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15 November 2020


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This may be of interest to the committee:



Idk—possibly vampires?



You apparently have spent decades in the bowels of the deep state.
Can you tell us about the people that you knew and worked with?
Very generally, their backgrounds, ambitions, politics?


Tried to post a link to this post on Farcebook and of course it wouldn't let me and marked it as "going against community standards".
Managed to post a Bitly link instead but feel another ban approaching.


More background information (disinformation?) on the German computer raids, as in plural. https://justthenews.com/politics-policy/elections/reports-about-alleged-us-army-raid-german-server-may-stem-separate

Julia Hugo Rachel

G (Gina Haspel) is an Icon and has done and given more for this Country than the average civilian can comprehend. I stand by her 1000%. There are about 12 people at most in the Intel world I would take one for and Gina would be one. I wish people would stop throwing her name around so loosely- SAD. Never discount or underestimate that smart woman; theres' few in "the real sisterhood" as good as her. You can bet- she has a file on every one who thinks "they are in the clear on this one and many other misdeeds in the past 20 years". They need to hold hard. reflect promptly and hire lawyers.She knows how to cover her bases. As fas as her not knowing about "these raids"-Not Likely: "doubtful", but for public consumption-and for others that were not read in- Good that info is circulating.

David Habakkuk


I used to think that John Solomon’s site ‘Just the News’ site was credible.

However, it now seems to me that I may have been credulous.

One of the less noticed, but also more significant, developments in ‘Russiagate’ was the release on 24 April of the report prepared by Ankura for the Alfa ‘oligarchs’, on the evidence which had been supposed to establish a communications link between them and the Trump campaign.

Crucially, this suggested that, rather than being the result of a misinterpretation of innocent marketing materials, as had generally been assumed, what had been at issue had been deliberately planted disinformation.

The only report I could see the time was on the ‘Just the News’ site, by Solomon’s associate Sophie Mann.

(See https://justthenews.com/accountability/russia-and-ukraine-scandals/cyber-security-report-raises-questions-about-falsified )

A very different light was however cast on these matters when on 29 April Chuck Ross of the ‘Daily Caller’ uploaded to ‘Scribd’ a transcript of the cross-examination on 17-18 March of Christopher Steele by Hugh Tomlinson, QC, on behalf of the Alfa ‘oligarchs’, in the case they had brought against him and his company in the High Court in London.

A key drama here involved resulted from the dramatic changes in Steele’s accounts in the ‘witness statements’ he had produced over the previous month.

(See https://www.scribd.com/document/458992503/Steele-deposition )

According to his new version, the work that resulted in memorandum 2016/112 in the dossier published by ‘BuzzFeed’ arose as a result of his being informed about the ‘evidence’ supposed to establish the communications link by Michael Sussmann, at a meeting at Perkins Coie on 29 July 2016.

Moreover, according to Steele’s new version, the FBI were fully aware of the material at the time.

Three crucial paragraphs in the April 24 piece on the Ankura report by Sophie Mann read:

‘The notion that there was secret communication going on between Trump and Russia, that would make it seem like Trump was colluding to win the White House, came from former British intelligence operative Christopher Steele, whose anti-Trump dossier, used by the FBI for its Trump-Russia probe, has also been largely discredited.

‘On October 11, 2016, Steele met with Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Kathleen Kavalec.

‘Following his visit, Kavalec sent information that she received from Steele to the FBI, including details about the suspected communications via the Alfa Bank server.’

Of course, the fact that Ms. Mann took no account at all of Steele’s repudiation of the – common – claim that he was the source of the ‘evidence’ supposed to establish the communications link, could have been due to simple ignorance.

What points towards the possibility of a more sinister interpretation, however, is the fact that the hyperlink on the word ‘information’ in the third paragraph points to an upload by Solomon to ‘Scribd’ on 23 October 2019 entitled ‘Kavalec Steele Attachment.’

(See https://www.scribd.com/document/431733571/Kavalec-Steele-Attachment )

If however one attempts to access this document, all one can find are blank pages.

Moreover, I have been informed by people who I think, on this point, are likely to be reliable that very early on people trying to access the document found discovered that Solomon had clearly had second thoughts about his earlier impulses to candour.

The very clear suggestion in what Steele told Tomlinson was that, probably starting rather early on, there had been a conspiracy by his associates on your side of the Atlantic to, as it were, make him the ‘patsy’ in relation to ‘Russiagate’ – and also, crucially, that IG Horowitz and his team had colluded with this.

The question of whether, on this point at least, Steele’s account is rather more ‘credible’ than the dossier he supposedly authored is of the utmost importance in making sense of ‘Russiagate.’

And here, it is extremely relevant that, in June, the Alfa ‘olgarchs’ filed ‘John Doe’ suits in Pennsylvania and Florida, developing the claims about the ‘evidence’ on the supposed communications link having been deliberate disinformation.

On these, which could turn out to be highly important in unravelling ‘Russiagate’, see articles by Dexter Filkins and Amy Knight, attempting to defend the conventional ‘narrative’, and by David Steinberg, attacking it.

( https://www.justsecurity.org/72262/the-trump-alfa-bank-server-mystery-resurfaces/ ; https://www.newyorker.com/news/news-desk/the-contested-afterlife-of-the-trump-alfa-bank-story https://amgreatness.com/2020/10/15/a-glaring-hole-in-the-alfa-bank-trump-server-story-could-unravel-the-russia-hoax/ )

The headline of the Steinberg piece reads:

‘A Glaring Hole in the Alfa Bank/Trump Server Story Could Unravel the Russia Hoax: Durham’s grand jury reportedly is considering if false information about a Trump backchannel to Putin may have been knowingly passed to the U.S. government.’

A key point is that John Durham has apparently subpoeaned multiple sources quoted in the original October 2018 report by Filkins.

As the Steinberg report also brings out, exploring the contradictions between what Steele was claiming in March and what his American confederates, including not only Sussmann but many others, is critical to ascertaining what happened in relation to the claims about Alfa.

And it looks as though this may be central to making sense of ‘Russiagate’ as a whole.

In assessing the validity of claims and counter-claims, quite clearly, evidence of very considerable importance is the content of the ‘attachment’ documenting the information that Kathleen Kavalec, supposedly, received from him.

The fact that Solomon is either unwilling, or unable, to go through with his apparent initial intention of sharing what he knows with the ‘hoi polloi’ strongly suggests that he is among those who have been trying to engineer a ‘limited hangout.’

Obviously, this is rather material in assessing how much weight one should give to a report on site repudiating Larry Johnson’s claims on the basis of information from the usual, anonymous, ‘security sources.’

Shawn Lebrock

Great intel..Thanks!


"the evidence will be under the control of the Department of Justice"
That in itself is scary.


While the mounting evidence seems overwhelming in favor of President Trump, correction and prosecution of the perps will not bring peace to our country. Antifa and blm are both threatening to invade conservative areas of the country unless he vacates the office by Sunday, which just passed. They will blockade conservatives from movement with guns, so all patriots need to be armed and have a lot of ammunition. This insurrection/treason will take the military to put down, along with the millions of armed patriots. A battle was brewing whatever the outcome of the election, since the leftists cannot be mollified until they have complete power over us and our finances.


Trump has a problem removing the many ideologs infiltrated in the govt, media and judiciary in particular
Exec Order in 2018 call a state or emergency re foreign interference in elections
So if there was some Military intel group monitoring traffic at some of the connected machines, they can show foreign interference'
If you read the EO- it allows them to go after many of the dis info peddlers for exactly that.

If he starts to arrest many, media will cry "authoritarian"....but they have cried wolf so damn long- i don't think people will care anymore


If true this is YUGE, but that's a big if. I hope it is but time is not on our side and fear we are in the end days of America as we now know it. I also fear a full blown civil war is around the corner if this fraud is allowed to pass

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