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15 November 2020


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Thanks for clarifying the nuts and bolts of this operation, Larry. Sidney Powell is not one to be trifled with.

Unhinged Citizen

I just hope that Trump has enough allies within the GOP and civilian government to press these charges through the courts, because the press is acting fully in support of this soft coup.


What are the odds that Soros' Tides foundation have offices in the same building as Dominion Voting Systems in Toronto?


I am still trying to figure out why major honcho Democrat law and lobbying firm now associated with Dominion, Brownstein, Farber, Hyatt and Shreck have offices in a little, isolated central coast down of 90,000 far from both Wash DC, LA and Sacramento.

Do they like to surf? Or is this social distancing zoom conferencing on steroids. Or are they in cahoots with UCSB high techies,


More about Dominion, Smartronics, Sequoia, UCSB Technology Security, state of California and Venezuala and a whole cast of other characters - foreign and domestic in this 2018 Jenny Cohn article: https://medium.com/@jennycohn1/updated-attachment-states-have-bought-voting-machines-from-vendors-controlled-and-funded-by-nation-6597e4dd3e70

Trust, but verify. I was just searching UCSB and Dominion, and this interesting article popped up.


Germany, along with most other countries around the world prohibit or severely limit "electronic voting" Declared it was too vulnerable to fraud and hacking after trying this method - now paper ballots only.

So why for 2020, suddenly the big push in the US to get everyone to vote electronically, after decades of failed practices elsewhere in the world. Purveyed by many of the same player foisted on the US election systems.

This voting process was rejected elsewhere because it undermined trust in these country's election integrity: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_voting_by_country

We got sold a pig in a poke this year. Or a donkey's rear end.




One of the financial markets commentators I follow, Peter Granduch, retweeted the following article and said a friend who used to be high up at DoJ said this article is broadly correct.


I thought of sharing this yesterday, but decided not, in light of this I think it is relevant.

Bill Hatch

I was involved in the early 2000's as a contractor in a project to create a system to allow DoD service personnel to vote digitally & replace the hard copy absentee ballots. After investing tens of millions of dollars & years, the DoD computer security folks said that there was no way that it could ever be assured that a digital voting system could not be hacked. They would not certify the security & integrity of a digital voting system & the project was scraped.


Astonishing stuff.

This has long been speculated. Three problem is that even if true, no one will believe it is not a Trumpian coup.

Keith Harbaugh

A number of videos from Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani that have been cited
are collected in this YouTube playlist:
I will add videos to that playlist as appropriate.

Also, if you want a break from all this talk/talk/talk,
here is a nice short (3 minute) mind-clearing piece from a 17C composer:
For other worthy music from the same composer, Henry Purcell, see:



yep :)

U N Known

Trump survived.
I like the picture. Bid you farewell.


Completely coincidental to your reporting is the de-platforming of The Conservative Treehouse, set for Wedenesday, due to the narrative there. Also coincidental is the ongoing targetted harrassment of Trump's lawyer's to get them to quit, a tactic harkening back to the '30s. If they were so certain Joe had won they would not be afraid of transparency.

Also coincidental: allegations being floated that Joseph “Skinny Joey” Merlino's organization may have fabricated 300,000 ballots for Biden in Philly,

background on the mobster from a more reliable source, though it makes no mention of the ballot issue:

From Rasmussen: "Biden underperformed Hillary Clinton in every major metro area around the country, save for Milwaukee, Detroit, Atlanta and Philadelphia … in these big cities in swing states run by Democrats…the vote even exceeded the number of registered voters."
I'm sure we'll shortly be informed by all the usual suspects that this is Qanon level stuff here, nothing to see, nothing to report, now move along.....


Increasingly I turn to SST first, for the information that, as my second source for information, Unz.com declares, offers ". . . Important, and Controversial Perspectives Largely Excluded from the American Mainstream Media."

With this distinction: Unz is free-wheeling and as even its creator states, provides an outlet for "bizarre and insane" commentary, whereas SST is hosted and moderated by persons who have had education, experience and responsibilities at the highest levels of influence at the national international levels.

Hats off to Col. Lang and those contributors to whom SST provides a platform.


I think it's very beneficial that the MAGA folks were able to get a million people into DC on Saturday.



So what do you make of the meetings that Haspel had with Sen. McConnell, and Senate Intel Members last Tuesday? Did Haspel's meetings occur right after the seizures in Germany or not?

Do you know the date that the seizures occurred? Before or after last Tuesday? Germany is also 6 hrs ahead of D.C..


Unhinged citizen:
The GOP has no more use for Trump than the Democrat-media party does.
They are all parasites in the same swamp.
I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that McConnell voted for Biden.
It's not Dem vs. Republican, hasn't been for a long time.
It's fast becoming America vs. the swamp (and their allies in various state outposts - like Governor "hairdo" in California and the vicious little bridge troll in NY.)

Polish Janitor

I am getting the feeling that Donald Trump is saving the best for the last, i.e. pulling the rug out from under the IC. Another indication for me has been Sidney Powell and her insistence on seeing this whole election fraud incident through. Judging from her record as a reputable Texas attorney with a ton of success and the severity of this ongoing situation, I don't believe she would put her reputation and career in jeopardy for something that is not serious and is not going to be a major revelation.

I also would like to applaud Trump for finally appointing Col. Doug McGregor (a true non-interventionist) to the DoD as an advisor and committing to what he had promised back in '16, i.e. pulling troops out of the ME and putting a stop to endless wars of nation-building there.


It's a no lose for the Democrats.
If they couldn't somehow cheat to a win using computerized voting, then they scream "voter suppression."
If they do cheat their way in (as they did), then computerized voting is fine and dandy and the model for future elections.


It was the Lincoln Project, a Republican PAC against Trump, that doxed Jones Day lawyers and subtly threatened them with future loss of business. They were joined by other Republicans such as the 43 Alumni for Biden and REPAIR.

Skinny Joey used to be Trump's fixer in Atlantic City.

Rasmussen also predicted that 33% of black voters would vote for Trump. He got what? Maybe eight percent? All men, no black church ladies.


RE: "Voter suppression" is a non-argument.

Every illegally cast vote suppresses the legal vote cast by another voter. Insufficient risk to benefit ratio to allow imposition any system as subject to fraud as "electronic voting" has proven to be world wide.


ditto Artemesia's comment...


Lieth, cite your source for black vote totals - AP projections, exit polls, or certified state vote counts. Numbers are all over the place right now, or else you are intentionally running a disinformation campaign.

All of the above state significant increases in the black vote, including what you dismissively label "black church ladies" - black women Trump vote doubled over 2016. Trump definitely broadened the diversity the GOP tent - kudos to him for that alone, and to Blexit efforts which were gaining momentum as well, for all the right reasons.


The story about the US election computer server raid in German gains traction in the wider media - but obvious details still missing: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2020/11/donald_trump_the_loneliest_man_on_the_planet.html

We have your back, President Trump.

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