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25 November 2020


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Time to load up the public record and let future scholars decades from now have full access to primary source material in the Trump Presidential Library so they can sort out the 45th US Presidency.

Every single document to support court filings must be in hard copy archives forever. No later chance of electronic records erasure, like Obama engaged in.

What ever happened to all those youtube videos of candidate Obama "healing fainting ladies", early rally, after rally, after rally so full review of all the videos ot these calculated events seen together, Obama was exposed as the total charlatan everyone got to know only much later. I was there, I was a witness to one of them and nearly in camera range. Early on, that created a blink moment for me. The guy was a fraud. But those early campaign are now scrubbed and gone forever from the electronic archives. History was erased.

Declassify, declassify, declassify. Let the chips fall where they may, to friend and foe. Because in this game, it appears there were no friends in high places. We the people demand nothing less. We will survive a crooked person temporarily, who history will ultimately record as such; but we cannot survive a crooked system.



I prefer on Inauguration Day, out-going President Trump staring his laser like eyes into the vacant soul of the "President Elect" and every supporter Biden has surrounding and propping him up.

That is an unflinching moment to be recorded for all eternity, and a moment that should not be missed. No other words need be spoken. May the force be with you, President Trump.

blue peacock

The PA legislature hearing today on the election was very powerful. As one would expect the media is silent.

Curious if the PA legislature is similar to the GOP majority House & Senate, where nothing was done about the Russia Collusion hoax, other than hold hearings and a few strongly worded letters?

Diana L Croissant

I agree with all your recommendations.

I will never be able to say the words "President Biden." I've typed them, and that is the last time I will type them.

I mourn for our once great Republic if that demented man enters the White House as POTUS. Everyone complained about Trump's children. I can't wait for them to find ways to praise Hunter.

A. Pols


The Twisted Genius

There is no requirement for Trump to concede or to be present at Biden's inauguration. I do not think it is in him to publicly concede even if his loss was proven to him. Nor do I think he could stand being at the inauguration. He will see it as a personal humiliation. He'll be the fourth president to skip his successor's inauguration. John Adams skipped Jefferson's inauguration. He took a carriage to Baltimore that morning. His son, John Quincy, skipped Jackson's and Johnson skipped Grant's. It will be interesting to see if Pence shows up. It will also be interesting to see how the nuclear codes are exchanged at noon on inauguration day. I imaging there will be a briefcase toting officer in DC and in Mar a Lago.

Trump is also well within his power to grant pardons to all his associates. Presidents have granted pardons to some fairly sketchy fellows in the past. Besides, he may need some of those associates if he runs again in 2024.

Deap does make a good point about documentation. It must be preserved. I think there's a good reason Trump didn't declassify and release more data. I hope there are members of the "deep state" who are preserving those documents and safeguarding them against any Trump team efforts to destroy them.



thanks for your support of my points.


Teasing out TTG, and turcopoiler agrees ....... as Paul Harvey would always say ..... and now for the rest of the story????

......."I think there's a good reason Trump didn't declassify and release more data. I hope there are members of the "deep state" who are preserving those documents and safeguarding them against any Trump team efforts to destroy them......"



Fake news continues to support the fake president elect they helped to steal an election (so far) for.

Eric Newhill



My own superficial observation makes me think a Bivens Action might be a remedy for Flynn - were his constitutional rights abridged by government officials who do not have proper immunity? Would Flynn want to go through another trial and will Sidney Powell available to try it for him?

"Constitutional Torts - Bivens Actions

The Supreme Court created a private damages action against federal officials for constitutional torts (civil rights violations), which are not covered by the FTCA.

In Bivens v. Six Unknown Named Agents of Fed. Bureau of Narcotics, 403 U.S. 388 (1971), the Court held that the Fourth Amendment gives rise to a right of action against federal law enforcement officials for damages from an unlawful search and seizure.

Since a Bivens action is brought against a federal official in the official’s personal capacity, it is not considered to be an action against the United States and therefore is not barred by sovereign immunity. Bivens is not a general tort law.

The plaintiff seeking a damages remedy under Bivens must first demonstrate that constitutional rights have been violated.[Davis v. Passman, 442 U.S. 228 (1979) ]

Bivens suits have been acknowledged by the Court as having more of a deterrence effect against federal officials from committing constitutional torts than the FTCA. This is chiefly because a Bivens suit is a personal suit against the official, and punitive damages are recoverable.

The government is substituted for the defendant in FTCA cases, and the FTCA does not allow punitive damages. Thus a Bivens defendant is at risk of personal liability, including punitive damages, while the government pays all damages in FTCA cases.

Procedurally, a plaintiff is entitled to a jury trial in a Bivens action, but not in a FTCA case.[Carlson v. Green, 446 U.S. 14 (1980) ]
The main defense for a federal official in a Bivens action is official immunity from actions for damages.

There are two types of official immunity available as affirmative defenses: absolute and qualified.[ Butz v. Economou, 438 U.S. 478 (1978)] Absolute immunity is granted to judges, prosecutors, legislators, and the President, so long as they are acting within the scope of their duties.

Qualified immunity applies to federal officials and agents who perform discretionary functions, but may be overcome by a showing that their conduct violated a constitutional right.[Harlow v. Fitzgerald, 457 U.S. 800 (1982) ] Absolute and qualified immunity are discussed more fully below.......

Ishmael Zechariah

John Brennan, the relentless scourge of "Deep State", was recently urging full disclosure, was he not?
Perhaps lying to Trump abut troop numbers-and bragging about it- is fighting against the "Deep State".
Reminds me of the term "Rectification of Names"
Ishmael Zechariah

Kilo 4/11


"I prefer on Inauguration Day, out-going President Trump staring his laser like eyes into the vacant soul of the "President Elect" and every supporter Biden has surrounding and propping him up.

That is an unflinching moment to be recorded for all eternity, and a moment that should not be missed."

This not a spaghetti western.

The Colonel's way is far better.

We must keep the base fired up. Trump should do everything he can to stir our hatred and to heap scorn on the enemy. This would be a fighting retreat, a withdrawal under fire, in order better to build strength for the counter-attack.

Barbara Ann

"Concede, Hell! We just got here" - as team Kraken might say, with justification.


May I suggest "President pro tem Biden" as an appropriate title.


What about further declassification? For example, making public the materials gathered by the FBI on MLK could force a public reckoning over the FBI's misuse of power. That would also help the president's case, that the FBI abused their powers by targeting both Trump and his campaign people with investigations.


I was a much better sport when Hilary lost in 2016 with the majority of the popular vote, than Trump supporters are in 2020 where Trump has lost not only the popular but also the electoral vote.
Be that as it may. Hope all on this site and especially Colonel Pat Lang have a safe and happy Thanksgiving. Col. Lang please post a picture of your turkey, after cooking. I enjoy all the pictures you post.


I must admit in her dual role as former FLOTUS and soundly defeated recent candidate, I do admire Cankles for ......showing up. Trump still needs to dignify the Office; if not the man who stole it. Trump is bigger than that.

Trump's base is still going to get Biden - no problem with that. Biden shall have a miserable next two years, if these "appeal the steal" efforts fail to produce desired immediate results. The resonance of a vastly changed judiciary will haunt Biden every day in office.

Meanwhile, no one says Happy Thanksgiving better than MOTUS:
http://www.michellesmirror.com I hear some gobbling in the kitchen. Must run.

Laura Wilson

Deap---"all those videos of Obama healing fainting ladies..." Really? FYI...I actually witnessed Obama doing acting in this manner. I attended a rally at Santa Barbara CC and someone in front of him DID faint (we had been standing for a while) and he immediately noticed something was wrong, stopped and asked the crowd to give the person space and allow the EMTs in to help.

It was quite real...the person was taken care of and the event continued.

Not fake news.

Barbara Ann

Those self-appointed guardians of The Truth over at Twitter have censored Sidney Powell's website. If you try and post a link to https://defendingtherepublic.org people clicking on it get the message "The link you are trying to access has been identified by Twitter or our partners as being potentially spammy or unsafe..". One of the categories Twitter use to define "unsafe" reads as follows: "spammy links that mislead people or disrupt their experience.

Go for it Sidney, disrupt our experience.

David Habakkuk


Absolutely. It has become clear to me that 'TTG' is a classic exemplar of the 'doublethink' characteristic of modern Western 'elites.'

They actually believe the lies they talk.


If they did deploy the actual "Kraken", it was likely done so in 2017. This would give them data for the attempted steal in the midterms, and identify key players in the charade election.

I think this election fraud was anticipated and monitored - Trumps revenge play after the Obummer impeachment, Meuller, etc. - the "traitorous electors" in 2016 election were likely the tipoff, if not his visit from the head of the NSA at Trump tower...

This has been put out there for consumption on various and many fringe websites, but rarely do they focus on election fraud - they are focused on everything BUT election fraud.

The Powell lawsuits are junk - I am not lawyer but could have done better just using a template from a legal website - they weren't even spell checked - so red herrings all IMO.

Then you have several EOs that include but are not directly addressing election issues that have been executed in recent years by Trump. Why?

And finally, what person can logically conclude that Biden was a viable candidate? Compare Trump rallies and support to Biden. Compare the complete lack of coherent policy in the campaign of Biden. Compare his obvious mental difficulties to Trump. Yet the MSM and every pundit and talking head out there is ignoring the simple fact that Biden never ran any campaign at all - most governors do better. Biden was simply not Trump - that was the entire plank of his campaign - everything else was rebuttal of Trump stump speeches. He cannot even articulate a foreign policy position other than to couch it in "before Trump" terms.

I think a big fat tu%d sandwich is going to be flopped on the stage in a week or two for the Dems to chew on...


Trump won.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Free State of Florida.

NancyK, We'll be good sports, provided the votes are counted properly. Thank you.

Eric Newhill

David Hasakkuk,
I'd love to hear you what deeper psychological analysis you may have to offer on the doublethink phenomenon.

Someone, a hardcore democrat, recently lectured to me that conservatives have no principles evidenced by support for Trump. I responded that her party should not be lecturing given their near worship of Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton and apparent lust for killing the unborn. She went psychotic on me. It seems like it's the same spell that people in cults fall into - and I've seen some people that I thought were fairly smart and worldly fall into it.

Symptoms appear to include a lack of ability to appreciate irony, lack of self-reflection, loss of ability to reason, loss of all perspective and a tendency to see choices as between an exaggeration of the ugliness of the reality that exists and a fantastical utopia or idealized person that doesn't exist and never will.

Eric Newhill

Mr Habakkuk, Apology for misspelling your surname. Didn't see it until after I hit enter.


“... stir our hatred...”
now, there’s a Thanksgiving message for ya. for some, it appears to work all year... all life.

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