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26 November 2020


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Patrick Armstrong

Which reminds me of another Buchwald classic


Colonel, Re: to chew or not to chew the host in the sacrament John 19:33,
John 19:36, Psalm 34:20, Exodus 12:46 & Numbers 9:12 = no chewing as "Not
a bone of His body was broken." That's my interpretation anyway & how I
was taught. Can't believe I jumped into the middle of this debate.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Barbara Ann

Bonne fête 2020 to all at SST.


Charles, that is part of the fun.

I found an ancestor that was a privateer, a licensed pirate allowed to prey on mainly French and Spanish ships. When he retired he set up a factory in Limehouse, England, making turtle soup for the gentry.

Ed Lindgren

Despite the well regarded recommendation of a close friend, I have yet to read any of George MacDonald Fraser’s Flashman novels.

However, I did read GMF’s memoir of his World War II service as a rifleman in General Slim’s 14th Army in Burma and also very much enjoyed his McAuslan trilogy.

COL Lang – As events play out over the next couple of months, I sincerely hope you decide to keep SST alive. The ‘Committee of Correspondence’ is one of a handful of websites that I visit daily. I seldom contribute, but find your posts and virtually all of the comments thought provoking and relevant to the issues of the day.

A belated wish for a happy and healthy Thanksgiving to all SST readers and contributors!

English Outsider

Colonel - Ed Lindgren's request above earnestly seconded. Apart from the fact that it's the best informed site going - it's also great fun.

Patrick Armstrong

If you like Flashman you might like this series about his ancestor Thomas. Pretty good and a worthy inclusion in eh canon IMO

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