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11 November 2020


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I sob then too, and off and on, all throughout Saving Private Ryan. The actor at the grave site was well cast - he looked SO much like an older version of Matt Damon/Private Ryan. It's such an excellent film, as is one of my all-time favorite mini-series, Band of Brothers. At the end of the series, when it's revealed that all of those old, nameless guys who bore witness at the beginning of each episode turned out to be the real-life Band of Brothers, I totally lost it the first time I watched it. I don't even get through the theme music of that show before choking up. Steven Spielberg was absolutely at his very best.

Just the other night, I watched a PBS show that was about the 506th PIR, featuring some of the remaining few. There aren't many left. One factoid that stood out to me was when one of the men said they'd trained so long and hard together that they could recognize each other in the dark, just by the way they moved.

I hope there's a big crowd in DC to support POTUS. I haven't given up hope yet that election corruption will be exposed and corrected, but I admit it seems like a long shot. If there was indeed a lot of software chicanery involved and enough bogus ballots are eliminated, who knows?



The scene in the cemetery got to me. The rest was "taking care of business.


Just made reservations to spend those Inauguration Days in Death Valley. Seems appropriate.

Right before a possible President Biden enforces his, based on science, six week total mandatory 100% lockdown that will save us and save the economy. According to Dr Biden, this rid us once and for all of covid forever. Just like the island nation of Australia. Gee, why didn't we think about this before.

The Twisted Genius

A similar event was held in Portland back in September. It was pushed hard on social media, harder and longer than this local rally. Authorities and organizers expected several thousand. Only around 200 showed up. If they stay in their pickups with banners flying, even 200 would be an impressive sight. That number on foot is not nearly as impressive. Any trouble will come from clashes with counter demonstrators. That rally in Portland was when that one Proud Boy got plugged.

Polish Janitor

The Dems have the media, the economic/tech/political elites, the deep state and several top brass uniforms (e.g. Mattis, McRaven, McCrystal, McMaster, Petraeus), but Trump has the 'deplorables', millions of them who will march down the BLM street to show their loyalty to the only man who had enough guts to mess with them liberal elites. No, he did not drain the swamp, arrest Hilary and co., de-classify russiagate but he gave the Dems a good run for their money for four years, and for that alone I admire him. I hope nobody gets hurt and the march to be a peaceful display of guts and glory. This is gonna be one fine spectacle, for sure.


Listening to a "woke" Remembrance Day on CBC, and thinking about the last few weeks of the media deploring the deplorables made me think of Kipling's Tommy Atkins:

For it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Chuck him out, the brute!"
But it's "Saviour of 'is country" when the guns begin to shoot;
An' it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' anything you please;
An' Tommy ain't a bloomin' fool -- you bet that Tommy sees!


This seemed like a pretty convincing analysis to me:


If the arguments made in that are correct and there has been vote switching by the software then a manual recount should pick that up and Georgia should flip back to Trump as they are doing exactly that.

Barbara Ann

"Bring the good old Boogaloo boys, we'll sing another song"?

One wonders whether the marchers will be more strongly condemned for not wearing masks, or for doing so. I'd bet the turnout is very considerably larger than Sherman's celebrated 50,000 and no doubt Antifa will want to join the party too. Is this how it starts?



Particularly looking forward to your critique of Dr. Shiva's pitch. 73 million Deplorables so far.


Barbara Ann,

It started a long time ago, its just more obvious now.



Assume for the sake of argument that the implied successful "tinkering" with the algorithm occurred in those three counties, but not in Wayne County where something else occurred. The implication then is that the same algorithm, present in many counting machines, may have been tinkered with in a lot of places. How could such a thing be done? IMO there would have to be some group with access to some of the machines who agreed to change the software. Who could that group be. The NASED seems to be such a group. Motive? Applying Occam's Razor, money would seem a good bet.

The Twisted Genius


I'll take your 73 million Deplorables and raise you the 77 plus million non-Deplorables who voted against your preferred weevil. Given the Republican down ballot success, it seems a good number of Republicans are included in that 77 million.

As to your theory about how widespread algorithmic chicanery could have been implemented, I suppose that's possible. However, do you think the Republican party and elected officials of Georgia and Arizone are part of that conspiracy?



I will accept the result of the Georgia hand recount.

The Twisted Genius


We both will. We have little choice if we wish to remain rational men. Thank God they have the physical ballots to count. I remember when we experimented with electronic voting in Virginia. I never used them, always preferring the simple paper ballots. Beyond adding machines and maybe optical readers, I don't think we need computers and their algorithms in our election systems. I don't thing our ballots have a provision for straight ticket voting. That's also a good thing.


Just got an email from Mike Pence asking me to help them pay to recount Georgia's votes.

But the taxpayers of Georgia are paying for those votes to be recounted.

Seamus Padraig

Now it's time to remove the plywood from DC's buildings? Well, I guess we can expect Antifa to put in an appearance at the Million Maga March this weekend!


FOX tv news has been doing some coverage of today's D.C. march
& it's on YouTube "Million MEGA March taking place in Washington,
DC (Live) USA Today"

It's Big!

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