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02 November 2020


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Calif court just issued a permanent injunction against Gov Gavin Newsom's abuse of power by his granting "emergency executive orders" that have materially impacted the upcoming election.

The count found Gov Newsom had usurped the role of the legislature, by over-riding clear election law protections ... in the name of "covid safety". Writing new laws belongs exclusively to the Legislature; not the Governor so ruled thee courts.

Two beleagured state GOP legilators filed the law suit - which proves yet again, even when down and virtually out, never, never, never give up. Two GOP Davids slayed the Gov Newsom Democrat Goliath.

What in fact "brings us together" - our shared commitments to our constitutional compacts - both state and federal. In this land of "dual sovereignty. We are citizens both our our states and our national government - each entity protected and granted express powers and/or default powers.

US Constitution - a brilliant document. That is the fight for the soul of our country - to recommit to its founding principles. Best wishes to everyone tomorrow - because win lose or draw, this is how we set up this exceptional experiment in self-governance.

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