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02 November 2020


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Does the FBI perform any law enforcement function that cannot be transferred over to other agencies? It needs to be closed down and all management personnel lifetime-banned from ever working in FedGov or as contractors. It's institutional culture needs to vanish from the pages of time.


Sydney Powell for FBI Director, please!



I have advocated burning the FBI to the ground for the last year. let us start over using the Marshals Service as a base structure.


It seems now that Chris Wray's FBI was sitting on the Hunter Biden laptop, too.

And probably, beyond permitting the whole impeachment farago to plow ahead by hiding evidence supportive of President Trump's actions, or lack thereof, in Ukraine, because certain activities in which Wray had been involved earlier might come back to haunt him. Here is a passage quoted from James Kunstler's blog post of this morning on this point:

"...here’s a strange Swamp sidelight to all this: CEFC’s main exploit during the Biden hook-up years was the purchase of a 14 percent stake in Russia’s oil-and-gas giant, Rosneft, to help China circumvent US sanctions on Russia’s oil sales. Guess who was one of the lawyers working for Rosneft: Christopher Wray, just before he became FBI director. And guess who has been sitting on Hunter Biden’s laptop since at least December of 2019. Oh, the FBI. And guess what else: the Rosneft files have since been deleted by Mr. Wray’s old law firm, King and Spalding."

Recall here Biden's negotiations with the head of CEFC, Ho Chiping, to establish a humongous LPG facility in Louisiana (see the referenced blog post for more information).

Well, well, Mr. Wray, ain't this a fine howdy-do? Another Swamp Creature merrily disporting himself in the ooze, but all on the QT, of course.

The link to the full Kunstler blog post:



thanks larry... do you feel the same way as pat does?? burn the fbi to the ground??? what are the chances of pats idea being implemented?? it sounds radical, but like removing cancer - a radical response seems necessary... do the politicians have the jam to do it?? i doubt it..


Can you get this all done by Jan 20, 2021? Just in case. Or contract it out to Antifa, who specialize in torching federal buildings.


Larry, will we ever hear what happened to "NOQUARTER.COM"?

Rick Merlotti

If the truth falls in the forest and nobody can hear it does it exist? Yes, but it still can’t be accessed by more than a handful of decent patriots. Keep up the great work, SST, but be prepared to be the real resistance if the Borg manage to steal this election.


The Fake Bureau of Investigation.
Burn it down, get rid of ALL management including the management at the field divisions.
Build 2 new agencies - one to concentrate on organized crime, interstate crime and serious felonies when invited in by the locals.
The Marshals might be a good start to build this from.
Another agency, like MI5 (no powers of arrest or subpoena) to handle national security investigations - intelligence, not LE.


Larry interesting.

I am always curious why an assassination style murder of Seth Rich was downplayed as street violence. There are some VERY well connected people on top of this food chain.

Peter had his fingers in many a pie.

It was also shown that the hack of the DNC server was done via thumb drive due to the time it took to copy the info.



I agree, the FBI needs to be rebuilt from the top down. The sooner the better.



From the top down to the basement.



Did you read that here? I have been pushing exactly that for years.


George Chamberlain
Perhaps you and he could start it up again.

Larry C Johnson

James and others
Fully concur with the Colonel. The FBI has forfeited its right to exist. Tear it down and start over.


Good formula for all government agencies. Thy have all grown beyond any usefulness, have become full, lifetime employment agencies only which solely are today Democrat support groups. Every single one needs to go back to square one and zero base their missions.

At one point our government had to start from scratch and add only what was proven necessary. Now it needs to jettison the accumulated centuries of political dross. Welfare by accretion serves no function.

Steve Ogle

And people think Alex Jones is crazy. This world is nuts.

Sid Finster

Forgive me for overstating the obvious. The FBI is betting that if they slow-play this until January or so, the entire investigation will be quietly but abruptly wound down.


thanks larry.. i can't see how it happens unless it becomes a conversation in the political arena... on another note this ty clevenger is doing good work..

Diana L Croissant

Comey or Hoover----which is worse?

At this point, I want Scully and Mulder because I am feeling paranoid and think there are really bad people--or maybe even non- Earthlings--messing with us whom we don't even know about lurking everywhere.

Sad times for our county.....

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