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13 November 2020


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Polish Janitor

To all,

If you have enough time, I highly recommend this article (link below) for those who want to understand the core ideas of neoconservatism as an intellectual movement. I would like to remind readers this important point that neoconservatism is NOT an exclusively jewish movement or cabal. There are many many highly influential Catholics who are known as part of the movement, such as Daniel Patrick Moynihan, William Bennett, Robert Nozick, John Neuhaus, Michael Lind (protestant, he also left the movement in the mid 90s), the great Bill Buckley, William Rusher, Peter Steinfels, and many others.

The key to understanding the movement is to view it as a new 'Nouveau riche' (literally!) and highly ideologically-driven (Trotskyite, communist, socialist, anti-Leninist left) immigrants-mostly Jewish- from east coast who gradually created a class of elites and joined the elite and influential Eastern Establishment later on, particularly after the end of World War II.

The neocons present themselves as the "vital center", who want to balance America between the faction of equality (Democratic Party) and the faction of freedom (Republican Party). The farther you go left (Bernie, AOC) or the right (Ron/Rand Paul, Trump) is considered dangerous to the 'Vital Center' and is taboo. They have people at both parties to ensure their grip on national power and politics, so the game is rigged against the Independents or any third-party individuals who dares to challenge the so-called Vital Center. Another central issue of the neocons is the preservation of Israel and they have managed to instill bi-partisan support for Israel (Republicans since the 70s, Dems since the mid 80s).

You have to understand that since the mid 70s (after Yom Kippur war in 1973) the American foreign policy in the ME has been shaped (at least to a great degree) in Israel and revolves around Israeli interests first, and then if lucky, American interests second or third. So in the neocon thinking, whatever is good for Israeli interests, is naturally going to be good for American interests as well, which of course is totally incorrect.



JM Gavin

Very interesting article. I particularly like these paragraphs:

"Two final notes about neocons. First, this is a movement with no single recognized leader or politburo. Yes, they work together quite closely and coordinate their messaging to create very effective echo chambers. But they also often have differences of opinion over tactics and sometimes over real substance. Some neocons, like Frank Gaffney (a top Ted Cruz adviser) and Daniel Pipes, actively promote Islamophobia, for example, while others, such as Kagan and Reuel Gerecht, disdain it. There are soft neocons like David Brooks of The New York Times and hard neocons like Bret Stephens at The Wall Street Journal. In other words, the movement is not monolithic, except in the core elements I outlined above.

Second, neocons have been admirably nimble in creating tactical alliances with very different political forces to achieve their ends. In the mid-1970s, they worked with aggressive nationalists like Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld to derail Kissinger’s efforts at détente with Moscow. Under Jimmy Carter, they brought the Christian Right, despite the clear anti-Semitism of some of its leaders, into that coalition. (As Irving Kristol explained: “it’s their theology, but it’s our Israel.”) That broader coalition helped propel Reagan to victory in 1980."

This addresses one of the things that has puzzled me about neocons, which is that some very prominent folks considered neocons such as Samantha Power are stridently pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel. This is in marked contrast to most I what I had known about neocons in the past, as pro-Israeli, anti-Palestinian positions seemed like a core view of neocons.


Mark Logan

JM Gavin,

I don't agree they work together closely. The Samantha Powers do not work closely with the Frank Gaffneys. IMO it appears they do because their agendas have converging points. The Ziocons exploit this with great skill, I might add.

A tangential point, but merely another of the many heads of the this beast: A key to their power is the perception that it will be easy. a two minute clip:


"With each victory you amass, the rest become easier and easier."

As the Save The Worlder Sam Powers' people also imagine.

JM Gavin

Mark Logan,
I don't think they work together, but their separate efforts are towards similar ends. I'm not sure it matters whether or not they are coordinating their actions. Time will tell if this changes, and they become more chummy. Keep watching for a confirmed sighting of Paul Wolfowitz and Samantha Power strolling hand-in-hand along The Mall.

It's hard to rebut Netanyahu's statements from 2002 with the events that occurred from 2002 until the present, as our own execution was deeply flawed. In Afghanistan, in particular, we had to work very hard to lose the war. Winning would have been quite simple. We just decided to stick around too long and see if we could foster an outbreak of Jeffersonian democracy.

One of my own "lessons learned" from 2001 until present is that the U.S.A. should never get involved in any overseas military action that can't be completed in three weeks.


Ishmael Zechariah

Posted by: lux | 14 November 2020 at 06:58 AM
re: "Perhaps, but that may only be the foreign blob angle. On other topics they are as American as apple pie."

Is overlooking the murder of US servicemen/sailors on Liberty "as American as apple pie"
Ishmael Zechariah

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