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19 November 2020


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"Laura" has lots of company on the left.

Barbara Ann

"It's nothing more than a bad flu season"

"Masks are utterly useless, there is no evidence base for their effectiveness whatsoever. Paper masks and fabric masks are simply virtue signalling"

"Everywhere should be open tomorrow.."

"..all testing should stop, unless you are presenting to hospital with some respiratory problems"

"the risk of death under 65 in this province [Alberta] is 1:300,000"

"I'm absolutely outraged that this has reached this level, it should all stop tomorrow"

Now that's what I call a truth bomb, I shall drink a toast to Dr Hodkinson this evening. It'll be interesting to see the Covidians' reaction to this once the YouTube clip goes viral.


1. Wash your hands.
2. Keep your fingers out of your own nose, mouth and eyes
3. Stay home when you are sick.
4. Take care around those in already frail health.
5. Quaurantine the sick; not the healthy.

The rest has been just politically contrived theater. The very worst false step was the early collection of "covid" death figures per Dr Birx's public instruction to include anything even remotely assumed to be "covid" as an official covid death.

The "covid" data is now as tainted as the 2020 election results as reported in Democrat jurisdictions. Sound and fury, signifying nothing - from poor fools who strut and fret their hour upon the stage.

NB: RE: Laura Wilson - the presumptive arrogance was the first clue - found in all younger "progressives" today. They come for domination and dismissiveness; not conversation. I run into these same qualities in many other areas of life as well among younger persons. Lack of confidence is not one of their personality failings. Presumptive over-confidence however is. They are bullies.

Diana L Croissant

Well I am thankful that someone is trying to protect us from insanity.

I have an 80-year-old ex brother-in-law in the hospital with the COVID19 infection. He's a rancher, a little overweight, and someone who never takes care of his medical problems. Naturally, he is now considered a "victim." He's getting treatment, much of which he tries to refuse, since he "always knows better."

Then yesterday, I talked with my son about his older daughter--a kindergarten student--who was having troubles figuring out the device she was given for "remote learning." Really? Kindergarten kids need remote learning. I think she was just bored, as she was prepared for Kindergarten BEFORE she was considered old enough for Kindergarten. I know as I babysat her for a long time. Because of the month of her birthday, she had to wait longer than she should have to "qualify" for kindergarten actually.

I am sick of politicians acting as if they KNOW more than we, who deal with the day-t0-day consequences of their "rules" in regard to the virus. We're dealing with an old know-it-all who thinks he in invincible and now with a young kindergartner who is frustrated with the ridiculous things she must do simply to prove she already knows what they are trying to teach with all kinds of new "remote learning" contraptions.

The "rules" have become so politicized that few now really know what to do or what to think.

blue peacock

This has been a test of the "Emergency Incarceration System". It has passed with flying colors. Governors and county officials have demonstrated that with a stroke of a pen they can prohibit any activity they deem impermissible and the population will comply. There is no need for a ruthless suppression program. And no need for a vote by the legislature. The co-opted judiciary is in on the program.

Of course the overlords are not bound by any of the draconian rules promulgated. They can party as they please at $400/person tasting menu dinners paid for by lobbyists of Big Business.



200 + scientists did not force WHO to recognize aerosol spread for the heck of it. When WHO finally conceded they said it was not the primary method, “droplets” were. The charts for the current casedemic in areas that already had state wide mask mandates shows masks are not doing anything at all. In fact, because pre-COVID19 studies show that masks create air jets around the perimeter, masks would contribute to the spread of an air borne virus.

Patrick Armstrong

Unrepresentative sample.
I live in a townhouse condo of ~100 people most of them over 65, some in their 80s. We all know each other pretty well and there's a strong social life. I am continually struck by how much more frightened the men are than the women. One guy won't even walk on the greenbelt path nearby and just walks around our area; his kids do the shopping and meet him in his garage. The regular guy's night hasn't met since Feb but the women's regular meets are ongoing.
Any similar observations out there?


You ask about covid reactions in my state Calif - anecdote only - Democrats remain absolutely terrified - one droplet is instant death and secret spreader murderers are everywhere. Trust no one; except those who tell you to trust no one. It is virtuous to be paralyzed by fear - shows you care about others.

GOP are more sanguine and we putter around as usual and often go maskless outdoors and especially remain maskless indoors. Though our lives and our freedom of assembly have been severely curtailed

We resent the overblown and arbitrary metrics that run the "covid" show in California, that have not been modified since day one back in March.

Though I suspect these arbitrary lockdown metrics will finally change if/when Biden Harris are finally sworn in. Poof, the plague is over. Cast at SNL will sing Hallelujah with a smile this time rather than the funeral dirge cadence in 2016.

The only thing red about California today is being arbitrarily consigned to the Red Tier, which means we are very, very bad people and deserve to be punished.


Patrick, My wife and I spent 5 days in Delray Beach two weeks ago. At a local beach side bar. we got to talking to a nurse who goes out all the time but without her husband, "he's scared to death to go out". On a brighter note, same bar, met a guy who bets the horses (he also owns race horses) who bought us west coast country bumpkins a drink.

Diana L Croissant

I have a theory about why men may be more nervous in your environment than the women are.

If those women raised children, they have probably already worked as "nurses" for their children. My mother had four at home as children. She nurses us through both forms of measles, the mumps, sinus infections, ear infections, many strep infections--and we were the generation that first got the polio shot. Mother have to be around viruses and other disease causing organisms that no one can see. They've just stopped being frightened by them after having dealt with them over the years.

Oh, and don't forget chicken pox. As I mentioned, they are not all viruses but they all involve little organisms that we can't see.

Laura Wilson

deap...Thank you. I hope you are 85+ because I was rather thrilled by counted as a "younger Progressive!" I am 72 and only young at heart and still interested in new ideas and how to adapt to new circumstances. I am really impressed that all of you on this thread do not wear masks and go anywhere you want with anyone you want and love to travel in large groups. You all really are young at heart (because what I described was the behavior of our local college students who have created their own little C-19 outbreak).

Patrick Armstrong...it is interesting that you observe men being more careful than the women you observe. I have been amazed to find out who in my circle is terrified to go anywhere or see anyone and others who are much more relaxed. Both groups seem to be okay but the more relaxed and careful group is having a lot better "lifestyle" through all this. Individuals react to danger/stress/info overload in very different ways and that is pretty fascinating. My 40-something kids are MUCH more frightened and cautious. They haven't left the house except to walk the dog since March!



I've seen a few of sheepish men down here in FLA, but most of them are 70+ or accompanied by a domineering spouse. There's a woman in my complex who works out in a facemask, wears it all the time. She might be 30, but not much older. For her it's a symbol; same for a few of the younger folks here though at this point in the propagandemic most folks are just going through the kabuki theatre at the front of the store. On a related note quite a few friends in Michigan are reportinga shift to the right from an increasing number of folks, many women, who are fed up with Gretchen the Great and her lock down mandates.


patricks question - my family is the reverse.. my sister lives in paranoia - she rationalizes this based on some underlying health issues.. my brother is pissed the border remains closed and goes everywhere still, except the usa where he likes to go.. i am still doing most of the things i do, but mostly shut out from doing them - playing live music is almost completely shut down here in canada except via online streaming..


Another heretic speaks: In praise of Gov Newsom for choosing to use his own judgement and common sense to attend a large and maskless dinner party, instead of following his own arbitrary and capricious edicts.

Calif Rep Tom McClintock addresses an empty Congress on C-Span - Newsom is damned by feint praise - a brilliant moment and proof not all California is crazy: https://www.c-span.org/video/?478179-1/morning-hour

May this video be our next viral infection.

Laura Wilson

I have a dear friend who has been a traveling nurse but retired last January. She is getting nearly continuous emails offering her $6,000-$8,000 a day to come to Iowa, Nebraska, and a host of other states to work. The medical system is slammed. You can "believe" whatever and whoever you want, but the doctors and nurses currently working "know" how real this disease is. BTW, my friend is not going to take one of those high-paying jobs...she would rather be alive to hang out with her grandchildren when this is over.

She has also talked with many of the nurses she knows who are still working---they still do NOT have a secure and constant supply of PPE.

Braden Karringten

Food for thought. The #1 food the body requires to survive is oxygen. Most people shallow breath and therefore put the body into stress which is the major cause of high blood pressure. Stress (fear) also depletes the body of minerals which are required to metabolize vitamins. Most people do not get enough minerals in their diet especially sulfur. Why is sulfur so important? It supports oxygenation, plus thyroid and heavy metal detox. Why are we wearing masks?


> 'Laura Wilson™' says: I have a dear friend who has been a traveling nurse but retired last January. She is getting nearly continuous emails offering her $6,000-$8,000 a day to come to Iowa, Nebraska, and a host of other states to work. The medical system is slammed.

Interesting. Offers of $6-8k per day, for a nurse? Mmm.
I'm on the central coast of California (Los Osos), and our hospitals
are near-empty.. Another data-point.



"Laura Wilson" is a typical lying Democrat activist.


Time to say goodnight, Laura. Your 15 minutes are over.


Traveling nurse rates, per state. Approx $50 an hour. Making $6000 a day means a nurse is putting in a 120 hour day, all within span of 24 hours.


I think Medicare is getting cheated. Someone needs to look into this. Or Laur needs to take a remedial arithmetic class and read headlines bette. Eg, per week does not mean per day. Nor does MAGA mean racist.


I'm a former Democrat voter myself, but last voted for one as a Presidential candidate in 1992, when Bubba Clinton (and he was slick!) got my vote; never again. The Democrat Party *owns* this state, as others here have pointed out, and not to the benefit of its citizens.


Question for Laura Wilson: when you say "the medical system is slammed", could you please provide some detail, preferably with
links? The reason I ask is that I hear that kind of general anecdote *all the time* with the implication that its cause
is the Megadeath Virus of Doom, COVID-19; but when one investigates, those claims melt into the ether.. as with my example provided above.

Thanks, Laura Wilson!



Posted by: Laura Wilson | 20 November 2020 at 12:53 PM
Bullshit Laura.
The internet makes your lies so easy to debunk it is not even funny.
I live in Norway, a long long way from the US.
Even i manage to trawl the interwebz to see that many hospitals are laying off nurses and very very few are full. I cant remember if i saw any above 90% full, and i am to lazy to switch my ip to a US ip on my vpn and put links in here.
Every thinking human that can type and dont use g0ogle can verify it in minutes. Why are you so relentless in your pursuit of other peoples submission Ms Laura?



The unknown hospital in the unknown city in Iowa is "slammed", but nary a mention on CNN. Then there's "they still do NOT have a secure and constant supply of PPE", but not a single word from anyone in the press, not even MSDNC. Your agitprop is terrible.



It is so bad that I will keep on selectively putting it up.

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