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24 November 2020


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Weakens what are you even taking about. I have not posted anything on this subject and would never, I repeat never, say something negative about Colonel Lang. I have disagreed however with other posters.

Diana L Croissant

I would recommend Psalm 112. I was raised with the KJV of the Bible, but the meaning should be the same in all versions.

The righteous will be blessed and the wicked will be punished.

I read your blog because all the others that are currently running don't give me a sense that I am reading the thoughts of "righteous" people. They are mostly partisan thinkers and writers.



In a short, terse, perhaps over-simplistic response to your admonition: "AIRBORNE"!

Keep up the fire!


Comment on Deap's post: Very minor historical factoid, but the total Soviet executions during the Stalin era, 1921-1953, have been summarized from Soviet top-secret archives, and published. They total 1.2 million, almost 700,000 of them in 1937-38, what Russians call the Yezhoschina. (Yezhov was head of the NKVD then. He was replaced by Beria in November 1938, and the executions stopped abruptly.) With some difficulty (I've done it before), I can get you links to the formerly top-secret archival records, and you can add them up yourself. (I was interested in executions during the collectivization: They abruptly jumped from 2 or 3 thousand a year to 20 thousand.) They are of course a small fraction of the 5 to 10 million asserted by Robert Conquest (hired by MI-6 to write his book), and copied by Solzhenytsin [otherwise wholly admirable]. For a very unlikely open source, see National Geographic, December 2016, page 95, first column.

Wally Jones

I don't post much here but read often. I don't always agree with what appears here, but appreciate differing opinions.

As of today, this is still America. Free speech. What a concept.

Got your six, Sir.



Maybe these figures you cite are correct; but remember that keeping the sordid realities close to the vest is an old, old trick with radically authoritarian regimes. Keeping more than a certain number out of "official" records is far less dangerous to the security of these authoritarians. It limits the damage that leakage of the true numbers from loose lips within the regime that might otherwise, were the actual extent of the oppression and outright murder to be known, might provoke resistance from those to whom no hope remained. Terrorized people will tolerate a lot, but if they feel themselves to have nothing further to lose, they sometimes rise up.

And besides the number of actual state-sanctioned executions there might be, reflect upon the aggregate accumulation of deaths of despair (alcoholism in the SU was a major problem) and how these add to the death count in that society.

We're seeing it here in the USA, only here it is denominated as The White Death; i.e., early deaths of white citizens, whose jobs have been given away to other nations so that the Wall Streeters and ghouls such as Romney can make huge bank through this ploy, and increasingly through these workers' replacement right here via H1B's and the like.

How do they die? Through drug and alcohol abuse, certainly; but also because their health plans were taken away, and they cannot afford the costs of consistent monitoring of their health status any longer, and additionally, absent these plans the cost of medicine makes it out of reach even when they have an actionable diagnosis and known regimen of drugs to address their issues. People can, and do, die of broken hearts and broken minds, too.

So, don't come here lamenting poor, poor Josef Stalin's besmirched reputation, please. Any state-mandated murders, or pervasive oppression on the basis of ideological justifications should earn that regime a bad reputation. Amd even now, Ocasio-Cortez and Tlaib are agitating for similar tendencies to be established here. Do you have a problem with that, or not?


Seward: active executions and forced labor starvation, esp in Ukraine I believe is where hard to tally death numbers come from. I too have heard no one can now know for sure, so one has to deal with a wide range of numbers - . Just like Mao's Red China - starved them to death through forced labor is still dead at the hands of the state.

Certainly the starvation and deprivation hardships Russia faced during WWII simply stagger our western comfort mindsets too. Take away co-morbid "covid" deaths which drops numbers down to maybe 10K, (CDC) and it is obvious we are made of far less sterner stuff when it comes to sacrifice and death in this country.

Our parents grew up losing at least one sibling. We grew up losing childhood friends. Science marches on to new expectations about death and dying. Would not trade the good old days on that account; but this mortality rejection is wearing thin now too -

........if doing XYZ saves just one life ..... it is worth it. Maybe, maybe not. But such is the measurement we appear to be using today. This is a new measurement, compared to only a few decades ago when death did stalk with more regularity. Even old people died back then.


Must be hitting a nerve!I think you can often judge someone by their enemies,so in away a compliment.I appreciate all the good work,thx

John Christopher Wheeler

Fight the good fight. You actually post great er posts. I am a NEW DEAL on economic issues, and socially libertarian. I don't agree with some posts..I do agree with some posts..I am glad you post!


I'm still in fighting shape Col, and at your service.


Bravo sir.

And absolutely right. Fuck 'em.

Diana L Croissant

All the threats are just the ramblings of persons who are afraid you are right and who then feel the need to spew all the propaganda they've heard and read in order to drown out the little soft voices or their own consciences.

Keith Harbaugh

On enumerating the deaths caused by Communist regimes,
there is a book claiming to address that:
"The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression" by Stéphane Courtois

Concerning striking parallels between
the Bolshevik attacks on Czarist Russia
and the ongoing attacks on / "deconstruction" of traditional America,
I think the work ("Russophobia") by Igor R. Shafarevich https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Igor_Shafarevich ,
contained in the following, is quite informative:

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