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07 November 2020


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Knowing what I do about computers and networks, there should be ample evidence of what actually transpired; good, bad, or just sloppy. The question in my mind is whether the appropriate authorities will actually bother to look. The understanding that no one will be looking is usually what emboldens the useful idiot or quisling to do their master's bidding.

I have a feeling the deep state had the MSM call the election in the hopes that the Supreme Court might decide to let any cheating slide if they though the ultimate outcome represented the actual wishes of the majority and that overturning it could potentially rip the country apart. So they are trying to create that illusion. A dangerous game given that I suspect most of the 20 million odd veterans would consider themselves deplorables. Myself included.


Thank for keeping the spotlight on this topic.

Pelosi-Clinton played their hands too brazenly too - "don't concede, whatever you do Biden, do not concede until days after Election Day." When they mades these statements, I thought it odd they seem to know something.

Time to find those statements and now parse them very carefully. Also struck by coincidence the appearance of the Law firm of Brownstein, Farber, Hyatt and Shreck - in cahoots with DNC, Pelosi and voting data machines.

The same law firm is also a big time Democrat lobbyist, who managed to get the Obama Coronation Ceremony held in Denver 2008, in another rigged DNC convention. (Wiki has interesting links to Denver Post story about this firm)s

From Townhall: ........"One of the most interesting aspects of this, as pointed out by NOQ Report, is that Dominion Voting Systems has machines in more than one-third of the United States. They never had a lobbyist in Washington, D.C., until last year when they hired Brownstein Farber Hyatt & Schreck, a lobbying firm. One of the account's main supervisors is Nadeam Elshami, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-CA) former chief of staff.

Whether or not this was a glitch should be investigated, especially when it comes down to swing states. Areas in which this system was used should have a hand recount so voters know their votes were tabulated correctly. A glitch in one county is probable. A glitch in multiple counties in multiple states sounds like it could potentially be a bigger systemic problem. ......."

Reason this caught my eye is this law firm has a branch in my little Calif town, far from DC or LA or SF or Sacramento. Why are they here?


Reminder from RedState, who the Dems started out with and who they actually ended up with:

Tom Steyer, Deval Patrick, Andrew Yang, Marianne Williamson, Elizabeth Warren, Eric Swalwell, Joe Sestak, Bernie Sanders, Tim Ryan, Beto O’Rourke, Wayne Messam, Jay Inslee, Kamala Harris, Tulsi Gabbard, John Hickenlooper, *** Amy Klobuchar, Kirsten Gillibrand, Mike Gravel, John Delaney, Julián Castro, Pete Buttigieg, Steve Bullock, Cory Booker, Joe Biden, Bill de Blasio, Michael Bennet, and Michael Bloomberg

***Hickenlooper now also associated with the DC lobbying Law Firm - Brownstein, Farber, Hyatt and Schreck, which is now also linked to the widespread use of certain voting data machines.

What is that line about "no coincidences in politics"?


Larry -

It was not just black church ladies, white suburban housewives, and college kids that elected Biden. Biden's coalition included lots of Republicans, I guess you would call them RINOs. Republicans of the Lincoln Project put out hundreds of million dollars of ads targeted against Trump and Trumpism. But no matter how much they hated Trump, on the down ballot they voted a straight Republican ticket as they are not braindead. The Lincoln Project was just the tip of the GOP iceberg against Trump. Besides the Lincoln Project there are six other national level Republican organizations that endorsed Biden over Trump. That is the source of the House gains and stability in the Senate. It was not due to sloppy plotting, that dog won't hunt.

There are many other Republicans that were disgusted with Trump and his policies and spoke out about it, or endorsed Biden, or endorsed Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen, or just spoke out against Trump and his policies. That includes currently or formerly serving 15 Republican Governors, six Republican Senators, and 36 Republican US Representatives. Plus hundreds of other Republican officials from the Executive Branch, Judges, State Legislators, and various Republican political strategists & pundits.




I am waiting to see what Crowdstrike has to say about computer voting glitches. After they don't investigate the actual machines.


DO NOT despair. This morning the prophet said that God will expose the fraud.

As the prophet has said earlier Trump will get 270 and win after Thanksgiving.


I do not think there was any systematic voting fraud even locally, but I agree that the election was stolen. Because hundreds of thousands(millions?) of lazy democrats voted that wouldn't have voted otherwise, if not for the availability of covid mail-in voting(next step, Dems will want an online vote) .

Seamus Padraig

The latest coup attempt is a mixture of audacity and sloppiness.

That latter part, the sloppiness, is what bothers me. It's almost as if they wanted us to know. I mean, they coulda just stolen the election the usual way, with the Diebold machines. As long as the popular vote count difference is within the margin of error, Diebold could change the exact count at the touch of a button--and nobody would ever know!

So why this blatant, in-your-face fraud instead of the low-key approach? Well, I can think of only two possible explanations:

1.) Trump's margin of victory in these states was so big that is was outside the margin of error, and the Democrats' internal polling told them that long before election day (even as their media continued to push the bogus external polls on us). Or ...
2.) They actually do want us to notice the fraud. It's a deliberate provocation on their part, and they're hoping we do something dumb in response so that they can declare all of us deplorables to be 'terrorists'.

Absent more evidence, right now I'm leaning towards explanation #2.


re: What is that line about "no coincidences in politics"?

Well, accidentally there ARE SOME COINCIDENCES. Be careful to avoid falling for "reinforcement of pre-existing bias" (sorry if I fail to find a shorter but as accurate formulation).

As far as bias goes, I made a Trump vs Biden policy test and has some 80% agreement with Biden and 15% with Trump. That said, reality matters and results are not what one likes them to be.

For instance anyone who says or expects COVID-19 to disappear though wonders is a simply a moron on an unwise way. It would be a wonderful ting to happen, but sadly it is impossible. A wonder also didn't stop the Spanish Flu from killing ~100 million after WW-I.

I saw that in media from US, UK and Germany about US politics. The authors wrote it as they wanted it to be and not as it necessarily was. I saw it as a possibility that Trump would be re-elected. I didn't buy these media's take and sadly I turned to be right. Anyway, to them Trump was done in that view weeks ago - and yet it is a hairy result in this election.

Larry B Johnson.
re I am now stunned to witness that this Republic–thanks to the craven and corrupt actions of politicians, business leaders and the media–behave like a shithole banana republic

Well again, what I always thought when I read Trump utter his "drain the swamp" phantasy was that what he actually wanted replace it with a swamp of his own, inhabitated by creatures like the perpetuate Obama blocker in the senate Mitch McConnell, who will revive that approach under Biden.

It will be hard for Biden under that to get any law, ambassadors, political government employees or judges though the senate. He'll as a result be a weak president, absurdly forced to rule Trump style with solo president acts. At that point expect McConnell, Donny Jr & Eric and Ivanka Trump to yell loud 'TYRANNY!!!' and being close to a stroke with foam at the mouth.

As for 'shithole banana republic' ... I see a thug's business approach in Trump's attempt to coerce Ukraine to throw dirt on Biden at the price of approved but Trump blocked US aid. I see the same thing in his calls on China to do the very same thing, somewhat not so genious in times of his severe compulsive penal taxeritis (for lack of a better idea?) or his self chosen trade war.

A few days ago Bannon, the perpetually half dead ex Whitehouser, vocalised some of his violent fantasies when he called for Anthony Fauci to be beheaded and his head to be presented at the whitehouse to the world on a pike.

Why? As a warning for bureaucrats in the federal government. Apparently that's Bannon's about approach 'we've thrown as much shit as the enemy as possible, some of it surely sticked'.

And another few days ago Donny Jr. screamed again about the election and alleged fraud, this time for a total war. Probably till the Endsieg.

To put it nasty, apparently Trump has made his own orange banana republic.


What is this hammer thing I am reading about, a subtle way to fix the election is alter votes across every county by a small margin, perhaps Trump did even better than expected and they realised this wouldn't be sufficient and went to plan B and halted counting to stuff the ballots.


Oh the gnashing of the dentures.luckily I am not American because I too would be unhappy if my man was beaten unfairly.However I must add that "the fly" on clinton in 2016 and then on pence during the debate made me realize that it was payback time.A poem is called for.

trumpets and strumpets
all strutting on red carpets
a raucous parade comes to town
bells and whistles,the odd clown
mainstreet awash in falling confetti
welcome this years joe and jilly
talking heads shriek on with the show
as contestants trade blow for blow
yesterdays leader welcomes tomorrows pro
all the same for those in the know



You will recall the old "Journ-o-list" scandal and are certainly not surprised by what is covered, or not:
Then there's this from a week ago:
Michigan officials investigating voter registration 'irregularities' in Muskegon
What makes them think they didn't vote on the 3rd?

Stats of swing state mail in advantage for Biden:
PA +59.1%
MI +37.9%
OH +15.3%
GA +5.7%
AZ +3.9%
I think it is plain to see where the bigger fixes were in.

Regarding things to give up you left out gmail, instagram and snapchat just to name a few.

At least we can rest easy knowing who is in charge at DOJ Election Crimes division:

JM Gavin

Confused Ponderer,
While many seem to prefer a multi-millionaire tycoon that inexplicably became a politician, you prefer a politician that inexplicably became a multi-millionaire. That's fine, but I don't recall hearing any consistent policy from Joe Biden other than his promises to not be Donald Trump.

The truth is that you don't like Trump, or perhaps you don't like his policies. Don't pretend you did an analysis and decided that Biden has better policies, as we haven't seen any of Biden's policies.

You are fine with ignoring Biden's threats to withhold aid from the Ukraine unless they do XYZ, but it's a "thug's approach" when Trump does it?

You have a very appropriate screen name.


"For instance anyone who says or expects COVID-19 to disappear though wonders is a simply a moron on an unwise way. It would be a wonderful ting to happen, but sadly it is impossible. A wonder also didn't stop the Spanish Flu from killing ~100 million after WW-I."

Yes, ConfusedPonderer, the covid19 lockdowns will continue until all small business owners are eliminated. Just look at a Prague web cam and see the missing tens of thousands of tourists, look at Phuket in Thailand and see the 320 thousand people out of work as there are no tourists, look at all the airline, cruise line, hotel workers who are out of work. The lock downs will continue until all these industries are destoyed. It will continue until no one has a car anymore, it will continue and continue and continue.


President Trump is declared the winner of this election.


Why should it be difficult to vote, why make it difficult. Convenience is not the same as lazy.
I did wait in line for over 4 hours but why should that make my vote worth more.
The election was not stolen. Trump lost. Republicans are still in charge of the Senate and many state governments. Life goes on.

JM Gavin

Are you asserting that no criminal action occurred, or that the criminal action that did occur had no effect on the outcome?

There is substantial clear and concrete evidence of criminal action. Are you denying that? Denying that undeniable fact makes you appear either hopelessly partisan or easily duped. More on that later.

Did the criminal action which undeniably occurred affect the outcome of the election? That is a logical question, the answer of which remains unknown. If the answer is "yes," then the "election was stolen." If no, then it wasn't "stolen."

We don't yet know the answer to that question. If you want to remain credible, you should wait until the answer is known. If the answer is never know (as now appears may be the case), so be it. You should refrain from making bold assertions about things that aren’t known.

I don't really care that much about Trump or Biden. I do care deeply about the integrity of elections. I'd rather have President Biden than see Trump re-elected through fraud. While my personal politics are closer to Trump's policies than the Democrats' (as Biden has no policies), my respect for the system is far greater than my concern for the politics. I find both men boorish and uninteresting.

This is a very dangerous point in our history. If you don’t understand that, understand this: There are two kinds of people in the world, predators and prey. Our system of checks and balances is all we have to keep us from being nothing more than predators and prey. If you choose not to see this, understand that you are lunch, nothing more.

And, yes, I am a predator.



I hope to read a compilation of credible election fraud claims before too long, as well as the various possible remedies for them. I've been reading anecdotal reports that point to serious instances of fraud, but I don't know yet how widespread the fraud is. It appears that a computer software used by many states is particularly suspect, as well as testimonies of election and postal officials' orders to back date late-arriving ballots.

Besides these current anecdotes of fraud, it's generally suspicious that FL could produce near-complete results on election day but PA, which is millions smaller in population, couldn't. Likewise for OH which produced near-complete results on election day, but the less-populated states of MI, GA, NV, AZ, and WS couldn't.


A daily dose of MOTUS is good medicine. Plenty of people are asking the very same questions about this calculated, slow roll out election fraud: http://www.michellesmirror.com

Their argument was always increasing voter participation - how could you be against that, you racist, white supremacist.

Except every illegally cast ballot or illegally counted ballot disenfranchises a legally cast ballot, who now has absolutely no say in this nefarious tradeoff- cancel culture run amok. Indeed, a house divided cannot stand and what we are now experiencing is divisiveness on steroids.


confusedponderer, what was wrong about Trump asking about Crowdstrike during his short call with the Ukraine President? We still don't have the answers to the Clinton campaign ginned up Russiagate hoax, do we?

Word for word, how did Biden's bragging about withholding US aid to Ukranine until a prosecutor investigating his own son's Burisma operations compare to what you claim Trump said during his phone call?

It appears you leave out a lot of facts trying to get your point across, and perhaps is is you engaging in "confirmation bias". Keep talking so we can see if that claim is valid. This is a tough crowd here - not easily gas-lighted by specious charges.


Our system of checks and balances has a serious flaw never contemplated by the Founders - the recent growth of the massive, unionized government work force, who in fact are the ones who conduct our elections and count the votes.

The wholesale corruption and censorship of the "Fourth estate" means dictatorship; not democracy. Can independent blogs alone save this nation?

Because we know what happened starting the day Trump was inaugurated, and now learned had been happening well before he was even elected is deep rot within the deepest reaches of our own government. That does not go away. We know that in our bones.

A fraudulent Biden election and now this drum beat of Democrat and media gas-lighting does not make this go away. What is your next move. You cannot alter reality nor facts.

If we move on at this time, we move on to the next 70 days of the Trump presidency - what should he do while he still has his mighty pen and phone?


The rehabilitation of Megyn Kelly - even she, battered and bruised by Trump, cannot get trumped by"woke" Democrats. The battle for the soul of America has only just begun: https://redstate.com/nick-arama/2020/11/08/276760-n276760


Occam's razor is the principle that, of two explanations that account for all the facts, the simpler one is more likely to be correct. It is applied to a wide range of disciplines, including religion, physics, and medicine (and ELECTIONS)

Trump lost both the popular vote by over 5 million votes and the Electoral College vote. Deal with it.


Mandatory recounts are required in many states when there is a very small percentage difference in the vote counts - often 0.05%. Whether the media declares a candidate won or not. It appears several swing states may meet that threshold which means nothing is over, until it is over.

And it has nothing to do with either candidate; it has everything to do with that state's election law.

Gas-lighting Democrats cannot trump these recount requirements. But they certainly out in force working hard to sway pubic opinion into not accepting a final official outcome that goes against their media "selection" of the next president.

Democrats are pure evil and do not have any national interests at heart. Otherwise they would not need to build this current house of cards. Glad there remains sufficient stature in the opposition media to call them on this.

We will fight on the beaches, the hills and the trenches , etc........... until victory is ours. And a clean election is our victory - not the candidate, but protecting and preserving a clean process. The current mainstream media is a declared enemy of the people, and is proving this every single day


When you have the wealth inequality of central america you get the political corruption of central america - where all of the media outlets are controlled by competing clans and the infastructure of democracy (the federal police (FBI), the prosecutors, and in the worst case scenarios the judges) are working for competing oligarchical clans.


Yesterday Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, held a press conference in Philadelphia. The presser was held in the parking lot of a landscaping business called the Four Seasons. Trump apparently not knowing the details from Rudy first tweeted it would be held at the luxury Four Seasons Hotel. The parking lot is next door to a pornographic bookstore and across the street from a crematorium. Much of the press walked out after seeing the venue.

Rudy has aged into a demented shell of his former self. He (Rudy) recently tweeted “Why did the US (NIH) in 2017 give $3.7m to the Wuhan Lab in China?”. He had apparently forgotten who was president in 2017. Rudy is now the subject of investigations into money laundering and being an unregistered foreign lobbyist by the very same US Attorney's office that he used to run. He is now reduced to running commercials for a marketer of Cigars. Not that there is anything wrong with cigars, I like an occasional smoke myself. Sad that he has fallen so low. You can't do any worse for your client than what Rudy has done to Trump. And why would Trump ever have hired him in the first place? It does not say a lot for Trump himself that he would hire such a cartoonish figure.

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