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03 November 2020


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Scott Kostiuk

More gaslighting from this once-good site. The last polls showed a 52-42 popular vote in favor of Biden.

The massive propaganda from Fox News and the Daily Caller features “Soros-funded”, “voter fraud”, and Biden’s “incoherent ramblings.” If you believe all of these things, you’re the one in the bubble!



Harris and what's his name have won the states of Google, Twitter and Facebook. That is all they think they need.


Strange thing happened in my liberal California neighborhood this morning - surrounded by Biden-Harris signs for weeks, so our one lone Trump sign stood out and marked us for a pre-printed RACIST sign to be slapped on it.

Then this morning, the Biden-Harris signs were down and up went an American flags - along with our own American flag. A cluster of them flowing in the breeze on just this one block.

What does one make of this election day bipartisan display of flags? That we are all Americans in the final analysis, no matter who wins. That we have more in common than what separates us.

Or are these very public Biden-Harris supporters now too embarrassed that they might have to own a possibly winning Biden-Harris ticket, and want to blot their partisan support from neighborhood memory?

Or is this new display of "patriotism" the last refuge of the scoundrel. To be continued ....


Scott, polls mean nothing. I don't answer my phone unless you're in my address book. Most "conservatives" just want to live their lives in peace. They're not out to change the world like all the Marxists.

Deap, I wonder how many Biden signs were camouflage to avoid a struggle session.

Scott Kostiuk

EEngineer — I don’t see any Marxists among the Democrats, more like Wall Street donors, but keep name checking Venezuela along with all the other tropes. And good luck with your Rhodesian-style Republic (not a democracy)!


Loved how Calif, Oregon and Wash were called for Biden, less than one minute after the polls officially closed at 8pm - Pacific time. Those were the last big electoral vote states for Biden - and he simply could not reach the magic 270.

Yet, those other states with high margins for Trump are now thrown intentionally into confusion and delay, just when it was clear Biden had no path to 270 if those "red-leaning" states finally leaned officially.

I smell some deep and very dirty tricks are in the making. There were no enough blue-leaning states ...until Stalin finds the right "vote-counters".

Yeah, Right

This is what it looks like to me: Trump looks home in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, which leaves him 11 short of a win.

He is slightly (very slightly) ahead in Georgia (16 ev).
He is slightly (very slightly) ahead in North Carolina (15 ev).

I'd be more confident if I were Trump than Biden because Trump only needs to win one of those two, whereas Biden needs to win both.

And Trump is ahead in both. Not by much, but he only needs to maintain his lead. It is up to Biden to overtake him.


Looks like Trump won and the fix is in to overturn that. Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Virginia stopped counting when Trump gained solid leads in those states.

JM Gavin


It's a big internet, yet, here you are, still visiting this "once-good site," and spending time to read and and comment on the stories.


Philippe T. from France

The US elections media coverage is even worst here, in France. Le Monde, Libération, Le Figaro are wondering, on this morning's titles : "how is that possible?". They all predicted a large Biden's victory. And now, they look stupids...

Scott Kostiuk

JMG — I try to read from outside of my comfort zone to see opinions and arguments of others, not just an echo chamber.

It’s amazing how some commentators can’t separate the press calling states from the work of state officials doing the actual count. Also, it’s been reported that Michigan and other states have slowed their counts because Republicans observers are challenging every single D vote. Might that be the strategy to slow the final count so the Supreme Court can hand the election to Trump, much like 2000?


Scott Kostiuk

"this once-good site" I tolerate divergent opinions but not insult and your attacks are insulting. I suspect that you are just another leftist troll attempting to wound and silence. Understand? You are on thin ice here.



Gaslighting is what ABC/WaPo did with their poll showing Joe Biden having a 17-point lead in Wisconsin only days out from election day.


95% of the vote is now in and Biden only leads by about 20k votes over Trump in Wisconsin. Stated differently, Biden leads by 1-point, not 17 as was projected! Hillary barely won that state in 2016 with only 3k over Trump so they knew this was going to be a close one too.


Passed thru Schellsburg, PA and numerous other small, old towns along Rte 30 -- access point for Flight 93 Memorial (that does not even rate a traffic signal).

Schellsburg is noteworthy because some BLM protesters walked thru the little place on a walkathon to DC. They claimed they were shot at by "white supremacists." I talked with locals at the time. The incident was a nothing burger to keep reporters happy.

Trump signs everywhere in this stretch of the Lincoln Highway, including a massive Trump sign on the turnpike (parallels Rte 30) that can be seen by god & the angels.

It was a dreary cold day but around noon people were lined up around the building(s) and down the street.

These hills were settled 250 years ago; lots of Germans and Mennonites -- who are very active citizens and businessmen.

Map of PA that I saw early. this morning showed Allegheny County (Pittsburgh) and Phila. for Biden, but the rest of the state for Trump. Not surprising.

It was surprising that most of Maryland -- settled by the same folk as Bedford & the Rte 30 villages -- was Red, but Montgomery Co and Baltimore for Biden. The urbanites outnumber the rural Reds, so Dems dominate Maryland (tho the governor is GOP).

Mark K Logan


All the polls were way off, even Rassmussen. It seems unlikely that outfit, (or FOX) joined a cabal of leftist pollsters. The most likely explanation is the pollster's "likely voter" models (which have worked quite well for them for several decades) was blown out of the water by the millions of unlikely voters in this highly unusual election turn-out.

I see GreenNeedle/Brainstorm is again making the rounds again on the intertubes. Fitting. A spooky demonstration of confirmation bias and about as good a way as any to pass the time awaiting results:

JM Gavin

Well, shucks, Scott, thanks for, you know, droppin' by, and blessing all of us bumpkins with your erudite observations. Seein' as how this is a once-good site and all.

We're lucky to have you here to let us know the error of our ways. I had no idea I was a victim of gaslighting. Or I'm guilty of gaslighting...not sure which. I'm sure you'll let me know.

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