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07 November 2020


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Further, I'm glad you fully agree with Jason...did you do the analysis that I suggested to Jason, or will you keep viewing the world through the lens of anecdotes and emotions?

As the biblical Thomas i would like to put my fingers on the evidence. Since I can't, I would prefer to opt out for the time being. I would be prepared to give Trump four more years to clear up matters while draining the swamp.

I do occasionally vote the way Jason suggested. No other reason, I support him.

Now that I hear Sidney Powell is involved on the Trump-Election-Fraud-Proof-Force it may need much less time.

JM Gavin

I respect your voting habits (I have no business telling anyone how to vote), and I have devoted thirty years to defending your right to your vote, and your right to have your vote mean something.

I don't care for either Trump or Biden. I don't like either the D's or the R's. I care very deeply about the system of checks and balances and the Rule of Law.

If this process that is playing out before our eyes continues without lawful resolution, the system of checks and balances, and the Rule of Law itself is dead. That is the end of the Republic. You don't need to get worked up about that if it doesn't bother you, but you also should see things for what they are.



I just read Larry's UPDATE. In the past week, I've become aware of increasingly suspicious or outright obvious instances of likely election fraud. BUT, how can this be rectified? What can be done when ballots for Trump are thrown out by poll workers? What can be done if fraudulently back-dated envelopes are discarded? It seems to me that the only way to correct occurrences of these types is with a highly-supervised do-over, but is anything of the sort likely?


It’s entirely possible that Rudy intentionally went to the landscaping venue to shake the Money Tree.


Coming to SST to get beat up by lying Democrat gas-lighters is not how I choose to spend my final days on this planet.

Hearing all sides is one thing; getting battered by distortions and bald-faced political agendas is quite another. For that repugnant alternative, I can keep reading the WSJ. Not the more intimate environment of SST.


Yes, those “shit-hole banana republic” authoritarians and assorted despots elsewhere must be comforted by the fact that a presidential candidate here can receive a substantial majority of the popular vote and still not be elected. Conversely, they may lose the popular vote and still win, “So,there!”. Don’t try explaining the nuances of our system to them. As far as the legal blitzkrieg being launched by the trumpies, let them go for it if that’s where they wish to spend their time and resources instead of in GA. Of course that may not matter at all to Donald.


@AndreL - "...shake the money tree."

Perhaps? Four Seasons is a very large small business that specializes in landscaping commercial properties, and they have the contract for the Philadelphia Airport. But they have stated they would have also been glad to host a campaign event for any Presidential candidate regardless of party. And they just now started cashing in on their celebrity by selling stickers, tee-shirts and sweat-shirts advertising "Lawn and Order" and "Make America Rake Again". Not a dime of it going to Trump.


More interesting is that the first voter fraud witness that Giuliani called to the podium at Four Seasons is a convicted sex offender. His name is Daryl Brooks from New Jersey. He spent three years in jail in New Jersey for sexual assault, lewdness and endangering the welfare of a child. Why didn't Giuliani not even take time to vet his so-called witnesses? Rudy is a shitstorm and has hurt Trump more than he has helped him. He does more damage to his client than the Biden campaign does. You have to wonder: is Rudy really that nuts, or is he secretly working against Trump?


Kilo 4/11

@ john merryman "Yes and this election was like the wildebeest having to chose between the lions and the hyenas."

Failed simile.

We wildebeestes had a choice between safety and hyena/lion/snake.

The others ARE the hyenas, lions and snakes, and they voted for themselves.

Kilo 4/11

@ srw

The alleged Biden margin of 5 million “votes” is not a “fact” it is a massive fraud.

Take your razor and shove it where it hurts.


Trump just fired Esper

Kilo 4/11

Deap, hang in with us. Your thoughtful comments are needed. Little by little, (I'm rearing teen-agers, so time is tight and many other things to think/worry about) we'll refute the dems. But didn't you say the other day that you were going on a long walk by the ocean and weren't coming back? (Not that I want you to go!) Might have been Leith, I get you mixed up. Can't leave the field, eh?

blue peacock

More color on the statistical anomaly that Larry noted in his post.


It would appear that those 3-4am ballot dumps need to be investigated. Maybe they have now all been mixed in and can't be segregated. It would be interesting if a court decides to throw out those vote counts in the wee hours of the morning.


JMG, I am denying that I have seen clear evidence of criminal action. I admit the vote was close, nearly as many voters dislike Trump as president as love him. But that does not indicate an election was stolen.
As for predator and prey. I think there are many levels in between, and aren't we all worm meat in the end. Does that make worms super predators and the rest of us prey?

JM Gavin

I have never seen clear evidence that some Americans owned slaves in the past, or that Nazi Germany developed a systematic process to kill millions of "undesirables." I still believe that those events happened. Same goes for moon landings.

Great White sharks are just prey for the small crabs that eat the shark's carcass after it dies and sinks, then? Got it. Hope that outlook works out for you. It appears you and I have nothing in common, and we'll not see eye to eye on any topic.


LARRY Johnson

I take it you do not have a basic education in math? That's the only explanation I can come up with to account for your inability to recognize a blatant theft. The evidence is overwhelming. You only need to have an 8th grade reading ability to grasp the evidence.


Deap, a little common sense will tell you a vice president does not have the pull to get chief prosecutor fired in any independent country, nor can he withhold aid.

Biden therefore must have been a vessel for Obama's will on this errand, not his own. There's little chance Obama cared about Hunter Biden.



It's obvious W's statement is hypocritical. I pointed out a conflicting statement he made. That is not a an argument against hypocrisy.

JM Gavin

Fair enough...I wonder how the GWB of 2000 would respond to the same message from the GWB of today. I used to consider GWB to be a honorable man, unsuited to the tasks before him. I'm not sure if he changed, or if I was wrong all along. He's not worth the time to consider further. Funny how his dislike for Trump causes him to disregard all the things Obama and Biden said about him for eight years. They were still blaming him for everything wrong in the world well into Obama's second term.




I voted for Pat Buchanan in 2000 but was glad Gore didn't win. An encouraging sign during that campaign was Bush saying he didn't believe in nation building. But 9/11 changed everything unfortunately. I thought we could drive a wedge between the Taliban and Al Quaeda by eliminating the latter and leave, letting the militias keep the weapons we gave them.

JM Gavin

I was in Afghanistan when they made the "switch" to nation-building. This was through the summer and fall of 2002.

Our CONOPS starting getting kicked back if we used words like capture, eliminate, interdict, etc. At first we were a bit befuddled, looking at each other, saying "it seems like they want to start some sort of nation-building nonsense." We found that unlikely, given all the complaints from the Republicans during the prior decade of nation-building at the pointy end of Bill Clinton's foreign policy.

The it became clear that was exactly what was going on. Some colonel came by, and told us "effective 1 January, combat is over, and Phase Four reconstruction starts."

Those of us out on the ground found that odd, as it really seemed like the war was just getting started. Of course, at that time, there were only a few hundred Coalition troops "out on the ground" away from Bagram and Kabul. My "firebase" with two teams had half of Helmand, all of Nimruz and Farah, and half of Herat provinces. That's twenty-some muldoons covering down on about 20% of Afghanistan.

That was my second tour. I realized then that the train was off the rails. Took several more tours until I figured out (around 2008) that we were losing.

And the rest is, as they say, history.




Thank you for the inside scoop on our foreign policy from a soldiers point of view. I voted for Trump because he hasn't gotten us into a new war and is working on getting us out of Afghanistan. Biden will undo all that.

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