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09 November 2020


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WSJ stuns me with their headlines and 100% gaslighted President-Elect Biden including his entire agenda and outcomes. Conceding he played it smart never saying anything and never coming out of his basement. Yet they now gloat about the good times to come based entirely on whole cloth.

Let me share a very small front page story today from our local paper who was one of two newspapers nationwide who did endorse Trump in 2016:


At this time, the Santa Barbara NewsPress is not calling Joe Biden the winner. The media that called the results since last Saturday is premature and incorrect.

President Trump has contested the results in numerous battleground stats, and with an election this close, it is irresponsible to make conclusions at this time.

All legal votes should be counted and all illegal votes should be discarded.

And any irregularities regarding the operation at polls, the validity of ballots and the possible software manipulation of voting computers must be resolved before a true winner is announced."

SBNewsPress - 11/9/2020

NB: This newspaper is privately owned by a wealthy individual, in a very blue "progressive" town which is dedicated to this daily paper's downfall and personal vilification of its philanthropic owner. Yet they were one of only two newspapers in the nation (world/) in 2016 with the prescience and guts to call it for Trump.


Brazil, China, Turkey, Russia and others are holding up on the Congrats Joe call. Bibi's gone all in on Biden though, some friend, eh?

Diana L Croissant

Fred, I would be careful if I were you. Agnew and/or Safire might come back to haunt you, accusing you for being one of the "effete elite," a simple "nattering nabob of negatism."

I know I am now probably getting my political parties mixed up; however, they are POLITICAL parties so they tend to meld together nowadays.

Thanks for the post. I enjoyed it.

Laura Wilson

Deap...as a Santa Barbarian myself (native), I beg to differ. Yes, Wendy McCaw (the paper's owner and living proof that bimbos are admitted into Stanford), did support Trump in an endorsement editorial in 2016 and again in 2020. Wendy has lost every single legal case brought against her paper by employees fired in violation of federal labor laws...she owes hundreds of court-ordered payments to those employees. She runs the newspaper as well as Trump runs his businesses....circulation is down to about 10,000 in an area with a population of 200,000. It is just another Libertarian rag...and I'll bet you get your local news from the Indie and Noozhawk just like the rest of us.

Her opinions about the election are shared by many...none of whom, apparently, have ever actually been poll workers, vote counters, or county elections officials. The conspiracy theories in this election are contradictory, overlapping, and statistically impossible. The election was about Trump....HE lost. Proof: down ballot GOPers did NOT lose. Voters were literally voting AGAINST Donald Trump. (Something y`all should understand clearly as so many in 2016 were voting AGAINST a Clinton!) Totally fair, totally understandable, totally honest. Occam's Razor.


Laura Wilson, there is a statistician that has found significant deviation in mail in ballots that went for Biden in the swing states - GA, PA, WI, MI, NV, AZ. So far off the statistical track the only conclusion is fraud, massive ballot dumps in the early morning of 11/4 when the results all started to skew to Biden. Check out the findings over at zero hedge. Quite convincing - math never lies.



"nattering nabob" would make a great nom de plume, I might have to take that up once I'm on AOC's naughty list.


"down ballot GOPers did NOT lose"

John James, the black Republican candidate in Michigan, did lose his race for the Senate. A race that had turnout exceed Barack Obama's in Detroit. The statistical down ballot drop off of people who only vote for President and no other candidate below that is about 3% of total votes. This election in multiple districts it was 6 times that. A 600% increase is a marker of fraud, not people who are fed up. The other major markers include the suppression of the analysis, just like the NYPost story of Hunter's laptop was suppressed.


A minor update via "shipwreckcrew" (a former federal prosecutor on Twitter):

Read the thread, but some highlights:
"In July and Aug. hotel/casino companies began advising employees of permanent layoffs and ending of salary assistance as required by union contracts. Unemployment rate in Clark County still 15% now."


"Clark County unemployment rate was 3.5% in Dec. 2019, and 35% in April.
There was an exodus out of Clark County by hourly wage workers.
BUT their info was all known to the SEIU and Teamsters. Easy to ask for ballots online in Nevada. Fill them out and return them. Done."


Espers been fired!


Bill Wade - Yup.

Trump fired him because Espers ordered the AF to put up combat air patrols over Wilmington Delaware when Biden was declared winner by all major media outlets. Giving air cover protection is the first trappings of power to a president-elect.


Dementia Joe has a long history of unconstitutional legislation and corruption.
Kamala Harris prostituted herself for political gain.
No morals, Ethics or personal integrity and willing to do anything for personal advantage.
Perfect DNC candidate.
A great match for dementia Joe.


Trump lost because more Americans were sick of him than those that loved him. In my state NC, Trump won by a narrow margin as did the Republican senator Thom Tillis. Much of the state officials went Republican also however Governor Cooper, a Democrat won. Why? because more voters thought he was kind,caring and a good governor than did not. Democrats aren't screaming voter fraud because Trump appears to have won.
Only one candidate can win and it was Biden. Don't be such sore losers. I agree let the process play out, if there should be states too close to call have a recount however come Inauguration day I firmly believe Biden will be president.


I'm hoping that when President Trump gives his State of the Union Address that he advises Nancy Pelosi that he will have her arrested if she pulls the same shenanigans she did last time.

Nancy, we're not sore losers, we're angry losers that will eventually become happy winners and, no, we won't be making lists of the oppostion.


Laura Wilsons report on the legal status of NewsPress owner is innacurate or distorted for her own purposes. But serves as a good example what is at stake in this town, if anyone dares go against the "progressive" orthodoxy.

Anyone interested should investigate this long tortured battle for an owner to retain control content of her own privately owned newspaper business - which was ultimately ruled in one winning case to be the owner's first amendment right.

The vindictiveness of the Left has no statute of limitations in this one curious private property case. Basis of the underly complaint was employees claimed they had superior ethical rights as journalists to defy the owner of the employer publication. The rest is just smoke and mirrors and friendly NLRB rulings. And endless appeals.


Correction: many were sick of the media distorting Trump and the media creating 24/7 chaos in his name. That is a cheap shot on which to win; not a victory. It was extortion, and gas-lighting. The victory was not real nor lasting.

No one has the stomach for the chaos the radical Left will now inflict upon us, without Trump to absorb it.. Including the demand we now must include "gender preference pronouns" any time we say hello.

Democrats are nuts; there will be no honeymoon and they have no second act after OrangeManBad. Nor does the media - they made money and eyeballs on one thing only - OrangeManBad. We know it and they know it. Time is not their friend.


Too bad so few voted for Biden not because they loved him; but only because hated Trump.

An odd way to get a "mandate". An ersatz dismissal perhaps; but no mandate to govern. Now America wakes up to what in fact has ridden in on the Biden horse. And shudders. Massive buyer's remorse has already set in.


Thank you Fred for the insights and brutality. ;)

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