 28 states and counting that have been subjected to the manipulations by the combination of fraudulent "mail in" ballots and electronic warfare.... a "firehose" of fraud and criminality.
Rudy has outlined at a minimum 10 "democrat run" cities and states that are involved in this conspiracy.

A California judge has ruled that Gruesome Newsom did not have the constitutional authority to do mail in ballots.
What is the remedy for tyrants?

Based on AG Barr's track record of collecting swamp creatures to add to his collection, I very much doubt he will lift a finger.

On top of the facts of an obviously coordinated effort by the same individuals who are and have been running the counter-intel influence operations on and off book for the last 15 years, we have the communist propaganda arm saying that President Trump is winding down his lawsuits when Ric Grinnell, Rudy G, Sidney Powell, Jay Sekulow and Jenna Ellis and have all been stating the opposite.

Perhaps there is a remedy for all this, but I can tell you if it is not resolved according to the peaceful means of our constitution, civil wars have started over less than this.
Seventy eight million voters will not take this lying down for much longer when after peacefully demonstrating they are assailed and assaulted and "cancelled".

President Trump has said "we will never be a socialist country". Do I take him at his word?
The way Rudy G. explained it, on his recent podcast, I am left looking to understand how this Constitutional Republic will survive.

As Rudy G points out, these election systems are and were a national security threat with Madura, Soros, and related bad actors involved, our actual voting data ending up in Germany or a defunct data company in Spain??? We actually ship our election data overseas in real time?

WHY was this not addressed as the National Security threat it is when this was a KNOWN KNOWN???

The same communist funding sources and mechanisms and groups of collaborators that fund the Marxists and Anarchists such as Black Lies Matter, ANTIFA to riot, loot and burn our cities are the same ones who are "burning down the vote."
It is ridiculous to call them "democrats" when they are out of the closet full throated communists.

What remedy is there for seditious and treasonous communist tyrants?

Will the SCOTUS act out of a dire urgency of self preservation and a literal meaning of Article II?
Will the state legislators uphold their oaths and act constitutionally to select electors for President Trump?


Larry, time is going by and it's getting closer to States certifying the (fraudulent) vote tallies. (I am posting this on 1/18/20)

2 questions:

1) Do you think Barr is still going to act?

2) If so, then when do you think he would do it?

Thanks for your input.


As of today (12/01/20), we now see what Barr is going to do. Nothing!

Barr has told the AP there was no widespread election fraud.

It's is infuriating. But apparently, he did a great job of concealing himself as a swamp creature for most of Trump's Presidency. We now also know that Durham's investigation will amount to nothing. The deep-state coup has finally succeeded.

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