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19 November 2020


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I'm definitely not a sophisticated foodie but in my book even standard brats are 10x as good as of any other style of sausage, and a quality bratwurst can be magical.



I am just a griller and a rotisserie guy, but these Nueske's WERE magical.

Kilo 4/11

Do you eat them in a bun, or straight up?


Kilo 4/11

Best is in a wasser brotchen mit sempf.

The Twisted Genius

Over the Summer my younger son brought up some ZZQ brats from Richmond. All their sausages are every bit as good as their brisket. I cooked them over a charcoal fire along with some sliced up peppers and onions. The peppers and onions picked up a delightful smoky flavor to complement the brats. I also toasted the buns over the charcoal. Added a little drizzle of one of the ZZQ sauces to finish them off. Best brats we ever had. Will definitely do that again next Summer.


Best in Madison,Beef,Butter BBQ/Jims Meats


south african boerewors the best


Kilo 4/11

"Best is in a wasser brotchen mit sempf."

Never knew they could be served that way, but sounds good. Reminds me of a Chicago favorite: Italian beef sandwich, dunked in its juice.


Kilo 4/11

There are water brotchens and milk brotchens. Water is better. I used to buy 'em off street carts in Germany and Alsace.

Mark Logan

Thanks for the tip. Never heard of these before, and have located a store that stocks it not too far away.

Just for humor, below is a recipe for backwoods sausage from Merriweather Lewis's French guide I came across. Boudin Blanc.



Ya le has roto el plato a Marguerite! Por el borde..

Ella, qué dice?

Mi madre, cuando rompo un plato, o un vaso, me dice siempre que parece que tengo las manos de mantequilla...Como si a ella no se le rompiera nunca nada...

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