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05 November 2020


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Two GOP state legislators were granted a permanent injunction against Gov Newsom's last minute election law changes in California- the court ruling stated Gov Newsom was usurping exclusive legislative powers, when he unilaterally tried to rewrite these election laws.

Gov Newsom was abusing his alleged health and safety "covid powers" to go on a progressive shopping spree. Hard to believe California courts stopped Newsom, but they did. Source of the power to change laws was key in this California case. Status quo ante restored.

On a happier note, we will be reaping benefits from the ideological diversity Trump brought to federal judiciary for decades to come; no matter what the final outcome of 2020. God Bless Trump and the United States of America.


If the Supreme Court rejects domestic votes postmarked by Nov 3 but arriving after Nov 3, logically they would have to reject overseas votes from the military, if they arrived late...

Would they really want to disenfranchise the military serving overseas? If not, how could they justify such an inconsistency?



Military votes from overseas are "absentee ballots" for which there are long established procedures for verification. Every unit has a "voting officer who encourages voting and then checks the externals of the ballot for correct procedure. This is very different from "mail in" ballots.


The legal difference between “mail in” and absentee ballots: a distinction without a difference.

“ The U.S. Supreme Court said Monday that election officials in Pennsylvania can count absentee ballots received as late as the Friday after Election Day so long as they are postmarked by Nov. 3.” https://www.npr.org/2020/10/19/922411176/supreme-court-rules-pennsylvania-can-count-ballots-received-after-election-day

If this ruling is changed, could late military and overseas absentee votes still be counted? Is there an identifiable difference between the domestic and overseas ballots?


Isn't this just "wheel spinning?"
Democrat-run states - Pa, Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin - are NEVER going to flip results no matter how many ballots are "found" and entire cemeteries voted.
Even getting to the US Supreme Court is a roll of the dice with 4 sure anti-Trump votes.
Forget it and look for 2024.
The entire political system - from Town/County clerk to the center of the swamp is dirty.
Power corrupts;absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Laura Wilson

turcopolier...I fail to see the difference. I check my ballot for proper procedure and send it in. Why is the military system so much different?


I voted by military ballot and never had an officer check the externals. I mailed it myself and would have been offended and suspicious of any attempt to check it.

Back then, pre-Limbaugh, I voted Republican. Never should have changed, maybe I could have voted in the 2016 Republican primary and made a one-vote contribution


Laura Wilson

The military system is carefully constructed to verify identity, The mail in system is not.

blue peacock

With significant concern about the legitimacy of the election, it would make most sense to do a re-count in contested states with clear guidelines on verification of absentee & mail-in ballots and with poll observers from both campaigns present. The first step would of course be to make sure the voter is a resident of the county and alive. Then to make sure that the signature matches beyond a reasonable doubt.

It appears only the Supreme Court can make that decision.

I'm curious about some anomalies. For example the significant discrepancy between the vote for the congressional candidates vs president. Republicans increased their share significantly in the House. Why didn't that translate to president in the same county? Is it usual for such large numbers to split ballots in a few counties but not others. Another is the huge turnout in Milwaukee which is 5 standard deviations from the general trend and unmatched in other counties in Wisconsin. What can explain a Philly ballot count released between 3-5am that showed a 135K vote count increase for Biden and none for Trump? It is unusual that a large sample of votes would have none for one of the major candidates?


The point is not about allowing Trump 4 more years, but to tarnish and cast doubt upon Biden's upcoming failure of a presidency. This is going to be a bad four years.

exiled off mainstreet

They committed the perfect crime, knowing that proof would be nearly impossible to come by. When they stopped counting late Tuesday night, Trump knew the game was up. They probably reacted quickly in reaction to his speech, so faits accomplis of fake votes were presented early Wednesday morning.

Fake results were printed out with Stalinist unanimity, and even signatures can probably be forged since scrutiny will be difficult, and they may come up with a bogus standard argument such as "privacy concerns" or any number of other typical bullshit excuses, as a reason to destroy the ballots before any signatures can be checked. I am sure that modern software reveals who didn't vote, so it was easy for them to come up with the necessary names.

While limited proof of certain elements of the initiative may emerge, the propaganda press and the power structure, including the FBI et. al, will be able to cover it up. This is my best guess as to what has occurred, and I think this represents a sort of seizure of power under the circumstances which will have major permanent consequences. As a further indication of skulduggery, bear in mind that Trump will end up with 10% more votes than the harpy did winning the popular vote in 2016. The fact the democrats ran no traditional ground game, using the virus as the excuse, is an indication that they had some "plan b" on the go. Biden, with his indications of incompetency and the family based corruption, was too weak a candidate to get 75,000,000 votes.
The fact the media engaged in memory holing these facts was well-known, and any intelligent person had to swallow hard to vote for Biden, making it particularly highly suspicious that Biden trailed by 4% in Wisconsin, 7% in Michigan and 14% in Pennsylvania when counting unaccountably stopped. A plausible reason for the stoppage was that a target had been set for the degree of action necessary to get the desired result.

This is the playbook in color revolutions where suddenly a "computer glitch" favors the yankee backed candidate in Latin American countries. The spy agency formula came home to roost, and this will set a precedent; a rubicon has been crossed and the legitimacy of the Republic is seriously impaired from then on. Since stability is based on consent, I foresee major difficulties as a result.

How was this able to happen? The problem from the get-go was that Trump assumed that the traditions would continue, so he relied too much on the usual expertise at the beginning of his term. In my view, his major failure was at the beginning of his term when he failed to secure friendly leadership in the Justice Department. Another key turning point arising out of the same problem was when he let himself be convinced to get rid of General Flynn a month into his term.


I'm wondering who George Floyd voted for.



I can only tell you what practice was in my unit when I was a kid lieutenant voting officer.



Which state were you a resident of when you voted? When I was on active duty Florida required a witness signature on the envelope along with the voter's.


TV what makes you think 2024 will be any less crooked? The demographics will be worse, the censorship harsher and there will be no opposing force.

I see a few GOP Senators have now spoken out, I think this might be dawning on the rest of the useless Republican politicians now.


Fred - At the time I was registered to vote in North Carolina. I had been stationed there earlier and my wife and children were still there while I was on a 13 month overseas tour.

robt willmann


The National Public Radio (NPR) article is misleading as to what happened in the Supreme Court. The only thing before the court that was denied on 19 October 2020 was a request for a "stay order" to block the effect of changes made by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to the election law in that state. The court did not say, "election officials in Pennsylvania can count absentee ballots received as late as the Friday after Election Day so long as they are postmarked by Nov. 3".

The issue of whether ballots received after election day could legally be counted was not before the court and was not decided on 19 October.

The question of whether the ballots can be included in the election total was in a petition filed in the court on 23 October. The court has not yet decided whether to accept the case and that issue for a decision.

The situation is confusing because parties have been coming in and out of the dispute from the time it started in Pennsylvania back in July.

Two members of the Pennsylvania Senate filed a request for a stay order in the Supreme Court on 28 September, and it was the one that was denied on 19 October and which was the subject of the NPR article.

On 23 October the Republican Party of Pennsylvania filed the request asking the Supreme Court to agree to decide whether the ballots received after election day could be legally included. Then on 27 October the two members of the Pennsylvania Senate who earlier asked for the stay order, plus two members of the Penn House, filed a request in the Supreme Court asking it to decide on the legality of the post-election day ballots.

On 28 October, the court denied the request of the Penn Republican Party to speed up its decision about whether it will hear the case.

So, to clean this procedural mess up, the Supreme Court has rolled those two requests up into one proceeding. They are calling it case number 20-542 Vide 20-574.

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