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05 November 2020


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I love how Putin has been reprimanding Erdogan over his 'importing' Syrian jihad types to Azerbaijan to fight the Armenian 'infidels' as both Erdogan and the jihad's call them. The jihadists are being provided a $2,000 per month stipend to fight against Armenia.

With Armenia falling under the umbrella defense pacts with Russia, Putin has let Erdogan and the Azerbaijani Prez know in no uncertain terms that if they continue their follies, they will be fighting not only Armenia, but the full weight and breadth of the Russian Military.

Putin is quite angry with outsiders like Turkey interfering in the Nagorno-Karabakh situation.

Putin saved Erdogan from being skinned alive by an assassination attempt, I don't think any future assassination attempts against Erdogan, will receive Putin's forewarning.

Laura Wilson

Thanks for this...I always find these updates fascinating. Helps me digest the "regular" news with some background.

Patrick Armstrong

Yeah. I think Erdogan has passed his best before date as far as VVP is concerned. But Putin never loses sight of the long game.

Bill H

I always treasure PA's Russian sitreps. Sort of like sitting behind the looking glass and getting a peek out at the real world. Refreshing to read real journalism instead of, "According to anonymous sources... and "Trump claimed without evidence that..."



I read Putin may be suffering from the onset of Parkinson's disease and is planning to step down early next year. Is there any truth to that?


Agree with your Black Box analogy Patrick, those on the outside can only be reactive as opposed to decisive. These bills were foreshadowed at the beginning of VVP’s current term. I saw them as a vehicle for the transition of this and future Presidents from the Office of President to a collective of knowledge as to what happened yesterday. For VVP it will mean losing the day to day but to retain input into critical decision making, a sort of working retirement. You have reported how the new governing elite are being built and tested. Interesting that Kudrin has just made, in my opinion, a clumsy move to once again raise his political profile. VVP’s sideways move looks to be late 2021, early 2022 latest for a simple best guess.



Interesting news on detecting cancer. Thank you.

Patrick Armstrong

According to Bryan MacDonald, whom I regard as a pretty reliable reporter, the source is a well-known and very unreliable rumour promoter.
All sorts of crap is disseminated about VVP.


Patrick & Fred - re cancer diagnosis via analytes in the blood, it has been going on for a long time.

"Raman spectroscopic probing of blood components and of whole blood has been on-going for more than four decades and has proven useful in applications ranging from the understanding of hemoglobin oxygenation, to the discrimination of cancerous cells from healthy lymphocytes, and the forensic investigation of crime scenes."

From the Journal of the Society of Applied Spectroscopy by Canadian researchers.

You can download the full article at: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/0003702816686593

But that effort has also been going on at NYU, MIT, and some outfit in Tel Aviv.


Always enjoy these sitreps, thanks Patrick!

Usually where there is a large difference between the polls and the outcome, there is a reasonable suspicion that the election was not fair and free.


Russian exit polls suggested a fair and free election in 2018 for president.

So blah blah blah about Gooses and ganders for the country of the shining beacon on the hill - window washer please?

Patrick Armstrong

Of course I'm talking about the Putin clone. The real one died years ago. (Time to do another edition of nonsense about VVP)

Patrick Armstrong

Yes, by and large, grosso modo, Russian election results fit the numerous polls pretty well. Anomalies like very high votes in Chechnya are explained, I think, by the nature of Chechen society with teips and elders and so on who can get the word out that VVP is the best choice for Chechens.

Patrick Armstrong

AS I said Sputnik sometimes gets a little premature with science announcements and I guess it has here. There's a Russian proverb that you shouldn't divide up the skin of a bear before killing it.


Boris Bazhanov, Stalin’s former personal secretary, claimed that Stalin said: "Я считаю, что совершенно неважно, кто и как будет в партии голосовать; но вот что чрезвычайно важно, это кто и как будет считать голоса."

There is quite a dustup going on concerning the veracity or not of the claim of this attribute to Stalin vs Bazhsanov. Snopes as well as Facebook factcheck are dissing it and have gone so far as to delete delete delete regarding it, which has caused quite a tizzy.



Yes, however this report is of a mobile unit with a 45 minute response time. Sounds like a big improvement in the process. It would be interesting to know the failure rates of false positives/negatives.

Patrick Armstrong

For the non Russianists the quotation is the one about how it doesn't matter who votes, it's who counts them that is important. Bazhanov appears to the the sole source



Have you seen the Russian TV documentaries/interviews with the SVR director on his SVR turf? One of the journos that was granted access to the SVR HQ, was awe struck.

Noticed that it's the same anywhere one goes in the Intelligence world, they all have cafeterias. I saw that and laughed over that one.


Russia's MOD getting a Naval Logistics Base - Sudan.


How is this going to play out with the Chinese PLA in the same watering hole? Who will get first dibs at the water trough?



Putin met with the heads of Defense, Federal Agencies, and Defense Companies, the summary of the meeting was published on the President's webiste Nov. 11th.

IMO Putin is sending a not so subtle message to both the Biden camp and their NECON pond scum, that Russia isn't going to play their games.

“It is absolutely clear that the combat capability of the nuclear triad, and the capability of the army and navy on the whole to adequately and quickly respond to potential military challenges directly depend on the stability, effectiveness and reliability of these systems under any circumstances…

First of all, we need to work seriously to boost the survivability of the control systems…We all realise this, and we are aware that a lot depends on the survivability of these systems and their ability to continue operating in a combat environment…

In fact, we have to guarantee this even in the event of a nuclear strike…They have told me that the creation of an absolutely secure facility for controlling strategic nuclear forces, among others. is nearing completion, and that it will have a very high safety margin…

Let us discuss this today, too. Let us get down to work”.


And to underscore their seriousness, all one has to do is look at their body language etched on their faces and how they're sitting in their chairs.



Here's some more of just how serious and down to business that Putin and the MOD are:

Putin's new nuclear hardened strategic command post.



Putin's message to Biden and his NECON/NEOCON war mongering pond scum is quite clear.

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