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07 November 2020


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john Merryman

Looking ahead, I'm thinking the old saying about being careful what you wish for, you might get it. The powers that be know the status quo is not sustainable on so many levels, so they assume there can be a controlled demolition and they will still be on top of a smaller pile.
The problem is that when the needle goes from greed to fear, it's not the bankers in charge, it's the generals coming out to "restore order."
They won't have Trump to blame, when they find out what real Fascism is.
Respect and responsibility hold society together. Fear and greed tear it apart.
Personally I wrote in Assange/Manning. They had the guts to look the Beast in the eyes and not blink. History will treat them accordingly.
Just because the mob is nailing you to the cross, doesn't mean you have lost. The fight for the integrity of this society has only just begun.


re: the covid19 lockdowns will continue until all small business owners are eliminated

But that elimination of "all small business owners" is not a goal, it is a side effect. Or put it that way - just a symptom, not the disease.

When you fall on the knees hard there's a chance that you bleed or get a bruise - also a side effect and with sane people not the goal.

What is the alternative?

Open it all up? Now, immediately, so that right before for election Wall Street reports nice numbers, underlining your incredible success (hope - increasing numbers of votes?). Which makes every potential voter as happy as, say, a Trump signature on a thus delayed CVID-19 help check (hope - increasing numbers of votes?).

Perhaps people would more like to go to the toilet if every paper there was similarly signed (hope - increasing numbers of votes?). That approach may even turn a nasty diarrhea epidemic into an election tool.

I read that one large biker event in the US (in some state south east) - with races, plenty close contact and boozing - turned out to be a super spreader event, made worse by attendants then traveling back home though the entire country. Net result iirc ~600.000 new infections.

That's in German a GAU (größter anzunehmender Unfall = ~ greatest assumable accident). Chernobyl was a GAU. Fukushima also.

A US equivalent would likely be FUBAR or SNAFU. Mishandling and deliberately low playing the COVID-19 epidemic already has, in just one year, caused much more US casualties than the entire Vietnam war.

In that context the elimination of "all small business owners" is collateral damage of an ego on rampage and not Biden's or the Democrat's fault, let alone goal. Their influence on the Trump administration was exactly zero.

Contrast that with Kushner reportedly asking a NY family doctor - a friend of a friend - for advice on COVID-19 when he could have just asked the professional, experienced and specialized epidemiologist Fauci in DC (but that man gave the unwanted answers?).

That written, Fauci's influence on Trump apparently was also zero. He disagreed with Dr. Trump too often and I read that Dr. Trump, in his reality show style, wanted to fire him after re-election. No surprise there.

John Merryman

"And, yes, I am a predator.'
Yes and this election was like the wildebeest having to chose between the lions and the hyenas.
The issue isn't so much predators and prey, as power and the endless accumulation of it. More is always better. Predators only take what they need, keeping the prey healthy and alert.
People are linear and goal oriented, while nature is cyclical, reciprocal and feedback generated.
The bull is power. The matador is art.


It will be interesting to see if "the system" defeats this democrat coup.

It reminds me of a sentence- A republic IF you can keep it.

Seen from the outside the US just made itself the laughingstock of the world and officially became a banana republic with this election.🤷‍♂️

Dr. Puck

One thing you can do is present the material evidence that verifies vote fraud at the scale able to overturn the purported legal vote has occurred. Although, it would also be worthwhile to present verifiable vote fraud of any amount.

I saw OAN play most of Rudy's presentation at a landscaping company in Pennsylvania yesterday. From that I would suggest you're looking for fraud in some other direction, and at the scale of tens of thousands of votes in Wisconsin, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania.

I have not seen any review of any supposed system through which mail-in ballots may be used to add illegal votes. To me the basic problem is how to beat the bar codes, the signature match, and the anchoring with registration rolls—all this, so that you can cheat without getting caught.

One other aspect is the coordination problem and the human resources required to cheat at a large enough scale.

It is also possible that this is yet another leftist perfect crime against which the Constitutionalist white hats and modern forensics are completely helpless.

blue peacock


What are the credible list of evidence of fraud that created the tens of thousands of ballots for Biden that is beyond a reasonable doubt for a court to rule on, other than the statistical anomaly that Larry notes?

What are the current court challenges that the Trump campaign are litigating?

It would appear that the Trump campaign needs courts to rule in favor of re-counts with specific and unambiguous rules for determining the validity of a ballot. How would such a re-count catch the tens of thousands of ballots that are claimed to be fraudulent?

JM Gavin

In a time of in which extraordinary hypocrisy has become all too common, George W. Bush sets a new standard for tone-deaf double standards:


"The outcome is clear?" Just like it was "clear" less than a week after Election Day in 2000? Did I imagine a 45-day gap while GWB exhausted all legal avenues?

I voted for GWB twice, and spent every day of his administration in the military. I fought in the wars he started. I've never been one to dwell on things I wish I have done differently, but I really wish I could go back and not vote for GWB. I know he's a swamp creature; that's been obvious from the start. I just didn't realize what an absolute hypocritical buffoon he was until now.



Great post, we had already done all those except cancel Netflix.

Since we get Netflix for free via T-Mobile, we will not cancel.

No more trips to Disney or Universal.

No Scarlet Witch or Aquaman 2.

Sent e-mail to Marco Rubio, "Your silence will be remembers in 2024."


I rarely post here. Here’s a copy of what has not yet appeared at that ‘Alt-news’ site Off-G. Maybe you will consider the parallels I draw with recent U.K. plebiscites. Thanks.

“We lie , cheat and steal “
The election in a nutshell.
Declaring one self elected and having the controlled media shouting it as settled – WHEN all the votes haven’t been counted and any recounts aren’t held is – STEALING
stuffing Postal Votes is CHEATING
Declaring a result before a verified count is LYING.
These people don’t ever plan to ACTUALLY have a fair plebiscite- they just plan to cheat lie and steal.
As they did to the UK a year ago in the GE to depose the only real resistance they have had since 1983.
As they did with the PV fraud that tipped the BrexShit referendum in 2016 and the Scottish Indy ref before that.
Trump had a chance to fire the Pompus arse when he declared a interference on another country’s election, by unleashing his GAUNTLET to stop Corbyn!
That was the major failure of the Trump team to curtail these praetorians because they too are beholden to these who have real control on defining National Interests, the gods of big Money, Men and Women who live in the hidden heights in the Pathocracy of Oz. Where they dangle the reward of a seat at their table – to encourage their sociopathic CEO’s who they install in Power to deliver their ends.
It has never been as obvious as it is today – yet the deluded still believe the media and think something has CHANGED!
Like they believed Obama was the Change. He was just passed a baton in a illusion of democracy and reality of controlled oppositions. he dropped more bombs and destroyed Libya and damned near destroyed Syria and would have passed the trigger to Hillary to do more and destroy Iran and Venezuela.
If Harris is inaugurated in January – nato will be putting boots in on the ground within months.
We will be killing civilians by their tens of thousands and our ‘boys & heroes’ will be coming back in bits in body bags and trauma wards daily.

Is it too early to say ‘chickens coming home to roost’ ?

Is it also not obvious there is no ‘hard left’ in the US? As there isn’t in the U.K.? The same people have used the same methods on the only social democrats in both countries.

Hell yes I say President Trump is a Social Democrat - by deed if not word.

I am not planning on making any replies if this comment is published unless the author or the colonel want.
Kind regards to all.

John Credulous

Mail in ballots, does this help:

USPS photographs all the mail that goes through their system.
WASHINGTON — The Postal Service on Friday confirmed that it takes a photograph of every letter and package mailed in the United States — about 160 billion pieces last year — and occasionally provides the photos to law enforcement agencies that request them as part of criminal cases.

The entire ruling class has turned their back on Trump - It. Is. Over. The USSC will screw him, because they can.

Guns - Fuggedaboutit - better think about ammo - getting scarce.

Provocations - expect them - shameless of course - they will literally empower bums to enforce unjust rules - to provoke a reaction - don't be a reactionary - don't respond in a way that "they" can use as an excuse for a real clamp down. Have no doubt, they will create some political theater to advance their agenda, it is all that they are good at. Expect a lone gunman.

Think Ruby Ridge. They will tolerate no challenge to their authority.

Ride this for two years until the mid-terms. Patience is the key here, and the "goal" - is the deplorables (or soon to be Les Miserables) gaining an effective plurality. This goal is won through clear explanation of the why's and how's of current events.

Mohamed Morsi - slim plurality and acted as if he had a mandate, and guess what ?

They have promised the spongers and gold brickers too much. Pelosi and Schemer will pander but not share power.
Encourage a split in their ranks. Expect the middle class to be blamed for everything and taxed accordingly.

Larry - all of your recommendations are good - i would add - stop watching TV and listening to the radio - only use your PC / tablet / phone to "graze" the media that you trust. Imagine the person who wakes up at 6AM to go to work and turns on the TV for GMA. Or the radio for NPR. Where is "space" for mental clarity - to allow mental connections to be made and analyses to be formed. MSM acts like the beast of the Apocalypse. Turn it off.

They'll run the country straight into the ground with there identity politics. Will China, Russia, Brazil, India and Iran be standing idly by marking time ?

Question - for how many years will "they" be blaming Trump for all of their failures.

Colonel Lang, now more than ever, your leadership is needed.

Diana L Croissant

I too would rather lose an election than have an election "stolen" by underhanded means. I want our elections to be conducted fairly and without underhanded attempts to "steal" the election or to set up procedures to "insure" that the election go the way some underhanded politicians and media outlets and Silicon Valley billionaires want it to go.

Sadly, I feel the election will be stolen this time if the Democrats get their way. I will without reserve say that I truly wanted and still want Trump to win the election.

How many political figures can you name who have had crowds of thousands of people travel to large rallies and shout "We Love You" to their candidate of choice? The man is nothing like what most people expect in a politician. And that is exactly why those crowds of people wanted him to win. He is definitely not a "politician" to those people. He is one of what the crowd, the billions of the the "unwashed" that most of our regular politicians claim they work for but whom those politicians have nothing but disdain, sees as a possible "savior" of some sort.

Thus, the brainwashed youngsters destroying cities and the overpaid "news" hosts cheer those "useful idiots" on while believing they will soon be considered part of the "intelligentsia" and the "vanguard" of the new order.

It's what happens when we allow the minds of our youth to shrivel and turn to Swiss Cheese while wasting their youth in so-called "educational" institutions.

It breaks my heart that many of my parents' generation grew up listening to their elders, the people of my great-grandparents' and my great aunts' and uncles' generations, tell horror stories about the Bolsheviks coming into their villages and s=taking over their farms and forcing their boys into conscription into the revolution or else.

I feel ashamed that my generation and thee younger generation did not ever really study or read or learn and can not now understand what is happening to them and their children's generations.

The only hope is in a continued rise in the number of home schooled, private schooled, charter schooled, and Christian schooled young people who are now growing into adulthood. I hope there are enough of them.


Why are Biden forces rushing anything? No deadlines are being missed. In fact, just the opposite. This is supposed to be a careful process, to ensure the integrity of the people's choice.

And Inauguration is not for two and a half more months. This current Democrat/media rush to judgement is suspicious.

Chill, Democrats. Stop creating even more chaos. Or after 4 years, is daily chaos just a hard habit for you to break? We are so done with your double-speak. You betrayed us.


"Here is where we see the sloppiness of the Democrat plot against Trump–the Dems foolishly forgot to cook the books on the House and the Senate. Trump’s coat tails brought significant gains in the House of Representatives and prevented a wipeout in the Senate. It is historically and statistically improbable that Republicans win back seats in House and hold the Senate while Trump allegedly lose..."

In the Upper Midwest, where my family hails from, I have seen a dynamic unfold which offers some explanation. The wealthy, Republican side of my family...who always vote Republican...they hate Trump and either voted Biden or Libertarian while casting votes for the Republican Party down ballot. A sizeable chunk of their social circle did also.

I am not saying Biden won fair and square, but Repulicans keeping the Senate and gaining in the House isn't evidence of foul play.

Larry C Johnson

You are showing willful ignorance or just unwilling to accept history as a guide. When the down ticket performs as it did it is because of the President. That's one of the reasons the Republicans lost the House in 2018.
Moreover, there is clear evidence of hundreds of thousands of ballots in the so-called battleground states showing only a vote for Biden. Real voters don't do that.

JM Gavin

Voter fraud is much easier in heavily-populated urban areas.

Most of the areas in which the fraud is occurring for this election have Democrat US Representatives in "safe seats," so you should not expect to see complaints from Republican candidates. Further, U.S Senate seats only stand for election every six years. As a result, only ~1/3 of seats are subject to this election. Go to the list of "battleground states" which are presumed to have been the sites of widespread fraud, and look how many Republican Senators were actually running for re-election in those states.

If you drill down on the candidates and the (blue or red) nature of the districts involved, you'll draw the conclusion that fraud wouldn't have an effect on the US Representative or Senator results in areas in question.


Larry C Johnson

Strongly encourage all to read this:



Jason has a good point about the down ballot votes. I've seen the same thing at our VFW chapter. One guy there has not voted a straight Republican ticket since Hanoi Jane visited Nam 48 years ago. This year he said he could not in good faith vote for Trump, but would vote GOP on the rest of the ballot. Our House Representative, a Republican, won handily.


Don't pretend you did an analysis ...
Posted by: JM Gavin | 08 November 2020 at 09:32 AM

Anatoly Karlin did a pretty good analysis as far as I am concerned. You may want to take a look at it. As a Russian living in the US he may well be considered an objective observer. No dogs in the fight. At least I don't think he has dual citizenship. Neither can he be described as adherent to the liberal order.


On the other hand Andrew KORYBKO (American, still in Moscow?) suggests on different places on the web, that the
election fraud is in fact the materialization of the coup feared since late 2016 early 2017: The Anti-Trump Regime Change Sequence Is Worthwhile Studying, 06/11/2020

I fully agree with Jason, was on my mind too when reading the article.


JM Gavin

I heard GW Bush also said Trump had a right to contest the election.



YouTube may remove the opinions of Thomas Wictor, so here is a non-YouTube link:


Thomas Wictor claims that POTUS has a flexible plan. POTUS will probably win in court, but even if he doesn't, Wictor claims that POTUS will use CISA and NCSWIC to force a federal audit of the elections. An audit is not simply a recount: it allegedly would involve armed federal auditors.



Interesting... If CISA is staffed with clean people and the chain of command isn't compromised this could be a watershed. If not, it would be like the rest of the establishment: another enemy inside the wire. We will find out shortly...


Lol.deplorable.trump must not concede or whatever.He won.

4 years and 4 days.Starting From 20/1/2017.day of inauguration...not over yet

Yeah, Right

Dr. Puck "I have not seen any review of any supposed system through which mail-in ballots may be used to add illegal votes."

I assume that the key is identifying who is on the books but is no longer living at their old address (or who never existed at all, though the address is valid) because such a person will be sent a ballot paper but won't be at that address to receive it.

What happens to the envelope after that?

If Nasty People take delivery of it then they have a perfectly legitimate ballot paper that they can fill in any way they want and then "post" it of into the system.

Or am I missing something that would prevent this?



"I read that one large biker event in the US (in some state south east) ..."

You can't be talking about bike week in Sturgis, South Dakota as that was in August and drew less than half a million and the death total - I notice you didn't talk about people dying - was reported as being one person. That other "biker event" was in Daytona Beach the second week of March. Months ago.

That was at the same time Cuomo's Covid killing spree in the nursing homes was just starting. Lots of people fled NY (the same way the just left Paris), also NJ, RI, MA, NH and the rest of New England. Most of them for destinations along the East coast of Florida.

"Net result iirc...." You didn't remember correctly. That didn't result in massive hospitalization rates or death counts either. Got anything more recent than a Biden campaign talking point that scares old white folks?

JM Gavin

Okay, I took a look at it.

You quoted me from a discussion regarding policy differences betwen Biden and Trump. How does a Russian article about fraud have any bearing on policy?

Further, I'm glad you fully agree with Jason...did you do the analysis that I suggested to Jason, or will you keep viewing the world through the lens of anecdotes and emotions?

That makes his statements less hypocritical for you? Good for you.


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