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26 November 2020


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'Jour de Merci Donnant'? Hmmm, tasty. Taste just like chicken.

(Happy Turkee day peeps. aka. Jour de Merci Donnant)


Ah! A recognition signal for one of your confreres?



Excellent ....!!! I never knew Buchwald (may he rest in peace) was a disciple of Leo ....:-)
Happy Thanksgiving to all.


I remember quite well this article many many years ago. Particularly the translation of Miles Standish into Kilometres Deboutish.


French involvement in Thanksgiving?

How anti-American...lol

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

The beaver

In Québec, Thanksgiving is known as "Action de Grâce" as opposed to the old French "Jour du Merci Donnant"

Allen Thomson

> In Québec, Thanksgiving is known as "Action de Grâce"

Slightly belatedly, but


Patrick Lang

AT et al

My wife's ancestry.com hobby has led her back on my mother's side to one Jehan Boucher born Paris 1479. pl

Allen Thomson

Just a question, as I'm not French or Hispanic or Catholic. But the phrase Action/Accion de Grâce/Gracias sounds rather Catholic to me.

Is it?

Charles I

Surely you meant Paris Ontario where I attended a very illuminating dinner & fire ceremony this Saturday past. Red faces abounded as one tale after another of younger more er, fervid, past celebration was trotted out entertain the crowd and embarrass the formerly thankless.

Thank you to wags everywhere

Phil Cattar

Miles Standish is my double great grandfather to about the 11th degree.Believe it or not.



John and Priscilla Alden and her parents were ancestors of mine and Maureen. Also one Richard Warren. PL

Mike Martin, Yorktown, VA

My mother was convinced that her father, being a Brewster, was descended from Elder William Brewster of the Mayflower. Could be. This year, my wife and I will "donnant merci" for becoming grandparents. Happy Thanksgiving to all and an extra slice of pumpkin pie for our host here.


No pedigree here, my own ancestry best being described as "dubious". But I grew up on Art Buchwald's columns and so offer seasonal thanks for reuniting me with one of the classic works of an all-time favorite.

And whilst here, happiest of holidays to this fine Committee!



My puritan ancestors evidently couldn't stand the other Yankees and kept moving west away from them across the Great Plains until they reached the Pacific. pl


I started feasting early by sautéing up some venison steaks. (The only casualty was bambi - don't tell PETA).



You beast! What's your recipe? pl


These were just some thin ones from last season. I used a touch of Lawry’s season salt, garlic and some pork bbq rub along with onions in a splash of olive oil. Simple but turned out quite nice. I'm having some ham for Thursday. Sadly not a true Virginia ham. I’ll have to stop by your meat specialist next time I’m down that way.

Charles I

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving folks, and thanks for being out there to thank.


We are then related. Very interesting!


Happy Thanksgiving to one and all. And a happy Channukah as well. A most efficient holiday this year.

Both sides of my family claim descent from John and Priscilla. I imagine that about half the WASPs in the US probably have those prolific kids somewhere in their trees. Precious little of that original flinty Puritanism to be seen these gays, at least in its original, religious sense. I'm glad their institution of the appreciative Fall feast caught on.

Buchwald was a national treasure. There wwere often great truths in his humor, and wonderful humor in his reporting.



I think I read that there are several million descendants of John and Priscilla, among them you and me. pl

Charles I

Happy Thanksgiving folks.


I have always been reluctant to research my family tree as I am pretty sure some of my ancestors are probably hanging from the limbs.

Art Buchwald was a 20th Century Mark Twain.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


 Ishmael Zechariah

Colonel Lang, SST;

Happy Thanksgiving 2013 to you and yours.

Ishmael Zechariah

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