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06 November 2020


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I don't think Trump ever really had that many women voters in the last election either. It seems independents went for Republican Senators, but not for Trump. In four years they can probably take back the presidency and retain the Senate, but the House might remain difficult to win.

Unlike the Democrats, I don't expect any Republicans to march on Washington with pink hats for Tara Reade or stoop so low as to call Joe Biden a Communist Chinese agent. No, I expect Joe Biden to fumble his presidency into the hands of Kamala Harris who has about as much charm as Harry Truman. Republicans just need to make sure they're not running Thomas Dewey and find someone who can rally supporters the way Trump did.


I for one hope you will continue SST. I may disagree with you on domestic politics, but I am with you on your foreign policy assessments.

And your military history (and current military events) posts and comments are priceless IMO.


The whiny, wine drinking, white women.


As a member of the category "women", I find myself wondering who are they that prefer an invalid to a fighter? Who are they who don't find internet censorship or the conversion of the press into a national, Democratic (big "D") propaganda instrument threatening?

Would they go for something more in the Clint Eaastwood model - silent and deadly? But when the whole media establishment is aligned against a president, he is going to have to represent hisself. So Clint wouldn't stand a chance.

Based on NYT exit polls, for whatever they are worth, one might contend that the degreed class did it, too. NYT shows 55%/42% Biden/Trump split among that group, whereas women/men polls at 56%/43%. Women are a larger portion of the electorate, so more impact.

Curiously, NYT also has a question about white only, college graduates. There, only white male college graduates broke for Biden 50% over Trump 48%. White women college graduates actually break barely for Trump 50% over Biden 49%. Of course, the white, non-college graduates, both men and women, gave a larger vote share to Trump. The polled, non-college men voted Trump by almost 20% points more than degreed men.

It is too bad NYT offers only nationally aggregated stats for their breakdown. I'd guess that in some states, esp red states, it would show more women supporting Trump.

Can anyone find anywhere that the NYT, or anyone else, shows the actual winner, state by state, based on exit polls? Always an interesting comparison to official results. If the exits don't match the results, how useful are the exit voter analyses? Or how true are the official results?


I don't know which is more distressing - the thought that an attempt to pull off a coup may have finally succeeded via election corruption, or that one of the most uninspiring hacks and decades-long professional politician who made people sit in little white circles was more appealing to voters.

I wonder how easy it'll be to pack the Supreme Court and to grant PR and DC statehood?


Trump was an incumbent & lost. Bad form.
He ran a tone-deaf campaign rivaling Hillary’s.


"I have to make a decision about continuing SST"

I for one hope you keep it going and keep in the fight.



It will depend on who runs the senate.



My decision to back Trump was altogether a result of the Democrats' hard left turn and my desire to not see my country bolshevized. Biden is a nothing. He does not matter. The neo-Bolshevists are what matter


"The neo-Bolshevists are what matter". So true but the regular folk don't yet know. My neighbor, a very hard working man and father of 3, didn't vote at all as he didn't care for Trump or Biden. Kamala never entered his mind.



It is my opinion after four years of observation that women (Black, White, degreed or not) were the margin of defeat for Trump.

exiled off mainstreet

I hope you continue the blog for the reasons mentioned by Leith. I also find that the rallies with scarecrows in crop circles was an indication of the real appeal of the party and helps to draw the fraud inference along with Biden's own performance. Another indication is the down ballot victories. Many of those manufacturing thousands of forged ballots will not have taken the time to cast votes for the lesser offices, thus the House was somewhat protected from the fraud.


I am curious at what you mean concretely by « seeing my country bolchevised ».



Made into a socialist police state while retaining a sham façade of republican government.


Socialist state, like government taking over big corporations (banks, energy, big tech etc.) ? Rather looks like the opposite to me, whoever being in charge.

Ishmael Zechariah

Please do not let SST die if it can be helped. All the wrong people will be cheering. The honorable tribe of knuckle-draggers will have yet one more loss.

Ishmael Zechariah


FWIW, four of my closest, dearest female friends are suburbanites or exurbanites and each supported Trump. None of us really like his occasional intemperance and loquacity, but that's a matter of style to us, not substance.

I don't trust exit polling any more than I trust pre-election polling because it's been my observation that conservatives are generally much more guarded about divulging anything of a personal nature to strangers. Narcissistic social media's leftist tilt is evidence of this. If more women support Democrats than Republicans, IMO it points to a big government safety net preference, a tendency towards dependency, rather than the idea that someone like Trump ruffles their delicate sensibilities - although there are no doubt males and females of that sort.


Here is your deep state vote by government data - here are your Biden block voters, times two for each spouse or family member:

"In October of 2020, there were 21,529,000 people working for government in the United States. That included 13,692,000 working for local governments; 4,844,000 working for state governments; and 2,993,000 working for the federal government.

Big Government = Democrat voter domination forever. They will even elect a corpse in the basement. And Nancy Pelosi raises campaign funds off each and every one of them. Why should this ever change? What would motivate government employees to ever vote against their own self-interests?


exiled off mainstreet

'Another indication is the down ballot victories. Many of those manufacturing thousands of forged ballots will not have taken the time to cast votes for the lesser offices, thus the House was somewhat protected from the fraud.'

really hoping this gets followed up on by those with the resources to (because it's an angle that i guarantee will get no mention whatsoever in the msm). to my mind, as a phenomenon that seems to've occurred disproportionately in contested states only, this's the single clearest indicator that there was some serious mischief afoot...


The challenge has always been - how to translate conservatism into a winning campaign, regardless of a personality.

Why is it in others best interest to support and start supporting conservative principles. Trump gave us a taste. A nudge in the right direction. It cannot be tied only to one man, or one election. The GOP has a very strong farm club - who will emerge to carry this cause in 2024?

Time to rally around Ted Cruz, his time has come. Trump lit the match. Cruz can sustain the flame. And the courts will not be running "progressive activism" interference as much as in the past. There is a future. There is no other choice.

Here we stand; we can do no other.

Polish Janitor

Fellow Paleocon Pat Buchanan recently encouraged readers in his new piece that, Trumpism will survive even without the man himself at the WH, so the movement of national (transnational?) resistance to the spread of permanent international socialist revolution of today's Democratic party will go on with or without him, probably by the likes of Josh Hawley, Matt Gaetz, Tucker Carlson, and last by not least by the venerable Turcopolier here on SST, should he decides to stick around at least until 2024. I know, it is probably wishful thinking. But I would like to remain positive.

I for one, will never bow down to bolshevism, neo or else. I will never submit to the narrow ideological conformity of these monsters. I will never abandon my principles that are centered around 'ordered liberty' and I will encourage everyone to fight for what's right and toward the common good of fellow men and women.



that was a short vacation. It hasn't even been 48 hours and it's already "There is no other choice." Give up on Trump and support lyin' Ted. That's some real California Dreaming going on there sir. Pray tell how you determined how all those government employees in states with Republican led legislatures - the one's who will write the re-districting maps next year - all uniformly voted for Biden.


I sincerely hope you continue this blog. As a long time lurker (one that has found countless and invaluable book recommendations in addition to insights into global affairs) it would be a huge blow to the landscape out there for informed news and debate. I generally disagree with the domestic opinions expressed here, but I still enjoy reading them. Mostly I find the opinions are rational and articulate, even if they're just plain WRONG in principle (joking of course). Please keep SST online.

English Outsider

A great pity. I was uneasy about the down ballot stuff but there are rational explanations for it so that's that.

The buyer's remorse is going to be quite something. And I suppose we'll be seeing more "moderate rebels" around.

Colonel - it must be a great amount of work running this superb site. But I don't think this is going to be the end of the political awakening of America, with all that means for the West generally, and if it's not too much of a burden I hope you'll be able to continue giving us the commentary on it.

Now I must go and see what's being made of the Halibut. And, though I know they can scarcely be barbecued, maybe slip in another request for the authentic recipe for Boston Baked Beans.



That is now the essence of everything going forward.

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