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23 November 2020


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marhias alexander

" Chavez did not embark on campaigns to kill masses of Venezuelan people."
When did Lenin and Mao do that?
They did make some headway on improving the lot of poor people and China contiues to do that.
When looking at Wikileaks output remember that Julian Assange is a hostage now.


mathias alexander

You don't seem to have noticed the butchery and starvation of collectivization in the USSR and the Great Leap Forward in China.

Christian J. Chuba

Dominion is not Smartmatic. Dominion issued a statement that Smartmatic licensed Dominion machines once in 2010.

You know what, Carly Fiorina once sold something to Iran when she ran HP, this means that all HP products are compromised by Iranian malware.

The most compelling argument that the Dominion voting system is well behaved is that it was just audited on a large scale in the Georgia recount. Less than 2,000 votes flipped and that was because they were not collected, not because Dominion maliciously flipped them.

We know that the Dominion voting system does not change or delete votes because all of the paper ballots were compared to the electronic tabulations.

Since this is the crux of the issue for me, I found two links below. This first one confirms that GA switched to paper ballots for this election and the second is a product brochure from Dominion describing their balloting product which prints out the paper ballot. They have other products which assist in electronically tabulating results in a manner which makes sense to the people who run elections.




marhias alexander,

How are the Uyghurs doing? Just like Julian Assange, eh?


I don't.


Posted by: Neal Mahoney | 23 November 2020 at 05:47 PM

Thanks Neal. got bits and pieces, but not this dot connecting effort inside the larger rumor mill.

Beyond, ah well, private equity, leverage capital cum management buy out and shell companies hiding in tax shelters ... To the extent I grasped it beyond normal market business: Dominating the Market? A standard desire? No? Does it need tax-havens more generally spoken in the larger private equity fund business? Missing to many pieces of the larger economic puzzle here.

Interesting though, will be watching the blog.


jerseyjoan, hope your straw dogs have all their shots. They sound sick. You and your pack are in for a very rough ride. Just clean up the poop they leave behind and don't toss the bags in my yard.


The American diplomats in Caracas telling people Chavez and Maduro are rigging elections, are the very same liars who tell the world Venezuelans are starving, and a mountain of other crap.
Smart persons will rather follow the reports of Jimmy's Carter Centre, who reported on several Venezuelan elections, and judged them some of the cleanest in the world, using a system designed in Taiwan, in which every voter receives a printout of his vote, which is a legal document in case of a disputed return. Fraud alleged by Capriles and others has never been substantiated. And as both Chavez and Maduro's governments are wildly popular, only benighted Americans could credit they would need to rig elections. The involvement of the sinister English lord Malloch-Brown indicates the Venezuelans were more likely comprador traitors.
I believe it is likely Sidney Powell has been deliberately fed a chunk of American garbage propaganda, so her plaints can later be debunked.

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