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07 November 2020


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4 minutes on each side at high heat

Martin Hanley

Looks Great sir.


Looks great. Lots of pepper? Anything else?


Two minutes each side could be enough...
Why so much pepper? It will not get its taste to the meat?


wtofd salt


Spanish troll group (escarlata) You evidently think it is Eurotrash sophistication to eat very undercooked meat and fish. Two minutes on a side would produce something between raw and rare.


I hope you are eating a few vegetables with all that meat. It does look good however.



Thank you. I decided long ago that vegetables (especially broccoli) are bad for carnivores and after many years of striving I have converted swmbo to the same view. You really remind me of the old skits called "the Californians" on SNL.

Bill H

I put carrots and potatoes in my pot roast. And I grill eggplant from time to time. Other than that I think that vegetables are eaten by the animals that I eat.


I tend to use oregano, olive oil, lemon and maybe butter as well as salt and pepper for a more herby, zesty flavor. Do the same with the potatoes in the oven.


Col Lang, even though I lived in Southern CA most of my life, I think I am more like a character from Portlandia. I watched very few SNL episodes as I was working evening or night shifts on week-ends as it paid more.
I am not a meat eater but when I was, I liked it so rare it almost mooed.

Philip Warren

Try this for seasoning next time:

Italian Herb Salt

1 cup sea salt
1TBS fresh thyme
1TBS fresh oregano
1TBS fresh rosemary
1 head of garlic, peeled

Blend in a food processor, dry overnight in a bowl, store in an airtight container

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