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05 November 2020


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A fast look at the election.
One factor that determined the outcome of the election was approval of how the president was doing his job. Trump had never broken the 50 percent threshold for job approval during his time in the White House, according to Gallup.
As election day dawned, Trump's average approval rating did not appear to bode well for the president. A smaller percentage of Americans approved of Trump than did Jimmy Carter, who famously lost re-election to Ronald Reagan in 1980.
Why he and his supporters thought he would win reelection is beyond me. They must have figured he would again selectively pick up enough electoral votes from those "deplorable" states while losing the popular vote big time.
What ever is said, the American people set a record going back to 1907 on voter participation. Trump voters and Biden voters both came out, and the final outcome I predict will be 306 electoral votes for Biden and more than 3 million for the popular vote.
Another comment; Americans really must not have liked Trump as while he was losing, the Republican Senators up for reelection did quite well. The American electorate have spoken.

Ed Lindgren

President Trump deserves a lot of credit of not throwing in the towel in the last month of this campaign in the face of very unfavorable (and wildly inaccurate) polling numbers.

He aggressively hit the campaign trail and kept his base fired up (and brought in a fair number of fence-sitters as well).

Trump’s effort enabled the Republicans to hold the Senate (probably) and to increase their numbers in the House.

This will act as a brake on Democratic ambitions for the next two years. No packing of the Court or statehood for DC or PR!

As for Mr. Biden, this old, sick man is a tragic figure.

He was manipulated and used by his party (and his wife), and is destined (should he win) for a very short and unhappy tenure as president. Most of his upcoming misery will be inflicted on him by his own party’s ‘Progressive’ Sanders/Warren wing.

Stag Deflated

Has anyone else seen this or corroborating evidence? This seemed extremely problematic to me
(Postal workers backdating ballots to be postmarked on Nov 3rd on the 4th)



Just picked up a copy of J. E. Smith's book 'Liberation of Paris'. It tells the story of how Wehrmacht General der Infanterie Dietrich von Choltitz saved Paris from Hitler's insane order to burn the city to the ground with help from Ike and DeGaulle. Looks to be a good read. Although French historians discount von Choltitz's role and give the credit to the resistance.

So far Smith seems to split the difference. She is a good historian. She also wrote the bio on General Lucius Dupignon Clay of Berlin Airlift fame. But also calls out his role as a key player in the mobilization of American industry in the leadup to and during WW2. Plus his Corps of Engineers work during the great depression building dams and hundreds of airports.






The soul of America does not live in a basement in Delaware. The soul of America does not celebrate degenerate, influence-peddling spawn, named Hunter Biden.

Who is more powerful - Jeff Bezos who runs his global operations with impunity. Or POTUS, who is must run interference 24/7 against the corrupt deep state?

The aborted Blue Wave midwifed Rosemary's Baby.


any bets on the election outcome?? my thinking is trump is going to demand to remain in power...


Saw the last episode of "Queen's Gambit" last night, great show but now what?


has Trump started planning his 2024 campaign?


DuBignon. no p in Dubignon. Autocorrect? or old age dyslexia?


Ed Lindgren

I am particularly grief stricken for him when I see him radiating his impression of Christlike messianic holiness. His wife must be really something. Poor bugger.


Personally I would like to see responses to Phil Weiss' (selective?) take on the Israeli perception of the US election dilemma in times of Covid:




i'll be re-watching 'the hustler' & 'the color of money', 2 movies based on other novels by walter tevis, the author of 'the queen's gambit'...

Col. Lang

very big thank you for the recommendation - truly stunning production in every way...



For Trump to win, he had to win a dozen battles, in several states, for Biden, he simply needs to let his allies finish counting.

Trump certainly has the fire, Romney would have rolled over and died by now, but a Trump win is improbable.

I do assume some level of organized election fraud is going on. But I also believe the Biden team will get away with it.

- Eliot


It's official, outside Florida & Texas, the U.S. is a banana republic!!!

ex PFC Chuck

Rubble Kings: How the Violence Stopped and Hip Hop Emerged in the South Bronx



"Trump had never broken the 50 percent ... according to Gallup." According to others he did just that months ago.
" the American people set a record going back to 1907 on voter participation. "

A record 5 standard deviation improvement in WI for a guy who couldn't get 200 people to a rally. Congrats on getting more votes that Obama in 2008! You left out the 11 women newly elected to Congress - all Republicans. You also left out all the ongoing fraud, the changed voting processes (changed immediately before the election) and the unconstitutional re-writing of legislation by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.


Do the Secret Service have to protect Trump if he's in jail?

Bill H

The same polls that gave Trump a sub-50% approval rating also said Biden would win by 16% and more, and that Democrats would gain powerful control of the Senate.


@ pat... i am curious why you called your website Sic Semper Tyrannis? apparently it has a few different meanings according to a friend i spoke with.. thanks..


Do you think it might be all the botox Biden has in his face, that would account for his addled brain behavior?


an appropriate song for post election?




"Sic Semper Tyrannis," (thus always to tyrants) is the motto of the state that was Virginia. My wife chose the name. Yes, Booth cried out with that as he limped off the stage in Ford's theater. That does not bother me at all. Lincoln worship is not one of my faults. He was a ruthless nationalist career politician. He and Biden are equally undeserving of their image as "nice guys. " ... until every drop of blood drawn with the lash shall be paid by another drawn with the sword, as was said three thousand years ago, so still it must be said "the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous altogether." 2nd inaugural address. He, personally signed off on individual death warrants for thousands of civilians in Missouri, people who were accused of disloyalty and supporting the enemy.


semiconscious, thanks, will check out both. Did you watch "Ratched" on netflix? Weird but good.

Patrick Armstrong

@ turcopolier
Allegedly said by Lucius Junius Brutus as he led the effort to get rid of the last Roman king and found the republic. No doubt how it got to the USA given that all the Founding Feathers were very knowledgeable about Roman history. (And also, reading the Federalist Papers, knowledgeable about the Corsican Republic. Still, amid the endless Bonapartalia, a bust to Paoli in Ajaccio).



which do you fear most, a live political opponent or a dead martyr?

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