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11 November 2020


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Major problem:
Who is going to do the investigating?
The wholly corrupt (and generally incompetent) FBI?



In addition of Facebook and Twitter add LinkedIN, the business networking site. The amount of partisanship, especially post election narrative framing of 'president elect' and 'first woman VP' has grown exponentially. There's plenty of coercion within companies too, especially those with female dominated HR departments.

In regards to USC 18 section 371, two ovservations/questions: how many of the violators are H1B visa holders working for social media companies? How does the concisous decision of the FDA and Pfizer apparently knew Pfizer’s potential vaccine was reliable months ago but the company withheld submitting the samples until timing of results would only come out after the election. That impacted not just stock price - by delaying the inevitable jump (which has financial ramifications for those investing or considering investing in that company) - but affected government policies regarding Covid restrictions. Not to mention public opinion (fear) and their potential votes.

blue peacock


From Barr's handling of Russia Collusion hoax where not one of the major coup plotters has been indicted and where none of Rosenstein, Yates, Comey, et al who have demonstrably signed under penalty of perjury a false FISA application been indicted, it should be clear that placing any faith that Barr is going to take on the corrupt institutional framework is misplaced.

It must be acknowledged that Trump failed in many ways in the execution of his office. He nominated Sessions, Barr, Wray, Rosenstein, Bolton, Mattis, Kelly, et al. Blaming these people is essentially saying the buck doesn't stop at his desk and he has no agency. A few days ago Don Jr. tweeted "Declassify everything". He should have called his Dad and asked him why he hasn't done that for 4 years. Other than cry on Twitter, Trump did nothing tangible personally, using the power of declassification that Col. Lang has noted many times is the prerogative of a POTUS, to expose the Russiagate coup plotters. Trump did not take the fight to the Swamp when he had a chance. And he had 4 years to do that. Why not?


"Methodological error? No. A deliberate information operation designed to discourage Trump voters."

I think those fake polls are meant to add some plausible deniability to the election fraud so that no reasonable person would question a result that conform exactly to what the polls said we should expect.

Bill H

Yeah, it sounds good, but the Durham report sounded good too. He kept us dangling with his righteous indignation on that one for months, and then said he would close it without indictments because he didn't want to affect the election. Why would he be willing to affect the election now when he was not then? Barr is sounding brass, filled with noise and fury, signifying nothing.



On September 10, Nora Dannehy resigned as the deputy to John Durham, the federal prosecutor investigating the government’s probe into the Trump campaign and Russia during the 2016 election. Dannehy left her post and the Justice Department in part because of Attorney General William Barr’s pressure on Durham to release a report on his investigation’s findings before Election Day, according to a person familiar with her thinking.


Durham, who is the U.S. Attorney for Connecticut, and Dannehy were also troubled that Barr had purposely misrepresented their work in numerous public comments, the two people said. According to two sources familiar with the probe, there has been no evidence found, after 18 months of investigation, to support Barr’s claims that Trump was targeted by politically biased Obama officials to prevent his election.

This is what Barr and Trump have to go up against, time and again. If they plan on fighting this and winning, they need to find better people.


Computer chicanery seems the likelier, more easily-provable election fraud to me, especially to account for the huge Ballot Fairy drop of tens of thousands of Biden votes that occurred in the wee hours of Nov. 4th, when counting had ostensibly halted in battleground states. Now, some may argue that fraudulent votes couldn't be added randomly because they would require corresponding registered voters, like a credit/debit function in accounting. Well, any claims of this sort seem either naive or disingenuous to me as an IT person with administrative access could assign votes erroneously, if not create numbers out of thin air. Unless a thorough audit would ensue, who would be the wiser?

Besides, the fact that only Republican oversight was hindered at counting centers is a HUGE red flag and should be telling. I'm trying to keep faith in AG Barr but it's challenging. POTUS is the Ultimate Outsider and this alone puts him at odds with a bi-partisan club of entitled, elitist antagonists.


How long did Durham take for his so-called "investigation?"
A little longer than he has taken, no doubt, to negotiate a lucrative partnership in a major swamp law firm.
Anyone has spent any time at all at the DOJ should be automatically regarded as a swamp creature for whom "justice" is protection of the swamp and their own ultimate self-enrichment.
And Trump?
Trump had the right ideas, but he spent 4 years tripping over his own dick.
Terrible appointments, not declassifying pertinent information, no attention to detail and stupid tweeting.
Some of the tweets were clever, but a lot more just sounded like an emotional teenager.
Remember, his background is a salesman and deal maker, not management especially hiring and firing.

Eric Newhill

Barr will do nothing. No one is going to trial for any of what has happened. Ever.

Keith Harbaugh

BP wrote:

"Trump did not take the fight to the Swamp when he had a chance.
And he had 4 years to do that. Why not?"

The answer seems clear to me.
Trump was well aware of how the forces working against him would characterize an across-the-board declassification.

When the SCO operation wa tos on-going, declassification would have been characterized as an "obstruction of justice".
Is that accurate? Of course not. But that would have been the line.

After the SCO ended, and even before, IC potentates would have screamed
"Revealing sources and methods."
That may be an accurate charge; I don't have the specifics.
See, e.g., among many,



BP, have you ever held a TS/SI or SCI clearance? Just wondering. (I have, and know the importance of not divulging sources and methods.)


Even before the election there was general malaise on conservative site comments: No one is ever held accountable.

Even worse, Dems are now saying "personal responsibility" is racist. Victim culture now on steroids.


Maybe the Russian pee-pee tapes were a false flag, It was the FBI/CIA itself who had compromat tapes on Trump, and they held this over his head from Day One.

Dump everything and let historians plow through the entire set of "classified" documents for years to come. Or transfer them to the Trump Presidential Library for full public viewing. Good way to unload a Trump resort property - turn it into a Presidential Library.


Barr the sargent Schultz of the DOJ.
I see nothing NOTHING!
He did even less.Ran out the clock and tied up lose ends.


Score is now even. Comey did something and affected an election. Barr did nothing and affected and election. If mere mortals can even stop a train wreck that is already coming down the tracks.


Millions of us are also frustrated and angry that AG Barr has just now dropped the investigation into the prosecutor in Fla who in 2008 let child predator Epstein off with a slap on the hand.

No action against either Acosta or Bondi for letting the pervert avoid justice.

Diana L Croissant

I wonder if any mortal man (or woman) can figure out a way to clean out the "Swamp" that is our version of the Augean Stables: the federal government in DC. Is there a Heracles alive now who could clean out this mess?

Living out here in the West, I am constantly frustrated just by our state government. I lost hope in the federal government when Lois Lerner never really was held to the fire for her tax plans against the alternative schools. I had hope when Trump got some improvements in the VA system.

It will take some time for the re-do of our educational system via "schools of choice" to show any real results. So far, I have seen little getting done in regard to the terrible situation in terms of our colleges and universities. I know someone posted here about Michelle Obama's so-called Masters Thesis. I had read it earlier when Obama was first running for the presidency. I think some of my ninth graders could have done what she did. It really was junior high level work.

This whole year in politics has made me very fearful for my four grandchildren's life in this country when they are grown. Will it be anything like the country I grew up in and was so very proud of?

I hate to say it, but this really is where the "In God We Trust" must be brought into play through daily prayers asking for help and in asking for forgiveness of our many failures.


Keith Harbaugh
Are you still under the illusion that the US government can keep a secret?
Clearances are handed out like Halloween candy compounded by Chinese spies, Russian hackers, "leaking" bureaucrats, Hill staffers and politicians - all in spite of the FBI (Famous But Incompetent) which obviously can't find it's own ass in a well lit room.

John Merryman

Even if some process is started, it will simply be used to show everyone is innocent, when they are all acquitted, after their friends regain control.
The larger reality is that when everyone is forced to one side of the boat....


So far the Russiagate investigation recently allowed Andrew McCabe to posture he was ......"shocked, I tell you I was shocked"..... to learn illegal spying was going on in this fine establishment.

blue peacock


I have never worked for the federal government or any state government or even a government contractor.

Yes, sources & methods! Indeed in some classified information that is relevant and important to protect. But there have also been many cases where it is used as a smoke screen to hide malfeasance by government officials.

Some examples from the some of the recently declassified documents from Russia Collusion. The scope memos that Rosenstein wrote authorizing the Mueller special counsel. The false FISA applications on Carter Page. The Strozk & Page text messages. The handwritten notes of FBI investigators on their meeting with Flynn. None of these had "sources & methods" and if Trump had the guts and declassified early on when Devin Nunes implored him to do so and gave him the list of documents, very likely Mueller would have packed up long before all the mischief. Who knows, maybe the tables would have been turned and there may have been sufficient outcry for a special counsel to investigate the coup plotters.

You think the Republican controlled House would have impeached Trump for shedding light on all the faux counter-intelligence investigation on the Trump campaign and the Trump presidency? After all McCabe and Comey leaked much providing their spin with zero repercussions.

Other than cry on Twitter, what Swamp did Trump drain?


Mr Johnson,

For the second time in a week I am moved to interject here.

Your blinkers keep you as blind as these you accuse of :

“ If you believe these are isolated, unrelated events, you are a moron and beyond the reach of reason.”

You can not stand by and accept gleefully Pompus’s Gauntlet - a self admitted interference in a general election In another country - to stop Corbyn come what may. And then cry when them chickens have come home to roost against the current potus, using exactly the same MO!

And then call it Stalinism!

It is these blinkers of fake dogma that you and others hold to here - that you insist the warmongering, libertarian, nazi supporting Democrats are in some way Socialists!

They never have been - they invaded , dropped bombs, and didn’t provide universal medicine for ALL Americans because they work for the same masters as most of the GOP.

You guys know that. You pretend otherwise.

Trump is probably the most socialist potus since JFK and FDR - look at how much he has increased government spending by to record levels without claiming it all back from the poorest.
That is socialism.

He has shaken the magic money tree so hard the poorest have benefited more than they had for decades - that’s why the grass roots voted for him in their excess millions compared to last time.

That is socialism.

If you want sympathy for your cause at home you better have some empathy with us in the U.K. who were assailed by YOUR DS who stole OUR election and the BrexShit referendum before that.
( And why no mention of the secretive Canadian conglomerate CGI which has been the Big Data coordinator for the 5+1 eyed Gollum in terms of elections across the world?)

If Barr wants to spill the beans , if you do , if Trump is to be saved and ALL US citizens are to be treated equally and provided their basic needs - as all humans should - than take these blinkers off first - otherwise all this is just pissing in the wind or as you have it rearranging the deck chairs rather than making a simple steer away from the ice fields.

JM Gavin


I follow most of your post. You aren't happy that the Trump Admin supported BREXIT and Boris Johnson.

I'm a bit confused on two points. Are you asserting that "Pompus" (I assume that means SecState Pompeo, but I'm not sure) conducted election fraud through unlawful voting in the UK?

I also don't follow your final paragraph. Are you asserting that Trump will win the election if "ALL" U.S. citizens are provided more social benefits?

You are correct concerning spending during the Trump Admin, although I don't automatically equate increased spending with socialism (depends entirely on what the money is being spent on). I'm not a Trump supporter (or a Biden supporter); I'm very willing to see and acknowledge Trump's successes and failures. He's had a good amount of both.


Keith Harbaugh

BP asked "what Swamp did Trump drain?"

I suppose that lies in the eye of the beholder.
My answer would lie in the comparative quality of the justices nominated for the SCOTUS.
Look at the two put on the SC by Obama: two childless, husbandless women, Kagan and Sotomayer.
Goodbye, family values, said the Dems.
Then look at the two put on by Clinton: Goldberg and Breyer, and the one Obama nominated but the Senate did not confirm, Garland.
These three have something in common.
I.e., ALL FIVE (pardon the all caps, but I find this astonishing) of the Dem nominees for SCOTUS in the Clinton and Obama presidencies were either Jews or childless, husbandless, women (with an obvious question about their sexual orientation).
These are who the Dems would have ruling over us.
for confirmation.

In striking contrast, all three of Trump's nominees were married with children.
Doesn't this speak volumes about the difference between the parties?

So, regarding Trump's achievements in Washington, I think we have a classic "is the glass half empty or half full" situation.
I think he did about as much as he could, given how the media would have portayed going farther.
But I admit I could be wrong :-)

JM Gavin

Keith Harbaugh-

Are "Jews or childless, husbandless, women (with an obvious question about their sexual orientation)" automatically suspect?



JM Gavin

Be careful not to slip into virtue signaling. I do not want to have people intimidated here.

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